Friends And Enemies


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17 Responses to Friends And Enemies

  1. usJim says:

    Would it have been too much to have asked the guys/gals who fly Air Force One to have just flown home w/o him? Pretty please guys and gals of AF1?

  2. omanuel says:

    We are all in this mess together and unless we work together we will all perish together. That is the reality of our correct situation.

    2009 Climategate emails and official responses to the disclosure finally awakened me to this sad reality:

    I spent my entire professional life as a scientist seeking to find reality in a matrix controlled by FEAR of reality.

    The very survival of humanity now depends on our success in escaping the fear-based matrix of reality that was created sixty-nine years (2014 – 1945 = 69 yrs) ago to save the world from nuclear annihilation!

    The Cyberjournal Project may be one way to get reliable information past the gatekeepers of public knowledge:

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. philjourdan says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words – or sound bytes.

  4. SMS says:

    I’m reminded of the new movie “Dumb and Dumber To” when I look at the upper photos.

    When I see Obama with Netanyahu I note what clear differences there are. With Obama I see a small minded, Gruber stupid, socialist, parading around as the President of the US and with Netanyahu I see someone I would want my children to be like.

    • emsnews says:

      Oh, as ethnic cleansers who are racist?

      • Ernest Bush says:

        There are plenty of Arabs who live in Israel and are very glad to be there. They have jobs and aren’t subject to the whims of extreme governments. Besides, if Israel decided to do an “ethnic cleansing” the countries around it would be desert wilderness.

      • Dave G says:

        They pretty much suck as ethnic cleansers seeing how Jews are set to become the minority in about 10 more years. Of course, that depends on how stupid Palestians remain.

  5. Pathway says:

    Just about says it all.

  6. jjreuter says:

    Netanyahu looks like he wants to slap him.

  7. POTUS Obama: uh uh uh um um uh actually it is Barack not Neal…
    Premier Li Keqiang: I was giving you an order!

  8. rw says:

    You should add an Ayatollah to the top row.

  9. Dave N says:

    You forgot this one:

  10. Streetcred says:

    Greg Sheridan nails the poseur from Washington:

    “A US president comes to Australia with the specific intention of damaging the Australian government politically on climate change, while a Chinese president comes here with nothing but gifts.

    Xi Jinping’s accomplished, well-considered speech to parliament yesterday contained no references to climate change and no implicit criticism of Australia. After all, there are other forums for that issue, China is not committed to any carbon emissions targets and why would you go out of your way to embarrass your host?

    The contrast with Barack Obama was staggering. More than that, Xi was charming, respectful and helpful to all Australians he mentioned. He completed the free-trade agreement, which is a big win for both countries. But more generally his speech was one of reassurance and reasonable ambition.

    It takes some doing for an American president to seem a worse and more graceless guest than a Chinese president. A small sign of the decline of the US under Obama.”

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