Climate Moves To California And Alaska

A few years ago the climate lived in Texas, but now resides in California and Alaska.

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8 Responses to Climate Moves To California And Alaska

  1. Hordes of Progressives moved from California to Colorado and climate moved the other way. That was a bad trade.

  2. Edmonton Al says:

    Good one Steven/Tony.
    Your countless articles exposing the fraudulent claims of the Alarmists is greatly appreciated.
    I have been sending many of your posts to the Gov’t. of Canada’s Ministers and the Prime Minister which clearly exposes the lies and political agenda of the UN IPCC and their radical followers.

  3. northernont says:

    Having that warmer air moving in over the north latitudes as the colder air moves further south at this time of year is like having someone leaving the house door open in winter. The warm air moving north cools faster then it normally would at more southern latitudes due to the angle of sunlight at these northern latitudes, creating more heat loss then what would normally happen. Overall the Global Climate experiences more heat loss then gain. Thats why in discussions about climate, I like to start with the indisputable tried and true premise, that without sunlight, the Earth would be a ball of ice, and then go from there. Puts things in perspective. Additionally most people don’t realize is Ice Age Climate is the normal climate for the Earth and it has been this way for more than 85% of the last million years.

  4. Mark says:

    As has been the case the last three winters, the largest cold deviations from normal occur in the Plains, yet news media are always fixated on the east coasters.

  5. geologyjim says:

    Using “anomalies” enables Progressives to convey such deceitful misrepresentations, with bright colors (oooooh! aaaaah!).

    Alaska, at present, is “somewhat less frikkin’-ass cold” than it was, on average, during the reference period.

    Same deceit used in the “ocean acidification” meme

  6. Billy Liar says:

    This sort of weather led to the Wisconsinan Glaciation.

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