Comedy Hour

We actually have people commenting here making the argument that a blanket doesn’t keep you warm, because it doesn’t make you hotter than your body temperature.

Is it Tuesday night at the comedy club?

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64 Responses to Comedy Hour

  1. The question is not whether a blanket makes you warmer. The question is whether 101 blankets make you warmer than 100.

  2. Smokey says:

    The real question is this:

    ‘At this point, does it really matter?’

    • Exactly. I put this video on youtube saying the same thing:

      • Steve Case says:

        That was excellent. I should have thought to compute CO2 sensitivity from existing data. At a greenhouse effect value of 33°C and 10% of that due to CO2 with a start point of 20 ppm CO2 for the logarithmic effect and a CO2 concentration base of 400 ppm, the Excel spread sheet I ginned up this morning tells me Climate Sensitivity is about 0.7°C for a doubling of CO2.

  3. Phil Kearney says:

    Put on a heavy coat and zip it up on a warm (less than body temp) day or in a warm room. After a while decide if you are warmer than without the coat. Check the thermometer on the inside pocket to see if you are really warmer than body temp or just feel that way..

    Experimental physics!

  4. thegriss says:

    Where’s the blanket ?

    Its a funny sort of blanket that cools the surface during the day like evaporating water vapour and convection does.

    • How is a raven like a writing desk?

    • Yeah. That’s why when the sun comes up, the temperature goes down. Did you eat a box of rocks this morning?

      • thegriss says:

        You poor child-mind.
        Go get a basic education, and cease your mindless ranting.

        • Yeah, I’ll make sure I get a basic education, at the school that teaches that it’s cooler during the day than at night. I’ll ride the short bus with you and your 16 kids.

        • thegriss says:

          From your comments, I’d say you are a low IQ 15 year old.

          You are hallucinating about what people have said, again.

          Use the other tablets next time.

      • thegriss says:

        Just in case you don’t understand.

        Once the surface reaches a certain temperature, evaporation and convection help COOL the surface.

        No blanket does that.

        • Exactly. That’s why it’s so much cooler at 2 PM than it is at noon. The cooling blanket comes out.

          Still chewing on that box of rocks?

        • thegriss says:

          Poor child..

          There is a show on TV I suggest you go watch..

          Its called “Anger Management” !

          Its intellectual content should suit you.

        • There is a TV show for you every evening to improve your brain. It’s called “Test Pattern”

        • thegriss says:

          “That’s why it’s so much cooler at 2 PM than it is at noon. The cooling blanket comes out. ”

          Well yep, if the clouds come over about 1pm, it will be cooler at 2pm.

          Well done ! 🙂

          You are learning… small steps !

      • PeterMG says:

        I take it you have never been in the tropics where the temp goes up then clouds form, it rains and the temp goes down, the air clears and the temp then climbs back up. Tony is being one dimensional and simplistic in his attempt to convince us he is correct. I have faith he will see the penny drop in his understanding at some point soon.

        • What a load of crap. I am discussing the static effects of the greenhouse effect. Not trying to write a dynamic climate model in one paragraph.

          Enough of your bullshit.

  5. KTM says:

    Does reading this blog make people smarter, or just less dumb?

  6. Phil Jones says:

    I’m freezing in the heat today… Can I have. Few more blankets to stay cool…

    • tom0mason says:

      Certainly sir, do you want the IR blanket, the °C blanket, or the temperature blanket?
      Unfortunately none of them are warm today.

  7. annieoakley says:

    Does the blanket make the rock warmer?

  8. Beale says:

    Let me rephrase what I said on the other thread.

    If the question is “Will a blanket keep a rock from becoming as cold as its surroundings?”, the answer is “No”. If the question is “Will a blanket save you from hypothermia?”, the answer is “With luck, yes”.

    • This is possible the stupidest comment I’ve ever read. The blanket keeps the rock from cooling as quickly. Luck? Check your brain at the door and try to pick up a different one on the way out.

  9. gymnosperm says:

    Don’t go over the top here. Blankets warm you by resisting convection. “Greenhouse” gasses do not resist convection, in fact, they support it by being inclined to rise after they warm. There are very good reasons to doubt our current understanding. There are no good reasons to doubt that something is keeping us cozy. You sound like Al Gore. Don’t chide us for doubting bullshit. Get to work. Figure it out.

    • thegriss says:

      Yes, clouds at night can act a bit like a blanket..

      … but ask yourself how they got there.

      They are there because their job is done. 😉

      • Did you really think this thread was about clouds? It’s about CO2, moron.

        • thegriss says:

          There is no mention of CO2 in the post at all.. you are dreaming !!!

          You are also dreaming, (under the effect of some weird hallucinogenic for your ADHD?)..
          if you think CO2 interrupts convection or acts like a blanket in any way shape or form.

        • There was no need to mention CO2 in the thread. Only an anencephalic gymnosperm would not understand the thread. Yes, CO2 acts like a blanket in every way, shape, and form, and it’s idiots like you who make the skeptic arguments look weak by making wrong arguments.

        • thegriss says:

          Its ill-educated dips like you that help maintain the farce !!!

        • thegriss says:

          “CO2 acts like a blanket in every way”

          LOL.. you cannot possibly be serious.. Its a farce, must be !!!

          Seems you have been using CO2 as a blanket, and it has deprived your brain of oxygen for a very long time.!!

  10. richard says:

    The question should be wether the blanket had the ability to allow cooling to take place when a certain temp.had arisen, wouldn’t it be good if the atmosphere had the same ability.

