35 Years Of Unprecedented Melting Has Left More Sea Ice On Earth Than 35 Years Ago

The area of sea ice on Earth is higher now than it was on this date 35 years ago. This is the exact opposite of what 97% of climate experts predicted. It is also the exact opposite of what 97% of climate experts report is happening.

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  1. emsnews says:

    And this excludes Buffalo NY! 🙂

    • No they aren’t. Like propaganda much?

      • Glen Steen says:

        Get your head out of the sand and read peer reviewed science not crap written by creationist, intelligent designer, denier pseudoscientists..Man can’t do it god is the only one that can change the climate.. Give your head a shake 7.2 billion people are a force of nature, sh**ing in the chicken coop. Soon the coop will be full and god doesn’t shovel **it! Many of us parasites will have to get off. Do you believe all the conspiracy theories out there or do you just pick the really stupid ones? If we don’t start now your kids, grandkids and great grand kids will be living in a very hot wet world with no Florida, no NY city,a lot of Europe under water,no ice in the Arctic, or Antarctic or Greenland etc. When the Antarctic land ice melts completely in 70 to 100 years the oceans will rise 7 feet. Then we have Greenland and the Arctic as well, that’ll mean up to a 12 foot rise. Your future offspring are going to hate your guts.

        • You are a complete moron.

        • Gail Combs says:

          AHHhhhh, Another follower who has just completed his ‘Albert Gore Climate Reality Leadership’ course and has decided to sally forth to challenge the Climate Deniers.

          Don’t read peer-reviewed papers? You really shouldn’t have said that….

          Here are a few picks from my library:
          This is probably the most important paper. It is a rebuttal of Loutre and Berger’s 2003 paper and has not been refuted.
          A Pliocene-Pleistocene stack of 57 globally distributed benthic D18O records
          Lorraine E. Lisiecki Department of Geological Sciences, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
          Maureen E. Raymo Department of Earth Sciences, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

          …Stacked sedimentation rates provide additional age model constraints to prevent overtuning. Despite a conservative tuning strategy, the LR04 benthic stack exhibits significant coherency with insolation in the obliquity band throughout the entire 5.3 Myr and in the precession band for more than half of the record. The LR04 stack contains significantly more variance in benthic d18O than previously published stacks of the late Pleistocene as the result of higher- resolution records, a better alignment technique, and a greater percentage of records from the Atlantic. Finally, the relative phases of the stack’s 41- and 23-kyr components suggest that the precession component of d18O from 2.7–1.6 Ma is primarily a deep-water temperature signal and that the phase of d18O precession response changed suddenly at 1.6 Ma.

          page 9
          Recent research has focused on MIS 11 as a possible analog for the present interglacial [e.g., Loutre and Berger, 2003; EPICA Community Members, 2004] because both occur during times of low eccentricity. The LR04 age model establishes that MIS 11 spans two precession cycles, with d18O values below 3.6% for 20 kyr, from 398 – 418 ka. In comparison, stages 9 and 5 remained below 3.6% for 13 and 12 kyr, respectively, and the Holocene interglacial has lasted 11 kyr so far. In the LR04 age model, the average LSR of 29 sites is the same from 398– 418 ka as from 250– 650 ka; consequently, stage 11 is unlikely to be artificially stretched. However, the 21 June insolation minimum at 65°N during MIS 11 is only 489 W/m2, much less pronounced than the present minimum of 474 W/m2. In addition, current insolation values are not predicted to return to the high values of late MIS 11 for another 65 kyr. We propose that this effectively precludes a ‘‘double precession cycle’’ interglacial [e.g., Raymo, 1997] in the Holocene without human influence….

          This paper is interesting because it gives the the calculated solar insolation values of several glacial inceptions: Can we predict the duration of an interglacial?
          Current value – insolation = 479W m−2 (from that paper)

          MIS 7e – insolation = 463 W m−2,
          MIS 11c – insolation = 466 W m−2,
          MIS 13a – insolation = 500 W m−2,
          MIS 15a – insolation = 480 W m−2,
          MIS 17 – insolation = 477 W m−2

          To go along with that data a nice overview:
          A History of Solar Activity over Millennia by Ilya G. Usoskin, Sodankyl ̈ Geophysical Observatory (Oulu unit)

          Then there are sea level highstands:

          Mid to late Holocene sea-level reconstruction of Southeast Vietnam using beachrock and beach-ridge deposits

          Beachrocks, beach ridge, washover and backshore deposits along the tectonically stable south-eastern Vietnamese coast document Holocene sea level changes. In combination with data from the final marine flooding phase of the incised Mekong River valley, the sea-level history of South Vietnam could be reconstructed for the last 8000 years. Connecting saltmarsh, mangrove and beachrock deposits the record covers the last phase of deglacial sea-level rise from − 5 to + 1.4 m between 8.1 to 6.4 ka. The rates of sea-level rise decreased sharply after the rapid early Holocene rise and stabilized at a rate of 4.5 mm/year between 8.0 and 6.9 ka. Southeast Vietnam beachrocks reveal that the mid-Holocene sea-level highstand slightly above + 1.4 m was reached between 6.7 and 5.0 ka, with a peak value close to + 1.5 m around 6.0 ka. This highstand is further limited by a backshore and beachridge deposit that marks the maximum springtide sea-level just below the base of the overlying beach ridge. After 5.0 ka sea level dropped below + 1.4 m and fell almost linearly at a rate of 0.24 mm/year until 0.63 ka and + 0.2 m as evidenced by the youngest beachrocks….

