US Short On Greenhouse Gases Tonight

One of the reasons why the US is record cold tonight, is because of a shortage of greenhouse gases to hold the temperature up – as seen in this Weatherbell map.


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11 Responses to US Short On Greenhouse Gases Tonight

  1. Robertv says:

    Do we also see a drop in CO2 level ?

    • Dave G says:

      I think he’s being semi-sarcastic. Probably a seasonal drop in co2 as it becomes more soluble in all waters at cold temps.

    • skience says:

      H20 as in water vapour is the main greenhouse gas. As Steven has implied before, there’s less H2O in a desert.

      However, it’s also true that such dry air tends to form under high pressure – which is where cold-dry air from high altitude sinks to the surface. And it sinks because it is cold and dry.

      So Steven’s putting the cart a little before the horse, because the air descends because it lost its water vapour and descending air is cooler. So, the cold air is there as a result of loosing water vapour and heat, it isn’t cold as a result of there being little water vapour. However, once you have the high pressure – sure the lack of water vapour means few clouds and low heat trapping.

    • Robertv says:

      No no I mean that it seems that without the help of H2O in the atmosphere ,CO2 is helpless to keep us warm even at 400 ppm.

    • This is Hilarious!!

      Great headline… perhaps across America tonight… in an effort to reduce the cold.. we should all turn on our SUV’s and eat lots of beans… get temperatures back up and Global Warming BACK in the Headlines !!

  2. Justa Joe says:

    Mother Nature saw that Obama signed that not so mutual “climate” agreement with the ChiComs so she just surrendered.

  3. philjourdan says:

    They are sucking them out tonight around here.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Egads, it is 24 °F here @ 9:30pm with Humidity of 78% and Dew Point: 18 °F
    Mid NC is supposed to go down to 19°F (~100% Humidity?) tonight.

    Lord help us if the air actually becomes dry.
    The normal Min for today is 40 °F with a record min of 21 °F (1959) for tonite and for tommorrow 21 °F (1903) so it looks like we will break a record
    Last year it was a min of 55 °F on this day

  5. higley7 says:

    The humidity is low because it is cold. It is NOT cold because humidity is low. It just happens that the water vapor precipitated from the air by cooling mostly before the air mass left the Arctic. Again, cold air masses form in the Arctic because of the lack of solar energy input and a constant radiation of IR to space from the surface and water vapor and CO2 in the air. Water vapor serves here as a radiative gas, aiding in chilling of the atmosphere. It’s a chicken and egg problem. The chilling came before the drying of the air.

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