White House Admits That They Intentionally Perverted Our System Of Government

They intentionally lied to Americans in order to pervert our system of government, because we are too stupid.

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said that lack of transparency was a major part of getting Obamacare passed because “the stupidity of the American voter” would have killed the law if more people knew what was in it.

Gruber: Stupidity of Americans Would Have Killed Obamacare | The Daily Caller

These scum are worse than King George III

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25 Responses to White House Admits That They Intentionally Perverted Our System Of Government

  1. Mike says:

    He will never be held accountable for these abuses. The next President will see this and will also try these abuses. He might have permanently wrecked our system of check and balances.

  2. annieoakley says:

    I don’t know if we can save this country.

  3. philjourdan says:

    It would be funny if it was not so destructive. They call their own supporters stupid. If it was the real world, they would not be in business long.

  4. Pathway says:

    The states can save the country by using their Article V powers and call a convention of the states.

  5. KTM says:

    Many Democrats are rabidly antagonistic toward anyone that disagrees with them, but they also have a great deal of contempt for their own voters. They view themselves as elitists and intellectuals, but go slumming for votes every election. The contempt is especially apparent in off-year elections like this latest one, where the slumming is less effective and the masterminds feel like they have been betrayed by ignoramuses that don’t understand the gravity of the situation.

    They also think that all the great “progress” that has been achieved in the past century happened during very brief period when Democrats held supermajorities. The New Deal and the Great Society are the two obvious examples. Each of these were rammed through using every parliamentary trick and every ounce of political pressure that could be mustered. The critics within the Democrat party were threatened and trampled under foot along with the rest.

    They followed the same playbook to ram ObamaCare through. As it was playing out in Congress, they admitted that the process was ugly and seemed unnecessarily dictatorial, and even used the admittedly ugly legislative process to thwart legitimate criticisms of the bill at the time.

    This is stunningly offensive, but I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. All the deception, all the lies, all the brute force, all the backroom deals, all the bluster, to produce a new entitlement that is clearly a failure.

  6. Ernest Bush says:

    If you read the body of the Declaration of Independence you will find that the U.S. governments actions against its citizens is already past the point at which our forefathers decided to stage a revolution. So yes, the federal government in its entirety is worse than the government of King George III.

    • Bob Knows says:

      “Any government that takes one tenth part of a man’s wealth, in total of all taxes, is tyranny and should be overthrown,” Resolved by the Continental Congress, 1775.

  7. Bob Knows says:

    Liberal voters are brain dead. DUH!

  8. tom0mason says:

    To a large degree King George III stupidity can be understood, excused even, as he was the physically and mentally handicapped progeny from a long family line of stupid and violent inbreds.
    In Obama’s case…

  9. Lawrence13 says:

    Hold on . At least King George honoured the treaties with the Indians that were there before you. Unlike you yanks who just stole it.

    • Bob722 says:

      How fortuitous for Great Britain and it’s Commonwealth that the entire land masses of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa had no indigenous native populations that land could be stolen from.

      Wait, they did……

      • philjourdan says:

        I have been watching Centennial again. I always loved that mini-series.

        But David Jansen (Paul Garrett) made a very insightful remark. He said only in the US did the government treat the Indians (Native Americans – they were still called Indians in the 70s) as a sovereign people on the one hand, and as reprehensible savages to be exterminated on the other. In all other cases that you cited, the English did indeed set out to exterminate the native population, but they did not vacillate between treating them as equals and then genocide. Once they recognized the inherent human nature of the indigenous people, they treated them as such.

        Only in America was there a total lack of consistency. Perhaps not in all of human history, but in terms of lands colonized by the English Empire.

  10. Lawrence13 says:

    Their land that is.

  11. KTM says:

    Beyond the contempt for voters, what he is actually saying is that those who actually believed Candidate Obama’s stump speeches were stupid.

    Jon Goober says that they couldn’t have it scored as a tax, and went to extreme lengths to avoid that. Why? Maybe because Obama had promised dozens of times that he wouldn’t raise taxes “by one dime” on anyone making less than $250,000 per year.

    If you stupidly believed him, then it wouldn’t make sense for Democrats to pass these huge new tax hikes under ObamaCare.

    Jon Goober also says that people are stupid to insist that their own health care premiums go down, when obviously they were going to go up for most people and down for only a handful. But again, Obama promised dozens of times that his health care reform plans would reduce the health care premiums for an “average family” by $2,500 per year. Again, if they were stupid enough to believe Obama, then the Democrats passing an ObamaCare law that would make health care costs rise for most people doesn’t make much sense.

    None of what he says has anything to do with the intelligence of voters (other than his own obvious contempt for them), and has everything to do with Obama and the Democrats making promise after promise during the campaign then breaking all of those promises by passing ObamaCare.

  12. ntesdorf says:

    Australia was founded as a nation under the reign of George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738 – 29 January 1820). . He was concurrently Duke and prince-elector of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Hanover) in the Holy Roman Empire until his promotion to King of Hanover on 12 October 1814. He was the third British monarch of the House of Hanover, but unlike his two Hanoverian predecessors he was born in Britain, spoke English as his first language and never visited Hanover
    His life and reign, which were longer than any other British monarch before him, were marked by a series of military conflicts, one of which was the American Rebellion.
    Barack Hussein Obama is totally America’s problem, alone and home generated.

  13. Truthseeker says:

    From the comments on the original article I gleaned the following wisdom …

    Why are Democrat legislation and a fecal stool the same?

    You have to pass them before you find out what is in it.

  14. au1corsair says:

    What happened to “read the contract before signing?”

    Oh, that’s right–get called “chicken,” “racist,” “Global Warming denier!”

    Hmm! Thousands of dollars in fines after paying thousands of dollars for approved but out-of-compliance medical insurance that isn’t accepted by any doctor or hospital? Being called “chicken?” Which hurts more?

  15. edonthewayup says:

    Reblogged this on Edonurwayup's Blog and commented:
    May be he was right, after all, we got The Affordable Health Plan.

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