          Sea-level highstand recorded in Holocene shoreline deposits on Oahu, Hawaii

          Unconsolidated carbonate sands and cobbles on Kapapa Island, windward Oahu, are 1.4-2.8 (+ or – 0.25) m above present mean sea level (msl)…we interpret the deposit to be a fossil beach or shoreline representing a highstand of relative sea level during middle to late Holocene time. Calibrated radiocarbon dates of coral and mollusc samples, and a consideration of the effect of wave energy setup, indicate that paleo-msl was at least 1.6 (+ or – 0.45) m above present msl prior to 3889-3665 cal. yr B.P, possibly as early as 5532-5294 cal. yr B.P., and lasted until at least 2239-1940 cal. yr B.P

          Holocene sea-level change and ice-sheet history in the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica

          A new Holocene sea-level record from the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica, has been obtained by dating the lacustrine–marine and marine–lacustrine transitions that occur in sediment cores from lakes which were formerly connected to the sea. From an elevation of ∼7.5 m 8000 yr ago, relative sea-level rose to a maximum ∼9 m above present sea-level 6200 yr ago. Since then, sea-level has fallen monotonically until the present….

          The above is a RELATIVE sealevel curve. the area is not tectonically stable because the area has isostatic uplift in response to deglaciation from the Wisconsin Ice Age.

          A new Holocene relative sea level curve for the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

          The curve shows a mid-Holocene RSL highstand on Fildes Peninsula at 15.5 m above mean sea level between 8000 and 7000 cal a BP. Subsequently RSL gradually fell as a consequence of isostatic uplift in response to regional deglaciation….

          Verification by another method:
          Sea Level Changes Past Records and Future Expectations

          For the last 40-50 years strong observational facts indicate virtually stable sea level conditions. The Earth’s rate of rotation records an [average] acceleration from 1972 to 2012, contradicting all claims of a rapid global sea level rise, and instead suggests stable, to slightly falling, sea levels.

          This drop in sea level is backed up by other studies:

          …..We therefore conclude that for a period in the Early Holocene, probably for a millenium or more, the Arctic Ocean was free of sea ice at least for shorter periods in the summer……

          …..Arctic sea ice cover was strongly reduced during most of the early Holocene and there appear to have been periods of ice free summers in the central Arctic Ocean……

          Temperature and precipitation history of the Arctic
          Miller et al
          Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research and Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, USA et al

          …. Solar energy reached a summer maximum (9% higher than at present) ~11 ka ago and has been decreasing since then, primarily in response to the precession of the equinoxes. The extra energy elevated early Holocene summer temperatures throughout the Arctic 1-3°C above 20th century averages, enough to completely melt many small glaciers throughout the Arctic, although the Greenland Ice Sheet was only slightly smaller than at present. Early Holocene summer sea ice limits were substantially smaller than their 20th century average, and the flow of Atlantic water into the Arctic Ocean was substantially greater. As summer solar energy decreased in the second half of the Holocene, glaciers re-established or advanced, sea ice expanded…

          A more recent paper looking at glaciers in Norway.

          A new approach for reconstructing glacier variability based on lake sediments recording input from more than one glacier January 2012
          Kristian Vasskoga Øyvind Paaschec, Atle Nesjea, John F. Boyled, H.J.B. Birks

          …. A multi-proxy numerical analysis demonstrates that it is possible to distinguish a glacier component in the ~ 8000-yr-long record, based on distinct changes in grain size, geochemistry, and magnetic composition…. This signal is …independently tested through a mineral magnetic provenance analysis of catchment samples. Minimum glacier input is indicated between 6700–5700 cal yr BP, probably reflecting a situation when most glaciers in the catchment had melted away, whereas the highest glacier activity [growth] is observed around 600 and 200 cal yr BP. During the local Neoglacial interval (~ 4200 cal yr BP until present), five individual periods of significantly reduced glacier extent are identified at ~ 3400, 3000–2700, 2100–2000, 1700–1500, and ~ 900 cal yr BP….

          The authors of these papers simply state that most glaciers likely didn’t exist 6,000 years ago, but the highest period of the glacial growth has been in the past 600 years. This is hardly surprising with ~9% less (~120 kW/m² less) solar energy.

