Enjoying The Greenhouse Effect In The Yucatan

I am being bombarded with longwave radiation emitted by high concentrations of greenhouse gas H2O, and it feels great. Much better than the cold, dry air of Maryland last night.

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10 Responses to Enjoying The Greenhouse Effect In The Yucatan

  1. Robertv says:

    And the IPCC has problems with a 2 º C increase.

  2. mkelly says:

    I repeat don’t drink the water.

  3. Edmonton Al says:

    And if you get too hot, jump into the water to get wet and when you come out the “GHG” H2O will evaporate from your body and cool you down.

  4. Lance says:

    I feel your pain…, you should have really booked a vacation in Winnipeg…

  5. Stargazer says:

    I understand that CAGW also causes cute babes to get hot in southern climates. You might want to help them remove some insulation.

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