Fall/Winter Snow Cover Rapidly Expanding For The Past 35 Years

Contrary to the nonsense forecast and reported by climate experts, the amount of fall/winter snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere has been rapidly expanding. This is due to increased intrusion of cold Arctic air, which is spreading further south.

ScreenHunter_4883 Dec. 03 07.33

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab


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2 Responses to Fall/Winter Snow Cover Rapidly Expanding For The Past 35 Years

  1. emsnews says:

    Hey, a hockey stick graph!

    Actually, all Ice Ages are hockey stick moments…downwards.

  2. DavidS says:

    That linked database is useful. For the Northern Hemisphere as a whole, the linear trend for November is slightly up but not significantly with p at .178. December trend is up significantly with p at .023. January is basically flat with p at .448. February is very flat with p at .96 and March is trending down with p at .029.

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