          More evidence that the Modern Warm Period is actually rather cool can be found in tree-lines. About 9000 years ago trees reached the Arctic Ocean coastline and remained during the Holocene Optimum. As temperatures began to cool the trees retreated and are now several hundred kilometers further south. The Russian Scientists tried to tell this to Mike Mann and Keith Briffa when they were doing their famous tree ring studies.

          If you hike the high elevation in the Sierra Nevada you can see ancient tree remnants. A 1997 study in Sequoia National Park found that “Tree-line elevation was higher than at present throughout most of the last 3500 years. How has climatic variation influenced treeline dynamics in the past? (wwwDOT)sierranaturenotes.com/naturenotes/FoxtailTreeline.htm

          The ancient rootstocks often remain and allow trees to suddenly emerge whenever local conditions are mild enough to promote growth. For example the world’s oldest-known living tree, a Norway Spruce, was recently discovered in Sweden. Although the living 13-foot high trunk emerged relatively recently, it had sprouted from the same rootstock that has persisted for nearly 10,000 years. Scientists found four different “generations” of above-ground remains with ages that dated 375, 5660, 9000 and 9550 years old.

          Climate change and the northern Russian treeline zone
          The Russian treeline is a dynamic ecotone typified by steep gradients in summer temperature and regionally variable gradients in albedo and heat flux. The location of the treeline is largely controlled by summer temperatures and growing season length. Temperatures have responded strongly to twentieth-century global warming and will display a magnified response to future warming. Dendroecological studies indicate enhanced conifer recruitment during the twentieth century. However, conifers have not yet recolonized many areas where trees were present during the Medieval Warm period (ca AD 800–1300) or the Holocene Thermal Maximum (HTM; ca 10000–3000 years ago)….

          Seems someone didn’t do his literature search because recolonization is rapid. (Heck frozen seed can be viable for years — for the oldest 31,800 ±300 years.)
          The circumboreal tundra-taiga interface: late Pleistocene and Holocene changes

          …one seemingly common factor in most regions was an extremely rapid dispersal of trees when climate warmed drastically from full glacial conditions. Most Arctic treelines reached their northernmost positions in the early Holocene and receded to present positions starting at about 5.8 ka. The early occupation of the northernmost sites in ice-free and early deglaciated areas was possible because of the close proximity of invading trees in nearby glacial refugia, particularly in Fennoscandia and northern Russia. In Canada, the Northwest Territories and Quebec-Labrador were out of phase with this general trend due to their late deglaciation. However, even here colonization was rapid, indicating that the tree species were present adjacent to the glaciers….

      • Glen Steen says:

        Tony your credentials, a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Masters In Electrical Engineering, don’t really qualify you as a climatologist. So what you are giving is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. Your opinion is wrong. That’s my opinion and I am also entitled. I see that you have had to write retractions on occasion for attacking NSIDC data. Wonder how many other times you have been wrong but nobody really cares any more as they know where it is coming from.
        Isn’t it oxymoron that you describe yourself as a “free thinking engineer” ? Did not know such an animal could exist.
        I am not a climatologist, therefore no credentials but from what I have read about climate change from the experts in the field, I understand what is going on – MAN MADE CO2 is causing the temperature to rise, the Arctic and Antarctic are melting, sea levels are rising, the oceans are warming up, acidification of the oceans etc. etc . The consensus of the EVIDENCE by the experts indicates the temperature is rising. I believe them. You have no credentials, but what you claim is going on isn’t what most people with credentials are saying. You have no idea what you are talking about.
        I do know from reading the experts that unchecked CO2 emissions mean global warming will cause massive economic disruptions and difficulties within the next century.(Rbg)

        It is good that you ride your bike, but I can’t see you being an environmentalist and denying man made global warming is an environmental catastrophes that will have repercussions on all of humanity. According to the experts, if we start now we may be able to stop it now.

        Given your “expertise” can you explain http://corporate.exxonmobil.com/en/environment/climate-change/managing-climate-change-risks/carbon-asset-risk?parentId=fbec4340-be1d-41ff-b55b-988cc9e44881 and http://corporate.exxonmobil.com/en/environment/climate-change/managing-climate-change-risks/fourth-assessment-report?parentId=fbec4340-be1d-41ff-b55b-988cc9e44881 It seems that ExxonMobil believes the UN panel. Why don’t you?

    • Justa Joe says:

      Yeah maybe… but what has that got to do with that fact that there is more ice now that 30 years prior?

    • Glen Steen says:

      The increase in Antarctic sea ice is a result of global warming. One factor is the increasing rate of melt of the land ice causing a layer of ‘fresher’ water on top for the salt water. Water with decrease salinity freezes at higher temperatures.

      • Gail Combs says:

        “The increase in Antarctic sea ice is a result of global warming. One factor is the increasing rate of melt of the land ice causing a layer of ‘fresher’ water on top for the salt water…”

        I swear that bit of propaganda is like a zombie. You put a stake through it and it just keeps coming back.

