Increase In Racial Tensions In My Neighborhood Under Barack Obama

When I first moved to my dominantly black neighborhood in Columbia, MD during 2011, everyone got along extremely well with essentially no racial tensions. But over the past six months, I have observed a strong uptick in harassment by groups of black male teenagers, to the point that I go out of my way to avoid the places where they hang out.

This is the inevitable consequence of the endless race-baiting and blaming white people by the president of the US.

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29 Responses to Increase In Racial Tensions In My Neighborhood Under Barack Obama

  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    You have in the past expressed the view that you felt safe there. I was tempted to tell you then not to feel so confident. Your position in a majority black nieghborhood is dangerous. It was dangerous 6 months ago but now it is simply more obvious to you. Just like George Zimmerman who felt safe with blacks it took an incident where some big black man was sitting on his chest going full MMA on him for him to realize that many/most blacks harbor racist feelings towards whites and it doesn’t take much for them to feel justified in unleashing those feelings.

  2. Latitude says:

    …and entitled to hurt you

  3. philjourdan says:

    And sadly, it will get worse until the race shysters are gone.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    I too have noticed racial tension has again reared its ugly head. When I first moved here to NC twenty years ago. I saw little or no racism. Since I do kids parties I notice whether the invitees are mixed or homogeneous. Whether the parents are mixed. I found far less racism and a lot more mixing including marriages here in “The South” then I ever did in that bastille of extreme leftism, Boston. Come to think of it, in fifteen years in Boston I do not recall even one mixed race marriage.

    Unfortunately since Obama has become president racial tension is again showing. More so since the Zimmerman case.

    Tony If I were you I would consider a move. 99% of your neighbors can be fine people but all it takes is a bunch of crazy teens led by one idiot to badly hurt or kill that F…K White Dude.

  5. KTM says:

    When Candidate Obama was electrifying crowds, he presented himself as someone that could reduce racial tensions, bring people of all races together, and mediate racial harmony through open communication. His books centered around racial themes, and many on the left believed he was some sort of racial zen master with all the answers. I think many voters viewed electing Obama as a small price to pay to bury the racial tensions of the past once and for all.

    But from the very beginning he has bungled every chance to provide that type of leadership on race. He now says that he doesn’t comment on judicial cases, but within months of taking office he was weighing in on how the police “behaved stupidly” when they arrested a black man with no identification trying to break into his own house. He tried to mediate that by holding the “Beer Summit” at the White House, only after criticizing the police without knowing all the facts of the case.

    When a scientific review of funded grants found that black scientists were awarded grants at a lower rate than other races, Obama’s head of the NIH stated that there must be inherent racism in science, so woven into the fabric of the system that nobody could even see how it was there. He didn’t mention that asian scientists, latino scientists, native american scientists, etc, all received grants at the average rates, or why NIH racists would single out just black scientists for the discrimination. He even suggested that the entire merit-award system might be inherently racist. I’m surprised he didn’t suggest that all grants be written in Ebonics for the next 20 years to “level the playing field”. This administration is a caricature of the worst kind of race hustlers.

    Then of course with Trayvon Martin, he spoke out as President to say that “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”. So what? Eric Holder talks about how he was pulled over by a cop and felt racially profiled. So what?

    Now after Michael Brown, they instigate a federal investigation, and when it comes time to discuss the ongoing protests nobody is allowed a seat at the table to represent the businesses being torched or the non-rioters that feel threatened by the non-stop protests.

    Obama has failed in every way possible, and has done more damage to race relations than anyone since the Southern Democrats that were turning dogs and firehoses on people.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Well said!

      Those are my feeling exactly. I had hoped that with the election of Obama, racism was dead and buried once and for all. No such luck.

      Worse Obama’s bumbling only reinforces the white racist’s view that blacks can’t do anything right… A Soap Opera Queen as an Ambassador to a country she knows nothing about? ….Tsunis, a guy who insulted Norway left and right is Obama’s pick as Ambassador to Norway?….

      Pirate’s Cove has a list of people who Obama has insulted:

      It is a LOOooong list.

      And that isn’t even any of the real blunders. That’s just the housekeeping stuff a President should be well schooled in.

      • Dave G says:

        Messiah’s can’t be bothered with housekeeping.

      • _Jim says:

        I had hoped that with the election of Obama, racism was dead and buried once and for all.

        Brain dead; you must not be CAPABLE of taking-in or absorbing any and all that was uncovered and revealed about this clown BEFORE he was elected. You are not near as perceptive as you assume and or make yourself out to be …

    • Scott says:

      “But from the very beginning he has bungled every chance”
      I dont think so, his intent was to divide and conquer, get out the black vote. Keep everyone off balance to make the most of the situation.

  6. redc1c4 says:

    “…to the point that I go out of my way to avoid the places where they hang out.”

    that’s racist.


