Chasing Squirrels

Typical conversation with a climate expert

It may be cold in the eastern US, but the rest of the world is hot

Satellites show no global warming for 18 years

Heat is accumulating in the oceans

Climate models predicted atmospheric warming

Models keep improving. Why do you hate the planet?


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7 Responses to Chasing Squirrels

  1. Jason Calley says:

    The science is both settled and continually being upgraded.

    As Tom Waits says, “It’s new! It’s improved! And it’s old fashioned!”

  2. Andy DC says:

    The alarmists are going to have to do some fancy dancing to explain this November. Almost the entire US is below normal, many places far (10F or more) below normal. Most of Russia is frigid as well. But keep the faith, our climate experts will still make this November the hottest EVER!!

  3. philjourdan says:

    I turned it around on Apple. I told him he was starving children today. I think he blew a gasket.

  4. BallBounces says:

    You didn’t answer the last question.

  5. And the next predictable squirrel:

    “I don’t hate the planet. I minimize fuel usage, recycle items, and plant tree saplings.”

    You repeat denier talking points. You are paid by the Heartland Institute to lie.

  6. rah says:

    Was listening to PBS driving back From Etana, PA today. They had some guy that writes about Meteorology and climate change for Slate Magazine (sorry I just can’t remember this leftists idiots name) on and the topic was how record lake effect snows hitting Buffalo were caused by global warming! This guy claimed that the winter ice level in the Great Lakes have been declining for 30 years!

    He was saying because the Great Lakes are warmer and not ice covered it has caused worse Lake Effect snows than before. Good God the lower Lakes have not had a chance to ice yet because it’s FRIGGEN NOVEMBER! Winter doesn’t officially even start until Dec. 21st.

    My tolerance level for such arrogant stupidity was rather low today and I just changed the station.

    BTW I have a buddy that drives for a different company than the one I work for. They haul a lot for the automotive industry just as we do but they’re a smaller company. On Monday that company was offering a $300.00 cash bonus to any of their drivers that would take loads and pickup at the GM engine plant in Tonawanda, NY (just north of Buffalo). No takers. So GM is shutting down production lines because of lack of parts/engines because of this storm and their desperate. That’s the downside of the “Just In Time” system. No warehousing and thus very little buffer for when stuff happens and the effect ripples down through the whole chain of plants in such situations. Lots of workers losing wages.

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