        The melting of the Antarctic is due to geothermal heat not global warming.
        Active Volcano Found Under Antarctic Ice

        Researchers Find Major West Antarctic Glacier Melting from Geothermal Sources
        There is also volcanic activity under water in the Arctic

        Actually Antarctic is gaining ice.
        NASA Technical Report

        …During 2003 to 2008, the mass gain of the Antarctic ice sheet from snow accumulation exceeded the mass loss from ice discharge by 49 Gt/yr (2.5% of input), as derived from ICESat laser measurements of elevation change. The net gain (86 Gt/yr) over the West Antarctic (WA) and East Antarctic ice sheets (WA and EA) is essentially unchanged from revised results for 1992 to 2001 from ERS radar altimetry….

        NASA of course is going to blame it on global warming because those are the orders from the White House. However that makes little sense.

        First as the amount of sea ice around Antarctic increase you get cooling because of the change in Albedo. Antarctic sea ice is a heck of a lot closer to the equator compared to arctic sea ice even in summer so the effect is much greater. Second is the connections between a quiet sun, ozone and the polar vortex.

        The Russians have had an index for jet stream loopiness called the ACI for arctic circulation index for decades. http://www.fao.org/docrep/005/y2787e/y2787e03c.htm#FiguraC

        Note how the temperature data matches the jet stream data with about a four year lag.

        The extra ozone absorbs more UV energy which heats the stratosphere around the equator more during solar maxima than during minima. See
        (wwwDOT)sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/04/990412075538.htm (but forget the climate model babble).
        That is thought to cause the shift of the jet streams poleward and reverse during solar minima. With the current low maximum in solar activity, the jet streams didn’t shift that far poleward as in previous maxima, thus giving different weather patterns.

        The jet stream position is extremely important, as it gives huge differences in clouds and rain patterns and river flows: From the Nile, Po (Italy – Venice) and Portuguese rivers around the Mediterranean to the Mississippi in the US and similar in South Africa. See for the stratosphere-troposphere connection:

        Then there is the Cosmic ray connection.

        Stratospheric polar vortex as a possible reason for temporal variations of solar activity and galactic cosmic ray effects on the lower atmosphere circulation


        “Possible reasons for the temporal instability of long-term effects of solar activity (SA) and galactic cosmic ray (GCR) variations on the lower atmosphere circulation were studied. It was shown that the detected earlier ∼60-year oscillations of the amplitude and sign of SA/GCR effects on the troposphere pressure at high and middle latitudes (Veretenenko and Ogurtsov, Adv.Space Res., 2012) are closely related to the state of a cyclonic vortex forming in the polar stratosphere. The intensity of the vortex was found to reveal a roughly 60-year periodicity affecting the evolution of the large-scale atmospheric circulation and the character of SA/GCR effects. An intensification of both Arctic anticyclones and mid-latitudinal cyclones associated with an increase of GCR fluxes at minima of the 11-year solar cycles is observed in the epochs of a strong polar vortex. In the epochs of a weak polar vortex SA/GCR effects on the development of baric systems at middle and high latitudes were found to change the sign. The results obtained provide evidence that the mechanism of solar activity and cosmic ray influences on the lower atmosphere circulation involves changes in the evolution of the stratospheric polar vortex.”

        • Glen Steen says:

          Yeah I know man couldn’t possibly affect the climate. Some mythical guy in the sky conjured up by some nomadic tribe wondering around in the desert, to scare their people into doing what they want. Does that guy tell you what’s happening with climate change? I prefer to believe NASA http://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/ and the European Space Agency http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth/Space_for_our_climate/ESA_s_Climate_Change_Initiative_CCI rather than idiots like Ray Spencer, Ross McKitrick, et al.

          Who is going to fund your denier pseudoresearch now that ExxonMobile is off the denier bandwagon? Read and weep: http://corporate.exxonmobil.com/en/environment/climate-change/managing-climate-change-risks and http://corporate.exxonmobil.com/en/environment/climate-change/climate-policy

          Unfortunately we will be entering the dark ages of climate change science when Inhofe takes charge of the Environment and Public Works Committee. The rest of the scientific world can’t figure out how a country as scientifically savvy as America has gone from leading science to believing religious crap and the pseudoscientists that won’t or can’t get their fairytales peer reviewed. Inhofe may put America back but only for 2 years, so hopefully the rest of the world can take up the slack and head in the right direction.

          Don’t know how so many seemingly intelligent people cannot see what’s happening…oh got it…you are all Republicans! Hahaha!

        • Gail Combs says:

          I am not a Christian, I am an agnostic.

          You wanted peer-reviewed science? Well you got it. So quit attacking the messenger.

          No one here said mankind doesn’t have an effect on climate. If you bothered to look at some of Steve’s more recent posts you would see that.

          For example : Greenhouse Gas Theory Is Very Simple

          But instead you just attacked “The Deniers”

          You owe Steve an apology. And for what it is worth Mikey Mann is not a Climastologist either. He has degrees in Physics and in Geology so his background is not that different from Steve. Also Steve worked as a software developer on climate and weather models for the US government.

