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Basic Science For Dummies

Anything which impedes energy flow, increases the potential energy upstream. This includes Dams on rivers Electrical resistors Greenhouse gases and other insulators Narrow hoses Not getting laid often enough

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Blanket Quiz For Dummies

If you put a blanket over a cold rock, does it keep the rock warm?

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White House Admits That They Intentionally Perverted Our System Of Government

They intentionally lied to Americans in order to pervert our system of government, because we are too stupid. Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said that lack of transparency was a major part of getting Obamacare passed because “the stupidity of the … Continue reading

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One More Time

Cloudy and humid nights are warmer than clear and dry nights, largely because of the greenhouse effect. Nights in tropical climates are warm, while nights in the desert are cold. Longwave radiation coming down from greenhouse gas molecules warms the surface. … Continue reading

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Red Is The New Blue

President Obama is very angry that the ignorant peasantry won’t listen to his warnings that they are overheating. They refuse to listen to the science, which speaks so clearly in Obama’s ear. Last week America turned red, and this week America is … Continue reading

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Record Cold In Colorado

The forecast minimum for Fort Collins on Saturday is -1F, which would be the first November 15 below 0F ever recorded there. From my experience, temperatures usually come in several degrees colder than forecast there during Arctic cold snaps. The … Continue reading

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