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The Global Warming End Game

If Obama gets his climate pact, look for fake NCDC warming to magically diminish or disappear. This is all about Obama getting credit for saving the planet.

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CO2 As A Coolant

The greenhouse effect near the surface is completely dominated by water vapor, but in the upper atmosphere there is little water vapor – so the greenhouse effect is dominated by CO2, which radiates out into space and cools the planet.

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Fall/Winter Snow Cover Rapidly Expanding For The Past 35 Years

Contrary to the nonsense forecast and reported by climate experts, the amount of fall/winter snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere has been rapidly expanding. This is due to increased intrusion of cold Arctic air, which is spreading further south. Rutgers … Continue reading

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Arctic Gives The Finger To Nobel Laureate

We are just one week away from the Al Gore Nobel Prize winning ice-free Arctic forecast, and Arctic sea ice extent is at a record high for the past decade, and rising at record pace. COI | Centre for Ocean and … Continue reading

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Another Alarmist Icon Bites The Dust

One of the favorite global warming scams was the “Hudson Bay freezes over later than it used to, threatening Polar Bears” scam. The Hudson Bay will be frozen over about two weeks earlier than normal this year.

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The Horrors Of A Warm Climate

Yesterday morning I was playing water polo and enjoying the warmth of the happy, friendly indigenous people who live in the overheated Yucatan Peninsula. This morning I was enjoying the company of angry, frustrated, frozen Marylanders stuck in a massive … Continue reading

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November North American Snow Cover Increases To An All-Time Record

Contrary to the lies and forecasts of climate experts, November snow extent has been increasing and was at an all-time record high this year. This was due to a widespread intrusion of cold air at latitudes further south than normal. … Continue reading

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