          Having a degree or a title really means diddly. I have worked in research labs and in industry. One of the best trained statisticians I know had a high school education. One of the smartest chemists I know, who was research director of Borg-Warner, had only a high school education. So quit being such a Gruber. The only thing that really counts is real world observations and GAIA is giving the Warmists the finger but you are too hide bound to bother to look. However after the Gruber revelations you had better believe others will see what I listed below.
          China – Continuous snowstorms starting Nov. 30 across China’s northeast have caused the collapse of thousands of square meters of greenhouses in Heilongjiang Province. A blizzard lasting more than 60 hours hit on Thursday the 4th. The snow has exceeded one meter (39 inches) in Cheilongkziangk province in northeast China, as the area was hit by the most severe snowstorm in years. Temperatures reached as low as minus 20 Celsius (-4 F).

          Russia – Very heavy snowfall and blizzards in South Ural region on November 10 and 11 followed by Minus 32 degrees in Tomsk and heavy snowfall Nov 23

          Japan – Heavy Snowfall Dec. 4 The city of Nayoro was buried in 70 cm (27 inches) of snow, while 46 cm (18 inches) fell in Horokanai and 40 cm (16 inches) in Otaru. Japan has really gotten plastered, even getting major snow in mild semi-tropical Tokushima (lat. 34.0° N) 8 people were confirmed dead as of two days ago and they still have not finished digging out with more snow forecast.

          Iran – Snow and ice storm traps 2,000 people around November 5 followed by snow in 16 provinces by the end of the month.

          Serbia – Ice storm and deep snow – 48 hours without electricity, water and heating
          A different resident, Milan, says that the transmission lines that have fallen were wrapped in ice 4-centimeters thick. Workers cut branches that have fallen around power lines, and it goes very slowly. More bizarre is that no one has physically visited the power plant, but they are controlled by a computer in Belgrade…. People began mentally to shoot, really are very bad. They are very angry, enraged, angry … Everybody is extremely difficult, residents are outraged, helpless!

          Romania – More than 1,000 people stuck in snow Dec 2 and 100,000 Czech travelers are stranded due to freezing arctic weather. In Budapest, Hungary entire trees toppled under ice up to 4 inches (10 cm) thick, threatening entire forests and leaving 40,000 homes powerless. Today, heavy snowfall trapped people on the road in Mersin, Turkey and knocked out power to 10 municipalities in Bulgaria (Not a peep about this in the US MSM though)

          Austria ice storm – So bad that authorities use tanks to move supplies
          Entire towns cut off by thousands of fallen trees and ice-covered roads – More than 60 major roads are closed. by the 4th 0f Dec 2014 – Conditions worsened in the on-going ice storm in Lower Austria and Burgenland on Thursday. Large areas of the eastern part of Austria have been brought to a standstill, with fire services calling in the military….
          Given the cuts in energy and the major increase in prices in the EU, this is not going to go over well with citizens.

          The USA has been getting hit with nasty winter weather. Here are a few more recent highlights.
          As of the beginning of December Chicago had the Coldest Year in 110 Years and Michigan ski area opens with record snow. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan shatters 125-year-old November snowfall record. Today 20 inches of snow fell on parts of Northeast and more on the way

          The west coast of the USA has not been spared either.
          Eight-and-half inches of snow fell at Juneau International Airport on Sunday Nov. 30, breaking the previous record of 6.3 inches set back in 1946. A record low temperature of 24 degrees was set at Seattle Washington WFO sunday Nov 30. This obliterated the old record of 32 set in 1991. A record low temperature of 19 degrees was set at Quillayute WA Airport today. This breaks the old record of 23 set in 1976. A record low temperature of 18 degrees was set at Bellingham WA Airport today. This ties the old record of 18 set in 1952.

          Nor has that Bastille of Political Correctness Quebec been spared.
          Winter storm warning in effect Tuesday 09 December 2014… A major low pressure system is tracking up the east American seaboard today. A total of 20 to 30 centimetres (7.9″ to 11.8″) of snow with gusts between 70 and 80 km/h (43.5 to 49.7 mph) are expected. The combination of heavy snow and winds will significantly reduce visibilities during several hours. Snow could become mixed with ice pellets…

          If Piers Corbyn is correct, the UK is going to get slammed too.
          “The massive storm now heading for Britain and Ireland 9/10th bringing blizzard conditions for most parts and damaging gales or storms in all parts is essentially our top active period 5-8th extended a day or two. This will then develop to set up the more Northerly VERY SEVERE SNOW AND BLIZZARD BLAST WITH EXTREME COLD AND GALES from Friday 12th to Tue 16th . This was always forecast by WeatherAction (from 100 days ahead with detail 27 days ahead). “This will probably be the most extreme 5 days of snow blizzards and gales in Britain and Ireland for 100 years…

      • Glen Steen there is 50 gigatons of ice melt every summer from the shelves, and 92,000 gigatons of sea ice in the winter. How do you figure 50 gigatons waits around for 6 months and turns into 92,000 gigatons?

