Most Open And Transparent Administration Makes Secret Deal To Destroy The US Economy

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The U.S. set a new target to reduce its emissions of heat-trapping gases by 26 percent to 28 percent by 2025, compared with 2005 levels. That’s a sharp increase from earlier in Obama’s presidency, when he pledged to cut emissions by 17 percent by 2020.


In other words, Obama just made an illegal treaty to reach an impossible and pointless goal of making the US even colder, with a country that has no intention of reciprocating.

The President shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur

Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution

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27 Responses to Most Open And Transparent Administration Makes Secret Deal To Destroy The US Economy

  1. bleakhouses says:

    Call this the first campaign commercial for 2016. This won’t pass the Senate and the left has “the right wants to destroy the planet” meme for the next big campaign. Except this time China is in the mix and everyone knows that China is the “world’s largest greenhouse gas polluter.”

    • Edmonton Al says:

      GHGs are not pollutants. More CO2 will not harm planet earth and will add plant food.

    • higley7 says:

      Edmonton AL. Do not be humble about it. CO2 IS PLANT FOOD AND IS GREENING THE PLANET! With a probable Dalton or even Maunder Minimum approaching, we will need all the food we can grow, as crops start to fail and people starve. We need more CO2 not less. NO gas at any concentration in the atmosphere can detectably or measurably later the climate.

  2. philjourdan says:

    It is not a treaty until the Senate ratifies it. And Hell is not in Minnesota.

  3. Mack says:

    Relax Steve, “Transparent govt”? The obvious transparency is that we can see these 2 strutting emperors are down to their grundies. Much ado about nothing.

  4. Frank K. says:

    Yeah, this agreement won’t go anywhere, particularly in China.

    • Anthony S says:

      The fantastic part of this agreement, is that China doesn’t have to do anything until 2030. They agreed to BAU, doubling or tripling CO2 emissions over that time period. An utter farce of an agreement.

  5. Mat Helm says:

    Hmm, What a ya know, he’s not an islamist… He a commie…

    • dmmcmah says:

      That’s been known since his connections to Bill Ayers and following of Saul Alinsky was revealed in 2008.

    • rw says:

      I’d call him a leftwing progressive. At any rate, saying he’s a communist isn’t a sufficient explanation of the sheer insanity of these actions. (Would Lenin have been that concerned about greenhouse gases? Maybe, maybe not.) Political explanations are not enough to explain this sort of madness.

    • rw says:

      Come to think of it, if being communist was the explanation then why aren’t the Chinese climbing on board the AGW bandwagon? (It’s worth noting that this is largely a western mania, although there has been some infection in other parts of the world.)

      • Tel says:

        The Chinese find it easier to nod along and have a laugh over their imported Scotch in private. You can be sure they are not climbing into any energy throttling bandwagon.

    • annieoakley says:

      He can be both islamic terrorist and a commie.

  6. Andy DC says:

    The first priority is to elect a Republican president and close the book on this nightmare presidency. By Republican, does not mean Jeb Bush.

  7. Tel says:

    Don’t fret, neither side takes this seriously.

    We are merely watching a bit of theater here.

  8. annieoakley says:

    More than theater and it makes me queasy thinking what if?

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