More Blatant Climate Grubering From The White House

Holdren has released a Climate Explorer tool, saying that sea level will rise one foot in the San Francisco Bay

ScreenHunter_502 Nov. 19 12.59

ScreenHunter_500 Nov. 19 12.52Climate Explorer

The stable tide gauge in the San Francisco Bay shows that sea level is lower now than it was 70 years ago.

ScreenHunter_501 Nov. 19 12.54

As always, the White House is trying to Gruber America with their endless stream of lies.

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41 Responses to More Blatant Climate Grubering From The White House

  1. A 1 foot rise in sea level will do all that? The tide is 3 or 4 feet twice a day and doesn’t do anything!!

    • It won’t do anything because it isn’t happening.

    • philjourdan says:

      Yea, but we can hope it will. 😉

    • geologyjim says:

      Thank you Morgan Wright for making this astonishingly obvious observation

      I had a similar observation to a sea-level-rise blog-post a couple of years ago. Raising “average” sea level by a millimeter or two per year is totally irrelevant to the average tidal range observed twice daily on every sea shore

      • If the average sea level rises a foot, then the high tide sea level will also rise a foot.

        • geologyjim says:

          Of course, Tony, but nothing like that [a foot rise] is going to happen for a long, long time.

          The point is that people already adjust their building plans within the tidal-range zone. In general, nothing is built within the tidal zone that cannot withstand the tidal range – piers, boat-ramps, wharves, and the like. Big structures like hotels, warehouses, residences, and the like in this zone are either built behind sea-walls or are engineered to accommodate tidal range – plus an appropriate safety margin.

          That safety margin generally protects such structures from decades/centuries of predictable sea-level rise, otherwise banks wouldn’t loan there and folks wouldn’t build there .

        • People, Society, Civilization … constantly builds things, tears things down.. rebuilds.. etc…

          By the time the unadjusted Sea Level rise of what.. 1.2 mm per year max?? By the time this alleged Sea Level rise affects anyone at all or any structure… we will all be long dead and the land affected will probably have changed hands several times.. been rebuilt on several times…

          So who cares about Sea Level rise? Does it really even exist?? Satellite Measurement data exceeds its own margin of error… Alarmists IGNORE actual reading from Tide Gages..

          Only Alarmists with a Political agenda push Sea Level rise… with modeled/adjusted data… sad part is most folks I talk to really believe and don’t question the “3.2mm per year and accelerating!!” garbage..

  2. emsnews says:

    HAHAHA. I remember way back in 1967 when everyone thought California would drop into the ocean. Living in Arizona, I thought that was a splendid idea. Alas, it didn’t happen.

  3. richard says:

    San Francisco sinking – nothing new.


  4. cheshirered says:

    You can go to a 6 feet rise if you want to push the boat out.
    Totally bogus projection of course. This is what passes for government in the US?

    • Gail Combs says:

      What government? All we have is a bunch of idiots lead by someone who hates America and is hellbent on destroying her.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    If I was in Californicate I would be a lot more worried about a large earthquake then I would sea level rise. Who cares about a few mm of sea level rise when the earth itself is moving up to 3 to 4 inches a year?

    …In the Pacific Northwest movement of three tectonic plates drive our earthquake hazard. The Pacific Plate is moving to the northwest at a speed of between 7 and 11 cetimeters (cm) or ~3-4 inches a year.

    The North American plate is moving to the west-southwest at about 2.3 cm (~1 inch) per year driven by the spreading center that created the Atlantic Ocean, the Mid Atlantic Ridge….

    The small Juan De Fuca Plate, moving east-northeast at 4 cm (~1.6 inches) per year….
    The Juan de Fuca Plate is still actively subducting beneath N. America. Its motion is not smooth, but rather sticky; strain builds up until the fault breaks and a few meters of Juan De Fuca get slid under North America in a big earthquake. This action takes place along the interface between the plates from the Juan de Fuca Trench off shore down-dip until the fault is too weak to store up any elastic stress. The locked zone varies in width from a few tens of kilometers (km) along the Oregon coast to perhaps a hundred km or more off of Washington’s Olympic Penninsula, and is about 1,000 km long….

    In California, much of the strain generated by the grinding of the Pacific Plate against North America is taken up in earthquakes on the San Andres Fault and related structures but the shearing action dosn’t end there.

    The Seirra Nevada block is driven north-northwest into the Oregon Coastal Range. This block of crust is rotated west and pushed north into Washington State.

    British Columbia however is part of rigid North America and moves with it. This results in the Puget Lowland being compressed and warped like an accordion with alternating uplifted and down warped terrain shortening the distance between Centralia, Washington, and the Canadia border….

  6. Steve Case says:

    According to the San Francisco tide gauge,
    sea level has been negative since 1981. There are 31 tide gauges up and down the West Coast, and 12 of them have records going back 60 or more years, and show an average decrease of -0.4 mm/yr for the last 30 years.

