Third Consecutive Year Of Record Low Tornado Activity

Due to catastrophic climate change, the last three years each set a new record low for tornado activity in the US

torngraph-big (4) torngraph-big (3) torgraph (2)

Storm Prediction Center WCM Page


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16 Responses to Third Consecutive Year Of Record Low Tornado Activity

  1. Billy Liar says:

    Oh, dear! The hurricane season is pretty much dead too with a much below average ACE of ~64 (cf 1981-2010 average of 104) and no major US hurricane landfall for 9 years.

  2. Gary H says:

    Curious Tony . . . You’ll recognize this:

    My position on global warming:
    The claims of 97% consensus are a massive lie. Only 52% of American Meteorological Society members believe that man is the primary contributor to global warming.

    Is “the primary contributor to GW” correct, or would “has an anthropogenic footprint on GW,” more correct? “Primary” strongly suggests “most of the warming.” It really can’t be can it?


    • I don’t think Mann-made CO2 has done jack didly to the climate.

      • philjourdan says:

        But it sure has “jacked” up climatologists.

      • Gary H says:

        I knew that. ha. No – I was questioning the 53% . . . was it that “they” believe it’s the “driving” factor to GW (since 1950ish), or is it that “they” believe that there is simply some human “footprint” on GW.

        Understanding that the 97% surveys are total fraud, they’re only claiming a human footprint – not the driving cause; though most alarmists misuse even that. cheers

  3. Steve says:

    I love your posts “steve”. Keep them coming. I know you have gotten PO’d with some of the posters lately, which I totally understand. But the information you have provided have helped the cause immensely. Just personally I have used some of the pictures/information you discovered on the forums I frequent most, and your stuff seems to shut down the debate fairly quickly.

  4. Fred Wlech says:

    Hello my comments on averaging. ,what i have left in the toilet this morning is on average what i ate yesterday. It does not speek well of the succulent roast beef i had for lunch.

  5. D. Self says:

    AGW causes more Tornadoes!! I mean it causes less Tornadoes!!…………. It causes more and less Tornadoes….yah! that’s it! Less is more and More is less!!

  6. wayne says:

    “Third Consecutive Year Of Record Low Tornado Activity” and so thankful for that! If it was chance, thank you chance! If fate, thanks fate. Sure wasn’t co2.

    We had a rather cool to mild spring and summer here in tornado alley and I really expected to see a peak to appear as we regress toward a more ’70s type of climate, so for sure, also thankful that did not occur. Frigid upper air is was I’m usually afraid of.

  7. gator69 says:

    There has been no reduction in the number of tornados, they are just hiding in the deep oceans, waiting…

  8. QV says:

    Where have the last two posts on NCDC data gone?

    • Neal S says:

      I know of some people who when a mistake is pointed out, will just double down and even more stubbornly refuse to acknowledge truth. Tony proved he was human by having made a mistake. He also proved that if a mistake of his is pointed out, that he will take appropriate action. There are too many of us who are unwilling to do the same, so Tony is to be commended.

  9. Andy DC says:

    There may be an outbreak over the next couple of days. Let’s hope not. The ghoulish delight that alarmists derive from weather mayhem is sick. Imagine what it must be like to root for people to get killed and/or their property to get wiped out.

  10. John B., M.D. says:

    The tornado count on 12-31-13 was 802 – I recorded this number in my records. They never updated the 944 number.

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