Obama Determined To Commit Treason Before The New Congress Forms

Mr. Obama told the lawmakers that he had already been patient waiting for the GOP-controlled House to act since the Senate passed a sweeping bipartisan immigration bill in June 2013.

At that point, Vice President Joe Biden asked how long Republicans might need to bring up an immigration bill, according to multiple people familiar with the meeting, asking if they might be ready by mid-February or another time this spring. Mr. Obama gave him a look that ended that line of discussion, the people said.

Wall Street Journal

In other words, Obama believes that 350 million Americans are too stupid to realize that the new Congress doesn’t meet until January.  Seventy-four percent of Senate Republicans voted against the 2013 “bipartisan immigration bill.” It obviously was not going to make it through the House then, and certainly won’t now.

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4 Responses to Obama Determined To Commit Treason Before The New Congress Forms

  1. Owen says:

    Everything he does damages the country. His actions aren’t by accident. Obama hates the USA. Your president is your biggest enemy.

  2. nigelf says:

    You’re right Owen. The only good decision that was made was to take out Bin Laden and that’s iffy too as many are saying Valerie made the call.
    Every other decision he made turned into a steaming pile of shit.
    I’m so glad Canada has a real leader. And Australia.

  3. Bob Knows says:

    1. The House passed several immigration bills that are sitting on Hairy Reid’s desk with the other several hundred bills he shelved. 2. The people don’t want amnesty and the House of Representatives is supposed to represent the desires of the people.

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