Doing My Part For The Immigration And Climate Crisis

President Obama is hoping tonight to tip future elections Democratic by adding millions of illegal global warming refugee voters from Mexico to the US voter rolls.

In order to counter this, I am fleeing the overheated climate of Maryland for the cooler climate of the Yucatan tomorrow.

ScreenHunter_4749 Nov. 20 11.16


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9 Responses to Doing My Part For The Immigration And Climate Crisis

  1. philjourdan says:

    You lucky dog! Watch the sunburn!

  2. lance says:

    I just did the reverse…escaped the overheated Phoenix area to return to work…in Alberta…not a very pleasant temp change….

  3. Robertv says:

    Changing The US into Mexico won’t benefit illegal global warming refugees.

  4. mkelly says:


  5. Andy DC says:

    You should instead be headed to a more pleasant place like Yellowknife or Resolute for your fun in the sun vacation. Only there is hardly any sun for those places this time of year.

    In any event, have a great vacation!

  6. Robertv says:

    Pleasure or business? And the dogs ?

  7. pyromancer76 says:

    Enjoy a well earned vacation!

  8. Aw, that’s where I was supposed to be next week… work canceled my Vacation Plans..

    suks.. but enjoy!!

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