  7. theyouk says:

    This issue alone has me beyond livid with our scientifically illiterate media and elected officials.

    Where is that one reporter–just one–in a mainstream media outlet who will call out this B.S. and back up their reporting with facts? Even a LOCAL reporter (and may have to be local since the national outlets are all mouthpieces of the parties)?

    • He’s called Steven Goddard.

    • Frank K. says:

      Sorry, the mainstream media is lost forever. Forget them and move on to the new media. In a few short years, no one will watch TV news or read a newspaper, both being made obsolete by technology. Who needs reporters when an ordinary citizen can unearth old videos of Jonathan Gruber and release them to the world? We are all reporters now…

      • Dave N says:

        The MSM are fickle, and have short memories. Years ago they were on the Ice Age scare bandwagon; in years to come they’ll be off the CAGW bandwagon, and either deny they ever were, or just ignore you.

        • Their both ignorant and purposeful with their push for Climate Change… most know nothing.. flunkee’s of Engineering, Medicine, or Business School who have been told they can change the World.. pick up a cause..

          Its just too easy to go with the flow.. can you imagine some person in a news room questioning Climate Change? Immediately Ostracized… really? You believe some Guys’ Blog over NASA??

          Time for this to go to Court.. certainly a viable option… CA and other States + EPA have enacted Legislation and Rules which affect ALL of us … based on lies…

          The Courts may not listen.. but its worth a try at this point.. get some visibility… Progressives simply won’t debate Global Warming.. got to FORCE them to..

  8. Chewer says:

    It would we quite wise to consider the normal prolonged state of the planet as we move through the predictable cycles. When the North Atlantic, IO Dipole, Antartic Stream and Pacific move towards the standard modes, glaciation takes over on the hemispheric land masses and the water table drops.
    Alaska rejoices in the “back-To-Normal” air-ocean circulations and the folks in the lower 48 move south 😉

  9. Mike D says:

    What a stupid map. Almost the entire area that shows as “inundated” is already water. They should blue in the entire ocean to be consistent with the deception.

    I do think the perfect SF solution to this “problem” is for everyone in SF and the Bay Area to be forced to install composting toilets. Then they could truck it down to the water’s edge each week and pile it on.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I would prefer a nice big earthquake along the San Andreas Fault and the area from San Francisco south suddenly drop into the sea. A REAL big ‘sea level rise’

  10. nielszoo says:

    I think that San Francisco as a whole has probably move up and down more than a foot in the last century. (Isn’t it a bit odd to use the term “stable” when writing about SF? … neither geologically nor any other way I can think of stability is not high on any list of area attractions.)

  11. inMAGICn says:

    Probably so, but stress along the fault axis at a slow pace can produce (in time!) the vertical movements.

  12. etudiant says:

    If the plates are really moving as much as 4 inches/yr, a one foot change in elevation could easily arise in a decade with just a little subduction or uplift. Honesty would suggest noting that no such change has been seen thus far.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Take a look at the article. The change is not in elevation except for the Juan de Fuca microplates which is getting sucked under the North American plate.

      Also the change is not continuous but a “sticky” stop start.

      Or sometimes an opening…

      However there is actually a place in Africa where a new sea is being born.
      Witness the birth of Africa’s new ocean

  13. Billy Liar says:

    The Roman built ports in Italy are still working.

    • emsnews says:

      Actually the seas were much higher back during the height of Rome due to it being MUCH warmer than today. Ditto during the Minoan Empire 1,500 years earlier.

  14. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    As for the fate of Al Gore’s San Francisco Bay Condo purchased in 2006 ~ the same year ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was released…

    From the mouth of ‘Man-Bear-Pig’ : “sea levels worldwide would go up 20 feet.” “This is what would happen in the San Francisco Bay. A lot of people live in these areas.”

  15. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Well now it would seem we have an opportunity here. If these areas are going to be flooded then the owners would be willing to sell those properties at a reduced price.

  16. OrganicFool says:

    California is in danger of a mega flood. USGS dubs it “Arkstorm”. It last happened in late 1861 into 1862. Continuous rain for over 30 days. Sacramento was flooded. California went bankrupt. They estimate $750 billion in damage, worse than a major earthquake.

    Here’s one scenario for why it might happen again soon. Earth’s magnetosphere is weakening, more oxygen is released into space, solar cycle is weakening, allows more cosmic rays, oxygen meets with hydrogen ions, creates a continuous river of moisture in the atmosphere.

    Ben Davidson of Suspicious0bservers explains very well (with plenty of links to resources):

    Search for Arkstorm in youtube for USGS video warning of the threat.

  17. Ed Gruberman says:

    Wait, raising sea level will wipe San Francisco off the map? What are we waiting for? Everyone let your car idle 24×7 and start burning all the wood you can find…

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