        And who cares about 50 gigatons when Antarctica has 27 million gigatons of land ice?

        • Glen Steen says:

          Beep…beep.. another Moron alert…
          Gail Combs :”I swear that bit of propaganda is like a zombie. You put a stake through it and it just keeps coming back.
          The melting of the Antarctic is due to geothermal heat not global warming.” WRONG.

          Seems you failed to read the entire papers…here’s one. “IF the volcano in Antarctica DID ERUPT, it would MELT the bottom of the ice sheet immediately above the vent”. http://www.livescience.com/41262-west-antarctica-new-volcano-discovered.html “The biggest effect on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is still climate change — warming the ocean, melting the ice shelves. That’s the most immediate risk, compared to if a volcano MIGHT go off,” said Hugh Corr, a glaciologist at the British Antarctic Survey.

          From what I’ve read geothermal heat has always been in Antarctica and hasn’t caused melting in the past it is becoming more active now an MAY contribute to ice melt in the future. Again, had it been a problem in the past we would have known about it. “Signs of active and extinct volcanoes pop up all over Antarctica. Ash layers and lava indicate volcanoes spouted while the continent froze during the past 20 million years or more. (An 8,000-year-old ash layer sits above the newly found volcano, but it comes from Mount Waesche, a nearby peak.)” http://www.livescience.com/41262-west-antarctica-new-volcano-discovered.html

          This a perfect example of deniers cherry picking information to suit their cause. A new volcano was found NOT geothermal activity was found, that’s been known for a long time and it is NOT melting the ice sheet. You selected the title ‘New volcano found in the Antarctic” and assumed it’s melting the ice. It’s an IF, When scenario.

          “NASA of course is going to blame it on global warming because those are the orders from the White House. However that makes little sense.” A great move to go along with the rest of the world’s research. And George W. stopped all research on global warming as he thought it would hurt his and Mr. Cheney’s oil business. That makes a lot more sense.

          Gail your examples of extreme WEATHER are predicted by global warming. Weather is NOT climate. Did you forget to read…. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/03/2014-hottest-year-wmo-warning_n_6262934.html http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/03/world/climate-change-report/index.html

          October 2014… http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc/global/

          The World Bank is watching… “Extreme weather because of global warning could become the new climate normal, increasing the risk of world instability, the World Bank warns in a new report released Sunday.” http://www.weather.com/science/environment/news/extreme-weather-global-warming-world-bank-report more info http://mashable.com/2014/09/29/global-warming-making-heat-waves-some-droughts-more-common-studies-find/

          “But instead you just attacked “The Deniers” Yes I attack the deniers because they cherry pick data, use obscure data, don’t read peer reviewed studies,publish misleading information, attack organization i.e. IPCC as a political organization…which it is not , it “reviews and assesses the most recent scientific, technical and socio-economic information produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of climate change”(DP). “While climate denialists like to make believe the IPCC is some sort of political behemoth created to push some agenda, this characterization couldn’t be further from the truth.IPCC staff are actually very few in number (about 10 people). The work of summarizing the state-of-the-science is done by thousands of scientists who volunteer their time to compile, review, and assess the tens of thousands of peer reviewed and related publications and studies. These scientists generally are academics at universities or at scientific agencies such as NASA and NOAA in the US, and their counterparts in countries all over the world. It takes several years to summarize the data for each report” (DP) Credible experts in their fields.What do you think the IPCC is? Even though we will be entering the Republican Political Dark Ages of Climate Change study, hopefully the IPCC will continue to function without the support of expertise in the US as I am sure denier Senator ‘Religious Right’ Inhofe will try to stop the America input. Inhofe doesn’t understand the scientific method or the peer review process, most creationists/Republicans do not..

          Gail why do I owe Steve/Tony an apology?.He is a denier, writes misleading information as all run-of-the mill deniers do, cherry picks data as you do. If I implied he was a creationist and he is not, I apologize for that.Wouldn’t want to saddle anyone who is not with that title, apology goes to you as well. A sincere apology.

          Gail said… “So quit attacking the messenger.” The messenger is attack because the messenger has dropped 90% of the messages and lost most of the contents of the messages that are delivered.

          Gail said… “The Global Warming scam is a trillion dollar business…” A conspiracy theory that you believe? Of course any good entrepreneur would look at the green industry the same way they looked at oil when it became available. (All the American manufacturing have gone to china.) Fossil fuels has passed it’s usefulness, they are doing more harm than good. ExxonMobil has recognized it! Now, being a very large American corporation with no morals they may now have a vested interest in green energy as they did with supporting/paying for all the denier crap. Big corporations are corrupt with their own interests – money- above everything else. We need green energy, as oil supplies start to run out, we won’t be able to afford it. Wouldn’t it be great to tell OPEC to shove it? They are certainly creating havoc on the American economy now. I’d much rather have a solar cell than oil from fracking, a very dangerous procedure… won’t go there!

