Hiding The Grubering At NCDC [Updated]

[UPDATE : I found the current data in a different directory. They must have some sort of software problem keeping the hcn directory from being updated properly]



I tried doing some analysis of October US temperature data this morning, and discovered that NCDC has not updated their daily data since the end of September! This used to be done every day. The files are being written every day, but there is no climate data after September, 2014.


Apparently they don’t want people like me exposing their spectacular Grubering of the US temperature record. The lack of daily data makes it impossible for me to do a lot of the most important analysis.

I was particularly interested in October, 1900 – which (based on monthly data) was about 2.5 degrees warmer than October, 2014. NCDC has massively tampered with the data to make October 2014 warmer than 1900.

ScreenHunter_4618 Nov. 16 07.24

They knocked a huge amount off the October, 1900 temperatures to make this happen.

ScreenHunter_4628 Nov. 16 08.58

The map below shows all of the stations which hit 90 degrees during October, 1900.

ScreenHunter_4620 Nov. 16 08.15

I can’t generate the equivalent map for 2014, because they are now hiding the raw data. This story gets uglier every day.


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17 Responses to Hiding The Grubering At NCDC [Updated]

  1. Eliza says:

    They will probably be blocking you soon. You may have to use a third party to get the files LOL

  2. QV says:

    Have you tried contacting them?
    What is the link you normally use?

  3. emsnews says:

    Yes, the Borg has taken over NOAA. This is why ALL of their ‘climate prediction maps’ have been utterly out of whack with reality now for three+ years.

    They no longer have brains, everyone there is a Manchurian Candidate working for China, I presume. 🙂

    Seriously, the Chinese played us for a fool this week, pretending they might cut CO2 output in the dim future (when we will be begging them to make it warmer!) while Obama commits us to doing this in the next 5 years. 😦

  4. Marlin says:

    They better realize congressional inquiries are coming,and if they don’t get indited they will certainly be made uncomfortable.

  5. Chewer says:

    It’s simply a matter of a spectacular pounding, one of which they’re quite overdue for…

  6. Eric Barnes says:

    It must be hard lying for a living. Let’s hope for an outbreak of conscience at NOAA.

  7. pyromancer76 says:

    Thanks for the consistent, witty, biting pushback. When “we” finally oust the pretenders to science and their puppeteers, your blog will be one of the main reasons.

    I just found a blog that seems worthy, by a geologist, who seems to be reasonably dissecting the proposed radiation/greenhouse effect. The theory/proof is worth looking over. okulaer.wordpress.com/

  8. cheshirered says:

    These are incredibly damaging allegations against leading US climate organisations, yet from them (and the US government) comes no words of defence, of rebuttal, of challenge or indeed of defiance. Literally nothing whatsoever. It’s almost as if they seek to pretend these allegations – plainly libellous if incorrect, didn’t exist. Instead only the deafening sound of implicated, guilty silence. Quite astonishing.

  9. Don says:

    Hopefully, come January, this will have an end put to it by the 114th Congress. This sham is violating any number of laws and/or regulations.

  10. globalcooler says:

    Reblogged this on Globalcooler's Weblog and commented:
    It never ends , does it. It is a systematic plan to try to convince us the planet is warming when it isn’t. Just think about it for a minute. Why would anyone do this. It really is quite simple. How could they shut down coal fired electric generators if the world wasn’t warming. They would look pretty stupid. Even more so than usual.

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