UHI At Sydney

ScreenHunter_3274 Oct. 03 05.07

Climate experts say that UHI barely affects temperatures, like the 21 lanes of asphalt at the Sydney observatory baking the adjacent thermometer.

Over the past 20 years, surface temperatures in Sydney have risen about half a degree, while satellite temperatures in that grid cell have fallen. They are diverging at 3.3C per century.

ScreenHunter_4536 Nov. 13 09.41 ScreenHunter_4534 Nov. 13 09.36

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7 Responses to UHI At Sydney

  1. mike says:

    UHI is the weapon of the IPCC.

    If the global temperature data was UHI-corrected, the current temperature would be just a little bit over the 1930s (however it’s unsure because there were fewer measurements back then).

  2. SMS says:

    Stay on this Tony. There are UHI of most major cities; each showing significant UHI warming. None of which is accounted for in the temperature record.

    When properly accounted for, UHI will show there is almost no warming taking place in the world. Take away the adjustments and the record may show the world is cooling.

    When you see and hear of all the money being spent on studies based on the impacts of the current, very flawed, temperature record; you have to question the validity of the studies. These studies are therefore NONESENSE. Gibberish. Trash.

    Future generations will not be able to make sense of all this waste. Our generation will be considered as having no greater enlightenment than that of the Dark Ages?

  3. lance says:

    BMO motto, “Accuracy is not necessary, we have models”

  4. Dexter says:

    Garbage temperature measurements in, garbage climate science out.

  5. sav says:

    Don’t get too carried away boys and girls. That exact section of road has been there for more than 40 years.

    • And the amount of traffic has increased as well as the size of the city.

      • Jason says:

        “like the 21 lanes of asphalt at the Sydney observatory baking the adjacent thermometer” You are implying that the road itself is the issue. Even if you are referring to the traffic – are you suggesting that the increase in road traffic adds 3ºK?

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