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Records & Adjustments

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By Paul Homewood?? ? While the Met Office tell us that that global temperatures for 2014 are running 0.01C above the previous record (with an error margin of 0.1C!), we…

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The Colorado Pot Boom

Between legalizing marijuana and fracking, Colorado is experiencing a massive growth boom. Fascist New York on the other hand is losing population by the droves. We fought a revolution to escape government oppression.

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Increase In Racial Tensions In My Neighborhood Under Barack Obama

When I first moved to my dominantly black neighborhood in Columbia, MD during 2011, everyone got along extremely well with essentially no racial tensions. But over the past six months, I have observed a strong uptick in harassment by groups … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Continues Its Move Back To The 35 Year Mean

Arctic sea ice extent is the highest in a decade, and in a few days will be near or at the 35 year mean. This story will not be covered by any of the criminals in government or the mainstream media … Continue reading

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