Midwest Heatwave Duration Has Plummeted

Heatwaves in the Midwest were much longer prior to 1960, with the five longest heatwaves occurring below 350 PPM CO2.

ScreenHunter_4499 Nov. 11 09.40

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3 Responses to Midwest Heatwave Duration Has Plummeted

  1. Allan says:


    Is that possible?
    Sorry about being OT, but there was no recent gun-control thread and being foreigner, I can’t tell if this a joke or real.

    • There were all kinds of things in the official Sandy Hook story which made no sense. Something is definitely being hidden,

    • nielszoo says:

      The article doesn’t make any sense. The report they have linked to is FBI data for the State of Colorado in 2012, not Connecticut so of course there is no Newton on the list. If you look at Connecticut for 2012 Newton indeed has 0 murder or violent crime deaths. All that means is that the Newton city law enforcement agency did not report it or it was moved in jurisdiction (due to the complexity and nature of the crime) and then would be reported by a County or State agency that took on the investigation. More likely, the investigation was still open/pending or incomplete at the end of the year and it will be reported in 2013. UCR many times can lag by 18 months or more. Participation in the FBI’s UCR program is “voluntary” and it is not 100% by a long shot. Cities will also under-report some types of crime by changing the category it is reported under to try and avoid the “high crime” stigma.

      If you remember the Trayvon Martin debacle he was “arrested” for residential burglary a couple of times but the police referred him to his school for “punishment.” That way the police could “clear” the burglary without the crimes showing up as crimes instead they are school discipline problems. Corrupt through and through. If the kid had been in Miami-Dade Juvie lock up where he should have been, he’d still be alive.

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