US Temperatures Plummeting At Seven Degrees Per Century

US temperatures are plummeting at seven degrees per century.

ScreenHunter_4695 Nov. 17 07.56

At his debate with Judy Curry in Boulder in May, Trenberth said that the warm year of 2012 in the US proved global warming.

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16 Responses to US Temperatures Plummeting At Seven Degrees Per Century

  1. davidswuk says:

    Go for it Steve – on the basis of that graph you could claim 150degF per century! (since 2012 that is).

  2. Bob Koss says:

    Early ice on Lake Superior. Don’t let the polar bears know. They might start migrating south.

    • nielszoo says:

      I thought it was the walrus population that was dying off without the ice. Maybe they’ll move from the North Pacific and Bering to Superior instead. Since we’re not securing the borders it should be easier for them to get in.

  3. omanuel says:

    The 2009 Climategate emails and official responses finally awakened me to this sad reality: I spent my entire professional life as a scientist living in a matrix controlled by FEAR of reality.

    The survival of humanity depends on our success in exiting the sixty-nine year (2014 – 1945 = 69 yr) fear matrix !

  4. Edmonton Al says:

    Is Trenberth really as stupid as he appears?
    Did he get his PhD off the internet?

  5. stpaulchuck says:

    hey guys, anyone heard a definitive cause for the outlier in 2012?? I haven’t done any deep digging but so far the general discussions never seem to point to a paper on it.

  6. Harry says:

    Climate, climate models etc. may have to do with this following aphorism. Especially in the way fraud scientist are defining climate, and fake warming.

    “AN ENGINEER, A PHYSICIST, AND A MATHEMATICIAN HAVE TO BUILD A FENCE AROUND A FLOCK OF SHEEP, USING AS LITTLE MATERIAL AS POSSIBLE. The ENGINEER forms the flock into circular shape and constructs a fence around it. The PHYSICIST forms a fence with an infinite diameter, and pulls it together until it fits around the flock. The MATHEMATICIAN thinks for a while, and then builds a fence around himself, and defines himself as being outside the flock.”
    It’s a kind of bias error, used in evil ways, by many who have studied it. Or for far too many amateurs, “junk in, junk out” or “GRUBERING”. It’s what you do with short term trends predicting long term outcomes, to suit your will.

    The gubment frauds seem to fall into the categories expressed above, just like GRUBER, and the rest, disserving by deceiving the public who have actually ultimately hired each and all of them, most often with hard earned, dear, and risky to keep dollars! The disservice will ultimately lead to not being prepared to have affordable heat, nor food, and perhaps not even shelter, as cooling events proceed.

  7. ST says:

    The trendline equation explains 15% of the decrease and the claim extrapolates to a whole century from 15 yrs of data.

  8. Cornfed says:

    That’s pretty crappy R-squared value.

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