          Ms Combs said… “Nah, Glen Steen isn’t a nut case he is a parasite frantically trying to make sure he keeps his place at the government tit.” Doh… Wrong again, retired from the health field. I won’t even try to classify you…lol! A question, How can an agnostic be a Republican? They were mutually exclusive! A scientist working in DC wouldn’t waste his/her time responding to deniers. It’s the same old same old methods used by all deniers. I have the time!

          Was going to sign this the Moron, but that has a mental health connotation. We shouldn’t belittle mental health issues. I know that leaves me open to many comments, way too easy, but if there are any, I will consider where they are coming from and treat them with the disdain they deserve!

        • Glen Steen says:

          Morgan … The total amount of loss averaged 83 gigatons per year (91.5 billion U.S. tons). By comparison, Mt. Everest weighs about 161 gigatons, meaning the Antarctic glaciers lost an amount of water weight equivalent to Mt. Everest every two years over the last 21 years.

          The rate of loss accelerated an average of 6.1 gigatons (6.7 billion U.S. tons) per year since 1992.

          During the period when the four observational techniques overlapped, the melt rate increased an average of 16.3 gigatons per year — almost three times the rate of increase for the full 21-year period. The total amount of loss was close to the average at 84 gigatons”.

          The ice melts all year long as the oceans are warmer and increased current speed increases the melt.

        • Gail Combs says:

          I have already given you papers that show the melting is due to geothermal not Global Warming.

          Here are two more papers that say the Antarctic is NOT MELTING
          Zwally, H. Jay; Li, Jun; Robbins, John; Saba, Jack L.; Yi, Donghui; Brenner, Anita; Bromwich, David (2012) Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses

          Frezzotti, M., Scarchilli, C., Becagli, S., Proposito, M., and Urbini S. (2013) A synthesis of the Antarctic surface mass balance during the last 800 yr The Cryosphere, 7, 303-319, doi:10.5194/tc-7-303-2013
          Discussion Paper: http://www.the-cryosphere-discuss.net/6/821/2012/tcd-6-821-2012.html
          “…. a clear increase in accumulation of more than 10% has occurred in high SMB coastal regions and over the highest part of the East Antarctic ice divide since the 1960s….”

          Using 67 firn/ice core records spread across Antarctica to reconstruct the last 800 years the second paper shows the Surface Mass Balance (SMB) is more likely to have been increasing over the last century. According to the paper, Antarctic surface ice mass is presently growing by 2100 gigatons per year. Note the correlation of the smoothed average of the Surface Mass Balance (SMB (orange line) with Total Solar Irradiance (green line).

          H/T to Jo Nova

        • Glen Steen says:

          “…in the last 100 years, the Earth’s temperature has reversed a long-term cooling trend that began around 5000 years ago to become near the warmest temperatures during the last 11,000 years. Furthermore, climate models predict that the Earth’s temperature will exceed the warmest temperatures of the Holocene by 2100, regardless of which greenhouse gas emission scenario is used [6].” http://www.antarcticglaciers.org

          The “new” volcano hasn’t been active for at least 8,000 yrs and possibly not for 10’s or 100’s of thousands of years. Geothermic heat in Antarctica has been known for years. It has been there for 20 million years. It is caused by 2 tectonic plates meeting as they do around the Pacific ring of fire. It hasn’t just shown up. “It is important to note that none of this research suggests that global warming and climate change are not affecting the ice sheets of Antarctica but they do imply that any melting due to global warming is being exacerbated by geothermal heating from beneath the ice cap.” http://www.reportingclimatescience.com/news-stories/article/second-paper-geothermal-heat-melting-west-antarctica.html

          I will give you that there is some melting under the glacier but the major melting is from the warming ocean. “Fears that this part of the West Antarctic ice sheet may be on the brink of collapse as a result of global warming were fuelled in May when three separate research papers highlighted the extent of the melting that was taking place.” http://www.reportingclimatescience.com

          “A major study published in Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) from a team led by Eric Rignot, of the University of California Irvine and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, reported that “nothing can stop” a section of the Amundsen Sea sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet from melting into the sea. http://www.reportingclimatescience.com

          A second paper published by US journal Science and written by a team led by Ian Joughin of the Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington,Seattle, claimed that a collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet around the Thwaites Glacier “is already underway”. http://www.reportingclimatescience.com

          While a third paper published in GRL reported that three years of observations from the European Space Agency (ESA) CryoSat satellite showed that the Antarctic ice sheet is now losing 159 billion tonnes of ice each year – twice as much as when it was last surveyed.” We are talking the glaciers in West Antarctic. The Eastern Antarctic ice sheet is growing as Global Warming is causing heavier snow falls in the eastern Antarctic . http://www.reportingclimatescience.com

