Global Warming Is The New Global Cooling

Climate experts say that a wavy jet stream and harsh winters are caused by global warming.

There’s growing evidence that global warming is driving crazy winters

ScreenHunter_4774 Nov. 22 09.55There’s growing evidence that global warming is driving crazy winters – The Washington Post

Forty years ago, climate experts used the same picture to prove global cooling.

ScreenHunter_4776 Nov. 22 09.58ScreenHunter_4775 Nov. 22 09.58

Science News, Vol. 107

More recently, the IPCC said “mild winter temperatures will reduce heavy snowstorms”

BepTksDCMAEkCHw (1)

IPCC Third Assessment Report – Climate Change 2001 – Complete online versions | GRID-Arendal – Publications – Other


IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Just in case you forgot for a minute that climate experts have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.


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22 Responses to Global Warming Is The New Global Cooling

  1. If you don’t like the climate projections, just wait a decade.

  2. R. Shearer says:

    The similarities between the old drawing from Science and the new visualization figure from NASA. But what difference does it make? Logic has all but been abandoned.

  3. gymnosperm says:

    The Russians have had an index for jet stream wankiness called the ACI for arctic circulation index for decades. It is very clear that increases in wankiness correspond to periods of cooling and periods of zonality with periods of warming.

    So of course they are right. Climate change is causing the wank, or the wank is causing climate change, but either way it is not CO2 or human activity.

    In the big picture we live in the wankiest of times. Climate was far more stable when it was a bit warmer.

  4. R. Shearer says:

    Looks like the Polar vortex tube.

  5. emsnews says:

    All global warmists should be forced to live in Buffalo, NY. With no snow shovels. Or studded snow tires. Or blankets and coats. Naked.

  6. Pasinby says:

    Just in case you forgot for a minute , climate experts , is an oxymoron .

  7. Send Al to the Pole says:

    Looney Mooney is probably a cultist. But some of them know exactly what they’re doing. Flat out criminals.

  8. Preventing Climate change is the stated motive for a bunch of pipeline expansion protesters locally in Vancouver these last few days. If belief in CAGW is akin to religion, this group are the extremists.
    They do not think for themselves, they are followers.

  9. Stephen Richards says:

    I belive Hubert Lamb may have been the first to propose that a multinodal jetstream (5 or more) is a symptom of a cold climate and a 3 nodes or less is a symptom of a warm climate.

    Of course modern climatology says that they are both symptoms of the same thing.

  10. shazaam says:

    Oh please. The real problem is how these idiots are funded.

    With government funding, if you should get something correct, you will likely get the same money next year.

    With government funding, if you fail completely, and blame it on insufficient funding, you get massive piles of more money next year. Especially if you can get media attention for the massive, imminent crisis you claim is on the horizon.

    Thus, the massive failures that are climate “scientists” are simply performing to their government incentives.

    i.e. Success or accuracy is ignored, failure is rewarded, massive failure coupled with fear-mongering is massively rewarded with pile and piles of funding.

    You get the behaviors that you reward, politicians use this.

  11. Don says:

    If you like your climate projections, you can keep your climate projections.

    If you like your climatologist, you can keep your climatologist.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Its the Sun. As usual.

    Paper suggests solar magnetic influence on Earth’s atmospheric pressure


    The North Atlantic jet stream correlates with Solar output over a millennium

    I could add a few more links. Unfortunately for guys like Mooney they can’t acknowlege the Sun does it without losing their funding.

  13. inMAGICn says:

    Nice post. I saw the WaPo report yesterday and I’m still recovering.

  14. emsnews says:

    They are not ‘climatologists’ they are ‘projectologists’ ie: projectile vomit. 🙂

  15. Sparks says:

    It must be the green house effect.

  16. Eliza says:

    Just like to mention that this is by far the best, most professional, climate site on the internet, and the only one really tackling the AGW “problem” the way it should be. There is no doubt that in the future the data/information/proof posted here will be used in courts of law around the globe to eventually bring the fraudsters to justice.

  17. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    I agree that they have no clue its as if they never even went to collage — no I take that back it would be to much of an insult the HS grads. They are just educated idiots with no common sense!

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