Change You Can Believe In

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11 Responses to Change You Can Believe In

  1. Tom McClellan says:

    From MIT’s student handbook on Academic Integrity:

    “Fundamental to the academic work you do at MIT is an expectation that you will make choices that reflect integrity and responsible behavior.”


    “The cornerstone of scholarship in all academic disciplines is honesty. MIT expects that you will
    approach everything you do here honestly – whether solving a math problem, writing a
    research or critical paper, or writing an exam.”

    Given that these are the stated values of MIT, and given the revelations this week about Professor Jonathan Gruber’s loose association with truthfulness and transparency in policy-making, can MIT reasonably continue having him in a position of authority over students? Does MIT have a different standard for its faculty than it has for its customers?

  2. Walter says:

    The term “piece of shit” and “John Gruber” are completely interchangeable.

  3. KTM says:

    If Obama grants legal status to 5+ million illegals, they will all sign up for ObamaCare, and all qualify for Medicaid. Just in the last year, almost 1 million people signed up without proof of citizenship, and after extensive efforts to document these people 110,000 never did provide documents. If they get Social Security numbers, drivers licenses, etc, they will be able to sign up for ObamaCare and present those as documentation that won’t be questioned.

    Since so much of their income is under the table, under stolen SSN, etc, their lack of documented income will let every one of them qualify for Medicaid. This will cost the American taxpayers trillions more than was ever predicted.

    • I guess that’s what we the people want . cause we the people have lost our ability to share and care its all about me and that what stuck in the heads of everyone, I want no part of people that are only around in fair weather. I don’t need you . Compliancy and laziness has taken hold of some of us, and w I hear corruption is everywhere like its ok . until we the people wake up then we the different our on our own, bad help is worse than no help. look for the one that will step up and join with them like mind work better together.

  4. V. Uil says:

    Well at least Gruber is consistent: he thinks the average American is stupid so he produces a comic book to explain how health care works. No doubt Dr Gruber believes that it is the appropriate level for communicating with the average American.

  5. Psalmon says:

    Few people get their name converted for use as a verb.

  6. jjreuter says:

    The government has been using comics for a long time, link to ARMY PS magazine. The logic was to get soldiers to read because of the format and Sgt, Connie.

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