How Many Things Can Fox News Get Wrong In One Article?

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Dear Fox News,

  • CO2 is not climate
  • Steam is not CO2
  • The deal says US decreases emissions, while China increases them. The 2030 number is meaningless.

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29 Responses to How Many Things Can Fox News Get Wrong In One Article?

  1. Once again we have been had!

  2. mkelly says:

    Obama likes commies more than Americans.

  3. Bob Knows says:

    This faux “deal” is a justification for O’Dumbo to unilaterally use his “pen and phone” to disregard Congress and shut down American industry and jobs to block energy use in the US. It is NOT an agreement with China. Its another lie from O’Dumbo. The goal is shutting down America.

  4. Frank K. says:

    Yeah, I chuckle when I see the steam tower photos in online articles about air/CO2 “pollution”. The steam plumes DO look good, though, for propaganda purposes [heh].

    • Aard Knox says:

      Yeah, especially when they film them with the sun behind so instead of natural white they look sinister black. The Australian ABC does it all the time.

  5. nickreality65 says:

    Carbon is more than CO2, water vapor is not “steam.”

  6. philjourdan says:

    At least they did not say “The US agreed…” Many of the other MSM outlets are saying that.

    But from what I read,. 2030 is important. it is the projected date where China’s CO2 output is going to flat line anyway. So they conceded nothing. Obama gave away the store.

  7. Albert says:

    Of course the news gets it wrong! Their job is not to inform, but to entertain and sell advertising. Anyone who gets their information solely from popular news sources is doomed to be either uninformed or misinformed.

  8. Albert says:

    Actually, my question is why would any thinking person own a TV set? Certainly not as an information source. And the entertainment is so banal that anyone with a brain would be bored in seconds! Why spend the money and waste the time?

  9. geologyjim says:

    Obama: “Let’s agree on a mutual-economic-suicide pact by cutting energy production”

    Xi: “OK. You go first”

    Obama: “We have a deal!!”

    • Perfect! I posted it on twitter and is a big hit

    • Dave N says:

      Sums it up perfectly. At least Fox admits that this insanity isn’t a good idea.

    • Jim, this is more than raw talent. You’re sure you’re a geologist?
      Tomorrow outside the Oval Office: “Valerie, meet Jim. He will help you pack your desk. No, I’ll explain later.”

      • geologyjim says:

        CO Wellington –
        Hmmm, not sure I get your point.

        As co-residents of the People’s Republic of Boulder, you and I have plenty of experience with Progressives’ desires/plans to cripple capitalism and put energy production in the hands of “The State”. Not my desire, nor yours – I believe.

        Valerie and Barry use photo ops and media events to prostrate the United States before world dictators – presumably, they believe USA needs a bit of humiliation to atone for its historical record of success.

        Yes, I’m a career geologist, which is why man-made global warming is so obviously irrelevant. I think you concur. Cheers.

        • It is clear, Jim, that in search of brevity I sacrificed clarity. Or as someone mockingly remarked in a short story I remember, in search of an expression I may have achieved a level of almost poetic incomprehensibility.

          I’m sorry. Your imagined conversation tidbit is hilarious, worthy of the Twitter hit stature Tony mentioned above. It is also tragic because I believe it’s very close to reality. Something that Valerie and Barry actually do.

          So I was trying to come up with another imagined conversation fragment that merges your tragicomical insight and the sentiment expressed lately by several leftist pundits, i.e. that the President must do something. Something! Like, holding someone accountable! Like, like, fire Valerie Jarrett!

          So in my imagination the President makes up his mind but he knows that someone else must continue doing her dirty job, someone who understands what she does, and what the President does. Jim! Jim knows what we do! He gets it! He sees through the racket!

          The rest was just horsing around with the story as I resisted the temptation to get involved in other comment threads. I am quite annoyed by the sidetracks that developed here over the last couple of days and I can’t change it, other than trying to make people come to their senses and lighten up. I’ve already made my position clear, so what else can I say without repeating myself? Cracking a few jokes, maybe.

          Oh, and I never doubted that you are a geologist. It was just a play on your near psychiatrist-like instinct about these irrational current events and the preceding human record with time scales many orders of magnitude shorter than the history of the rocks under our feet. I believe I said it here at least once before: Among the skeptics I know or know about, geologists represent the largest single identifiable group. I am not a working geologist but I know enough to understand why so many of them don’t buy the alarmist nonsense.

          So yes, I concur. With that out of the way, can I make amends and buy you a beer?

        • geologyjim says:

          Hey, CO Wellington –
          No harm, no foul.
          I’ve enjoyed your comments – suitably wry, and to the point.
          Living in the Peep’s Republic brings out the highest forms of sarcasm, which do not always translate well in blog-speak.

          Good brews at Drakes Haus, Fate

          Cheers, CU Grad Class of 77

        • Drakes Haus it is. After the mini-ice age, next week?

        • geologyjim says:

          CO Wellington –
          Contact at
          Drakes great

  10. nickreality65 says:

    And there is more to CO2 than “fossil” fuels = coal. Non-fossil HC fuels, fire wood, bio methane and enthanol produce CO2. Carbon free is back before fire. That will make for a tough adjustment.

  11. Barbara says:

    Thanks, geologyjIm. My first laugh of the day! So true, so sad!

  12. Do keep in mind that at the bottom of the Fox article, it says “The Associated Press contributed to this report”. The AP on global warming = Seth Borenstein, and it’s not hard to figure out what that guy’s long-term bias is. However, when anyone rummages through other Fox reports on global warming, it’s not hard to figure out that the collective lot of FNC people are not especially well-informed on the issue – thus imploding the notion that we get all our global warming news from Fox. Bill O’Reilly, btw, really needs to be educated on the topic since he is still an AGW believer, as I noted in two of my JunkScience pieces:

  13. Andy DC says:

    Appeasement at its finest! We agree to take action in exchange for absolutely nothing.

  14. higley7 says:

    This is politics. It was never meant to make sense. It’s more an opportunity for a photo op and indefensible claims of accomplishing something great, regardless of how stupid or bad it is for us.

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