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Visualizing The Extreme Climate Fraud At NCDC

NCDC shows 2012 as the most extreme year in US history,  when in fact it was one of the least extreme years in US history. The graph below is the NCDC graph, showing 2012 as the most extreme year, and … Continue reading

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A Day At The North Pole

Note how the sun stays at the same elevation above the horizon. About two dozen people told me today that they are Arctic experts and this is not possible.  

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Climate Buffoon Of The Day

Check out this world class clown. He wrote a hit piece against Jim Inhofe over climate, then when I asked him a climate question, he said he doesn’t know anything about climate  https://twitter.com/SteveSGoddard/status/534915204518522880

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Why Does Humidity Keep Daytime Temperatures Down In The Summer?

Humid climates often have have lower summer maximum temperatures than dry climates. This is because of evaporative cooling from plants, bodies of water and soils, vegetation shading the ground, rainfall, and haze in the atmosphere which blocks incoming sunlight. Phoenix normally has its … Continue reading

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