Visualizing The Extreme Climate Fraud At NCDC

NCDC shows 2012 as the most extreme year in US history,  when in fact it was one of the least extreme years in US history.

The graph below is the NCDC graph, showing 2012 as the most extreme year, and 1936 as one of the least extreme years.

ScreenHunter_4725 Nov. 19 00.43

The next graph shows the actual percentage of days over 100 degrees or below 0 degrees F. The real graph is basically inverted from the NCDC graph, with 1936 as by far the most extreme year, and 2012 as one of the least extreme years. Extreme temperatures have been on a steady decline for 80 years.

ScreenHunter_4724 Nov. 19 00.41 The level of fraud at NCDC seems to know no limits, with the climate extremes index as the crown jewel of their fake climate data.

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11 Responses to Visualizing The Extreme Climate Fraud At NCDC

  1. The folks at NCDC have become fiction writers. A world of make believe. Maybe a better description would be sci-fi – fantasy

  2. It’s currently 12 degrees here in the Adirondacks. I need the NCDC to come tell me that it’s actually warm, so some of this snow melts.

  3. etudiant says:

    The graph is not of pure temperature, but of extremes, as defined here:
    The late John von Neumann once said:
    ‘With 4 parameters, I can fit an elephant. With 5, I can make him wiggle his trunk.’
    This graph is created using 6 parameters.

    • The comparison is of extreme temperatures.

      • etudiant says:

        The site says extreme climate, not extreme temperature. This includes drought etc.
        They have a separate line for temperature.

        • Gail Combs says:

          And as I showed in the comment below (That you ignored) 2014 has been LOW for:
          Forest Fires
          Steve showed temperatures so that leaves SNOW!

        • The components of temperature dominate the graph.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Steve, I am being very sarcastic.

          It is obvious that Obummer demanded “Evidence” of Weather Weirding or Climate Disruption or whatever the heck they are calling it now to cover his butt as Ma Nature dumps her wrath on his head and the USA. At this point with temperatures 20F or more below normal across much of the USA and more Arctic blasts on the way he can not use ‘Global Warming’ so he has to use ‘Weather Weirding’ to explain why we are freezing our rumps off and he has to cut our power.

          I am sure he will have the EPA closing down more of our coal powered electric so he can drive the USA into third world status as he promised China.

          This is all about justifying ramming through the EPA’s June 2, 2014,Carbon Pollution Standards: Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule even though it is completely illogical to do so. The engineers looked at the EPA’s pipe dream and essentially said it is a crock of B.S. but in the nicest way possible.

          November 10, 2014 NERC Warns: Time Is Insufficient to Implement EPA’s ‘Clean Power Plan’

          The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is tasked to evaluate and improve the reliability of North America’s electric grid. Responding to its edict from Congress to make periodic assessments of the adequacy of the electric grid, NERC evaluated EPA’s 2020 “Clean Power Plan” (CPP, the regulation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants) requirements and the ability of electric utilities to ensure reliability and adequacy of power to the nation’s electricity consumers. NERC found the 2020 date to be insufficient time to accommodate reliability enhancements. EPA’s CPP requires electric utilities to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, but includes substantial carbon dioxide reductions as early as 2020. For example, according to the EPA’s Regulatory Impact Assessment, generating capacity would be reduced by 108 to 134 gigawatts by 2020–power that would normally supply 68 to 84 million homes….

    • Gail Combs says:

      Considering we have in 2014 a low number of forest fires, a low number of tornadoes, a low number of hurricanes, low drought and a low Delta T as Steve showed. So it has to be the record high snow that is causing 2014 to be extreme!

      Fewest US Forest Fires In Three Decades:

      As Atmospheric CO2 Has Increased, The Number Of Violent Tornadoes Has Decreased

      Hurricanes Set A New Milestone: Today marks nine years without a major hurricane (111+ MPH winds) strike in the US, and nine years without a hurricane strike in Florida. Both are records… ( October 24, 2014)

      US Drought Near An Historic Low:

      SO the WINNER is SNOW!
      Autumn Snow Cover In A Hockey Stick

      (Don’t you hate it when Mother Nature kicks a beautiful theory in the butt?)

  4. Rick Fischer says:

    Without digging into the data, it appears from the definitions that they are overweighting hard rains as twice the impact of severe droughts and heat waves.

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