    • mkelly says:

      If I remember correctly Jesse Jackson said somewhat the same thing about a group of black kids walking down the street in that he would cross the street. But if the group was white he would not.

    • Scott says:

      “I have observed a strong uptick in harassment by groups of black male teenagers, to the point that I go out of my way to avoid the places where they hang out.”

      How is that any more racist than avoiding a restaurant that gives poor service or bad food?

  7. Considering that Obama was raised in Indonesia, he is neither black nor white so is racially neutral.

    • Scott says:

      What does being raised somewhere have to do with your race? If I was raised in Africa I would still be white. Technically he is mulatto, however his father and step father were muslim, so very likely he should be considered muslim.

      Mulatto is a term used to refer to a person who is born from one white parent and one black parent, or more broadly, a person of any proportion of significant European and African ancestry. In the broadest sense, it is applied to persons of black and white ancestry.

  8. Owen says:

    Obama and Holder use racism to hide behind. Every time they are criticized by a white person they yell “Racism.” The white person is intimidated and lots of times shuts up.

    Obama is the worst president EVER.

    I must be a racist for saying that. (sarcasm) And no, I won’t shut up. The worst president, EVER. America is paying dearly for electing this clown. The incompetence is staggering.

    • Robertv says:

      I disagree , He is not a clown and is certainly not incompetent. He is doing the job he gets paid for nearly in a perfect way.

      He even told the people what was coming their way.That most people misinterpreted his words is not his fault. But don’t think we would have been better of with the republican candidate.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Do some reading about other presidents in history before you say that. He is ONE of the worst presidents ever. Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR come immediately to mind, along with Jimmy Carter. They all have one thing in common. They all had the disease of Progressivism. Things haven’t reached the level of the second administration of Wilson, where his wife was forging his signature on bills because he was too debilitated to sign them himself.

    • Robertv says:

      Congress is poised to give a foreign mining company 2,400 acres of national forest in Arizona that is cherished ancestral homeland to Apache natives. Controversially, the measure is attached to annual legislation that funds the US Defense Department.

      Resolution Copper, a subsidiary of the Australian-English mining company Rio Tinto, which co-owns with Iran a uranium mine in Africa and which is 10-percent-owned by China.

      Arizona Sen. John McCain was instrumental in adding to the NDAA the land deal that had been pursued by Rio Tinto for a decade, according to HuffPo

      • Truthseeker says:

        I just love the US Congress and the way it takes on completely unrelated items to a piece of legislation. Here is a law for X (annual funding of the US defence department) but we will include this Y (change land use to allow mining) so that you cannot block Y because that will also stop X.

        Congress has to be an integrity free zone to even allow this as a concept.

  9. shazaam says:

    Well, the fine folks in North Dakota have decided to memorialize the laughingstock-in-chief’s presidency in the best way possible. (my opinion)

    They have named a landfill after him.

    With that, I see no reason for a “presidential library” after his term is over. That landfill is the perfect memorial for Obama’s term of incompetence / office.

    • shazaam says:

      As much as I enjoyed that story, turns out, it was just that. A story. As in a parody.

      Still, I’d love to see other landfills named in honor of the liar-in-chief.

  10. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    I agree that Obama himself is causing this — just one aspect of his divide and conquer so he can complete his plan for us — What ever it is?

  11. gofer says:

    A few years ago, I was attacked by a group of black teens while visiting a nursing home. They were hanging out by the dumpster and started yelling racial slurs about whitey. I ignored them while walking to the car until they started coming at me. I made it inside the car while they proceeded to kick the car, denting it, all the while yelling racial threats. It forever made me wary of young black people. There also was another incident in SC that could have got me killed.

    There are many adult blacks that would love to see a crack-down. It was actually blacks who pushed for tough sentences on crack because the crime was destroying the neighborhood. They live in fear of snitching. The Brown witnesses are now living in fear. 34% of blacks agreed with the Brown decision. That leaves a lot living in denial.

    Why does it seem “black lives matter” only when they die… the hands of a cop? They should matter before it comes to that. As long as some continue to graduate with only 7-8th grade abilities, it will continue to be self-perpetuating. There is also mass paranoia because, too many, have been taught or learned that whites look down on them and they cannot succeed because of institutionalized-racism. Having worked in such a position, I can say that employers are begging for good qualified blacks. They need some positive models, not the likes of Sharpton who goes broke when blacks stop feeling oppressed.

  12. Smokey says:

    The most destructive aspect of Obama is his constant flogging of Tribalism. You see it everywhere. Holder is even worse. Tribalism divides America. That’s what Obama wants.

    And don’t underestimate him. Despite his enormous faults, he is a clever conniver.

    On a lighter note:




    Tony, ya better pack — one way or another. Knowhatimean?

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