          “models predict that, for a generally warmer climate, snowfall will increase over Antarctica7. Surface melt will increase around the more northerly Antarctic Peninsula, and dynamic changes such as increased ice discharge12, ice-shelf collapse and grounding line recession13, and marine ice-sheet instability are likely to offset any increases in precipitation7. However, if no dynamical ice response is assumed, then increases in snowfall over the entire continent of 6-16% to 2100 AD and 8-25% to 2200 AD are likely to result in a drop in sea level of 20-43 mm in 2100 and 73-163 in 2200, compared with today14. However, it is more likely that the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets will lose mass over the next century, with rapid coastal changes, increases in ice flow and ice-shelf collapse all likely4. As a result of these complex expected changes, there are a number of uncertainties in past, present and future ice sheet mass balance.” http://www.antarcticglaciers.org/glaciers-and-climate/antarctic-ice-sheet-surface-mass-balance/

          So we agree that the eastern Antarctic Ice Sheet will be growing. You do not agree that the Western Fields are in danger. Research has shown that they are. I really hope you read this. http://www.antarcticglaciers.org/glaciers-and-climate/glacier-recession/glaciers-and-climate-change/

          “Warming over the Antarctic Peninsula is exacerbated by a strengthening of the Antarctic Oscillation, which is a periodic strengthening and weakening of the tropospheric westerlies that surround Antarctica5. Changing pressure patterns result in flow anomalies, with cooling over East Antarctica and warming over the Antarctic Peninsula.” (www.AntarcticGlaciers.org0 You win that one, the Eastern Ice Sheet is growing. This debate has taught me something, thank you. I concentrated on the melting in the Peninsula. Perhaps the scientists should distinguish between the east growing and the west melting.

          “But how unusual is this warmth? Ice core records provide a longer-term perspective on climate over the past four glacial cycles or longer6. The ice-core record indicates that carbon dioxide and temperature co-varied over the last 400 thousand years, which suggests a close link between these ‘greenhouse gases’ and temperature. Ice core records show that methane and carbon dioxide atmospheric concentrations are higher than at any point in the last 650,000 years.” http://www.AntarcticGlaciers.org


          “Ice shelves are warmed from below, and the ice shelves around Pine Island Glacier are thinning and receding. The thinning of these ice shelves may limit their ability to buttress the flow of ice from the interior of the ice sheet. Pritchard et al. (2012) say in their paper in Nature (Figure 6) that melting from the base of ice shelves is the primary driver of Antarctic Ice Sheet ice loss, by reducing the buttressing capability of the ice shelves. The rapid thinning of the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf is caused by warm oceanic water at depth that reaches the underside of ice shelves by travelling along troughs on the continental shelf.”www.AntarcticGlaciers.org

          “Global sea levels are currently rising at a rate of about 3 mm per year7. The contribution from the Antarctic Peninsula is −41.5 Gt yr−1 36, although a recent study refines this to -34 Gt yr-1 37. King et al. calculate that the Antarctic Ice Sheet as a whole currently contributes about 0.19 mm±0.05 mm per year to global sea level rise, which is largely from the Antarctic Peninsula, the Amundsen Sea sector (including Pine Island Glacier), and which is partly balanced by increased ice accumulation in East Antarctica.” http://www.AntarcticGlaciers.org

          Please read http://www.antarcticglaciers.org/glaciers-and-climate/glacier-recession/glaciers-and-climate-change/ FYI This website was written by Dr Bethan Davies from Royal Holloway, University of London, as part of an ongoing commitment to education, outreach and impact.

          Doesn’t seem to be any trillion dollar scam associated with this site. He looks all the research.

  2. cheshirered says:

    Clearly the most egregious denier-esque cherry-picking. You can’t just go spouting facts like this, man. That’s not how this climate-skulduggery malarkey works. Smoke, mirrors, deceit, mis-direction – that’s how it’s done. Get with the program. Quoting facts indeed – pah!

  3. Sparks says:

    That really does look like an orbital signal.. If this wasn’t about “global warming” something like this would be considered ground breaking… I’m still amazed by it..

  4. MatsB says:

    Gail, shazaam, your exchange above reminds me of a Frank Zappa song:
    Watch out where the huskies go and don’t you……;-)
    (sorry, I know it is low and off topic, just could not resist:-)

  5. Beale says:

    How long until the Arctic is ice-free, according to the infallible Gore?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Tthe infallible Gore? In 6 months or so. Some geologists? In about 125,000 years.

      • They are all wrong. Climate scientist and minister Glen Steen forecasts a complete Antarctic ice sheet melt in 70-100 years, with Arctic and Greenland shortly thereafter, followed by a chicken coop cleanout.

        • Anything is possible says:

          Glen Steen appears to be a complete and utter nutcase, which means he is probably a high-ranking official with the United Nations.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Nah, Glen Steen isn’t a nut case he is a parasite frantically trying to make sure he keeps his place at the government tit. After all The Global Warming scam is a trillion dollar business so there are a heck of a lot of people out there with a vested interest in keeping the scam alive.

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