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Forty Years Ago, The Polar Vortex Was Caused By Global Cooling

Experts say the polar vortex is caused by global warming and disappearing ice, but forty years ago they said it was caused by global cooling and expanding ice. Scientists have found other indications of global cooling. For one thing there has been … Continue reading

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Scientists Say The Pause They Didn’t Predict And Couldn’t Admit, Will End Soon

Global warming will SPEED UP after a pause, scientists warn: Climate temperature could rise faster than expected University of Washington and MIT scientists say Earth’s warming will pause It has been paused for 18 years, but these geniuses are just … Continue reading

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Insidious Stupidity

GLOBAL warming could be making parts of the world colder. Yes, you read that right. Here’s why this is not a crazy thing to say. There’s a strong outbreak of cold weather across parts of the United States this week. … Continue reading

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Corrupting Greenland

GHCN has daily temperatures for the capital of Greenland going back to 1958. They show essentially no warming during that time. But that just wasn’t going to work for Tom and Gavin, so they changed the data to turn no warming … Continue reading

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