My Climate Refugee Status

Like hundreds of thousands of other North Americans, Europeans and Russians, I have fled the overheated north to spend Thanksgiving on the Riviera Maya. It breaks my heart to have to leave my home for this.

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31 Responses to My Climate Refugee Status

  1. Password protected says:

    I hope that’s a storm-water outfall.

  2. Jim Schmidt says:

    If it weren’t for global warming, that would be a desert… 😉

  3. Joe says:

    Looks like heat trapping gasses are working great over there.

  4. gator69 says:

    A little music for your Caribbean Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

  5. lance says:

    I feel your pain. However, that video has not been ‘adjusted’ yet, so in fact it is very cold water, near freezing 🙂 enjoy your final moments…

  6. Enough jokes. The upwelling of hot water from the deep ocean is visible at 0:00:34. The center cannot hold. The place will fry.

  7. Stephen Richards says:

    Refugees follow 2 things, money and weathe. In your case and mine it’s weather. In europe it’s money so they all go to germany or the UK.

  8. Robertv says:

    More extreme weather.

    The “Old-Fashioned” Winter of 1917-18


    Click to access 1922%20SvalbardWarming%20MONTHLY%20WEATHER%20REVIEW%20.pdf

  9. nielszoo says:

    I’ve got a great idea. Get rid of your passport and cross the border into the US illegally… you’ll be on the government gravy train for life. Give them a sob story about how the [ insert Central American dictatorship here] government is repressing your research into the ravages of Global Climate [ insert current scary term here] and you are fleeing to the US. You should immediately be showered by grants, given free healthcare, a green card, EBT card and voter ID cards for Detroit, Philly and three for Chicago along with a cushy office near the UN if you want one.

    Think of it as an Obama Christmas.

  10. Edward. says:

    In the Church of man made warming, millionaire snake oil pedlar and TV preacher and demi God in his spare time – Al Gore, deems the ‘word’ and says; ” darn it, keep your eyes peeled and watch out for increased incidence of cyclonic catastrophe events, and or, 6-7 m sea level rise and mass migration due to climate change, it’s all so durned hot out there man!”

    Steve, no need of any atmospheric insulation, it’s all done for you ¦¬)!

  11. Truthseeker says:

    Steven aka Tony,

    Something for your holiday amusement …

    I think you are getting to them …

  12. theyouk says:

    Barcelo, by chance? We were there (Barcelo/Riviera Maya) for a wedding in April. Loved it–especially the fine, sugary sand and warm water. Wherever you are, try to enjoy it you poor suffering b_stard… 😉

  13. Andrew S says:

    Looks like a submarine, or a beached whale… Breakwater at high tide?

  14. spangled drongo says:

    Those soft rocks [big bags filled with sand] are great for preventing erosion [which is what these islands are suffering from as you can see, not SLR] and make for soft waves but they do have a limited life.

  15. spangled drongo says:

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed that video was of island coastline but the same applies to low lying mainland coast.

  16. lorne50 says:

    Bite me Tony -26C -34C with wind chill Red Deer Alberta “ENJOY” ;>)

  17. lorne50 says:

    Oops forgot the snow is gone and sky’s are clear should be a lung burner tomorrow morning :>( 12″ in a day yes I be old should say 18cm ;>)

  18. Send Al to the Pole says:

    I am on a mailing list for retirement properties in that area. They definitely have the styling down well. But the prices are fairly high too. And unrest in other parts of the country seem to keep spreading.

  19. Eliza says:

    Me climate refugee also live in central South America = Paradise would never live in a cold climate.

  20. DBD says:

    Suffer through it somehow

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