Hot Weather Is A Thing Of The Past

The ratio of very cold days to very hot days in the US in 2014 (so far) is second highest in a century. Only 1982, which was cooled by the eruption of El Chichon, had a higher ratio. Looking at the weather forecast, 2014 may finish in the #1 spot.

ScreenHunter_4550 Nov. 14 08.02

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10 Responses to Hot Weather Is A Thing Of The Past

  1. rah says:

    Yea, it’s was 19 deg. F outside my house this morning and the forecast high this Nov. 14th is for a high of 30 deg. F.
    Averages for here this time of year are 54 deg. High and low 40 deg. So we’re running over 20 deg below normal in central Indiana.
    But of course this is all being caused by warmer than normal temps somewhere according to the shysters and true believers! Their claims have become so bizarre these days that I really can’t see how anyone of reasonable intelligence that is mentally stable can believe them anymore.

  2. philjourdan says:

    Winter came early. It came early last year too. OMG! A trend! Extrapolated out, in 20 years, it will be coming in August! So where is my government grant?

  3. Answering Steve’s questions and maintaining the propaganda can’t happen. One precludes the other.

  4. Dale Banks says:

    Perhaps you can help me out. The graph “ratio of -20C to 40C…” has a red line and a blue line but no explanation of what they represent. It would be helpful to me to read some explanation.

  5. lance says:

    this climate refugee is enjoying the temps in Phoenix!!! My house in Alberta hit -5F this morning….

  6. R. Hunter says:

    NOAA just announced that 2014 is the hottest year ever in California. Are they lying?

  7. Andy DC says:

    This is setting up to be perhaps the coldest November on record for the US as a whole. Many stations are averaging 6-8 degrees below normal so far and the cold is not supposed to break anytime soon. In fact get worse in a lot of places over the next week.

    All consistent with catastrophic warming. Right!

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