  11. I’m going to bed. I don’t see any passion here. How come the kibitzers’ mothers and their profession have been ignored? Do you people have any power of conviction or not?

    That’s not science. That’s science!

  12. markstoval says:

    OK, now the blanket bull shit.

    When I use a blanket at night in the bed, I am keeping convection from cooling me AND it is my internally generated heat that is being conserved. The analogy to the earth is not good at all — just obfuscation. And in the desert in the daytime I could wear a blanket to keep the sun from burning me.

    I see that our host does not understand convection or lapse rate by his resent posts. I am most surprised. I would have thought that as the alarmist “scientists” have started to admit that the “climate sensitivity” is much lower than they once claimed, our side would finally realize that the James Hansen fable was always utter trash. There is an atmospheric effect but CO2 “back radiation” is at most a bit play with an effect that is not even measurable.

    The following worth a read for all those who claim to understand this issue:

    • thegriss says:

      “OK, now the blanket bull shit.”

      Yep they surely do use bull shit as a blanket !!

      • Now the mindless climate skeptic who is doing everything he can to discredit other skeptics with stupid straw man arguments bullshit.

        Blankets impede heat flow, as greenhouse gases do.

        • David A says:

          Yes, GHGs increase the heat capacity (residence time) of LWIR energy in the atmosphere.
          We all agree that the overwhelming evidence is that CO2 is net beneficial, and the observed feedbacks are likely neutral to negative.
          In a war the wise man chooses his battle. The winning arguments now are

          CO2 is a known and proved beneficial necessity to earths bio-life.

          Additional benefits from increased CO2 continue on a linear plus scale.

          The predicted warming in the atmosphere and oceans is not happening at close to the rate predicted.

          The warming has stopped for 13 years. (The mean of all data sets.)

          The predicted harms from CO2 are failing to materialize.

          The benefits are in fact manifesting.

        • markstoval says:

          “Blankets impede heat flow, as greenhouse gases do.”

          To what extent? Dr. Brown over at WUWT agreed that CO2 would bump into a hydrogen or oxygen molecule after receiving a photon of energy long before it would have the chance to radiate the photon upwards, downwards, or sideways. Convection rules the lower atmosphere — not your radiation. There is no measurable radiation effect of “greenhouse gasses”. If you can’t measure it, then it ain’t science.

          There is dramatic effects caused by the atmosphere … there is an atmospheric effect, but CO2 don’t do what you think it does.

        • PJ London says:

          So surely the “global warming” should be “the blanket effect” and NOT “the greenhouse effect”.
          Blankets do not make one “Warmer” (or cooler when in a sauna for instance) they change the rate of heat transfer.
          If “the greenhouse effect” was defined as changing the rate of heat transfer no-one with any brains would argue. The argument is that people claim that it traps the heat (for ever?) without any qualification of “for how long”

    • thegriss says:

      “Skydragons: good physics – appalling PR”

      How true that is !!

    • jjreuter says:

      Arabs in the desert wear robes to keep the inside of the robes closer to body temperature and slow evaporation. The trapped air is cooler than the outside air of 54 degrees C.

  13. markstoval says:

    A small note.

    The atmosphere acts to distribute heat from the areas that the sun is heating to those less hot areas and to mitigate cooling on the night side. In the lower atmosphere, it is convection and conduction that are the major players. Obviously gravity and the density of the atmosphere play a major part in this atmospheric effect.

    The climate machine that acts to distribute heat around the globe has many factors in play, but the power of the sun, the atmosphere and the oceans are the dominate forces. The atmosphere’s density along with gravity are hardly ever talked about by the alarmists — they just want to destroy the industrial west and kill off about 6 billion people, hence the fable of the demon molecule CO2.

  14. David A says:

    Someday, when CAGW is dead, and the world knows it, then maybe we can have fun academic debates on the affects of CO2. But now there is a war, and in war you choose your battles.

  15. philjourdan says:

    I actually prefer it NOT to make me warmer than my body temperature. Who wants to live in a 98 degree constant atmosphere? 😉

  16. Rich O says:

    Tony this may be your Jump the Shark moment as far as viewership is concerned which is too bad. You concede the mechanism is not the same and the others are frustrated with the terminology being used because it is not the same, leave it at that. Why all the aggressive name calling directed at your supporters?

    • I’m expecting about quarter million page views this week. I don’t want people to see ridiculous comments from people claiming to be skeptics.

      • philjourdan says:

        Actually, that is a favorite tactic of liberals. They pretend to be the opposition and then make stupid statements, then link back to them to show “see! They are racists!” (homophobes, bigots, idiots or whatever their favorite word is of the day).

        They have been documented doing it in many places.

  17. Rich O says:

    Isn’t that the tact that Watts took with you, what good did that do him? As far as I know it only turned people off.

    • WUWT made a very stupid argument claiming that vapor pressure affects the freezing point, which I pushed back against.
      Some here are making very stupid arguments about greenhouse gases, which I am pushing back against.

      I am doing exactly the same thing I did then.

  18. nickreality65 says:

    The blanket slows, not stops, the loss of body heat to the colder surroundings. I guess that keeps you warm. If it’s cold enough you’ll need a thick blanket.

  19. DedaEda says:

    I don’t see any comments like this: ” a blanket doesn’t keep you warm, because it doesn’t make you hotter than your body temperature.” The sorry fact is, that there is no blanket which will keep one warm for long if the temperature difference is significant.

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