The Colorado Pot Boom

Between legalizing marijuana and fracking, Colorado is experiencing a massive growth boom. Fascist New York on the other hand is losing population by the droves.

We fought a revolution to escape government oppression.

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25 Responses to The Colorado Pot Boom

  1. dmmcmah says:

    And in New York you can get arrested by 6 cops for selling cigarettes on the street.

      • Gail Combs says:


      • _Jim says:

        Unfortunately, neither party ‘won’ this one; an individual cops an attitude that just because he’s much larger and is going to fight the poh-leece is just … flat-out stupid.

        What was really behind all this? The govt grab for tax dollars .. if cigs weren’t so outrageously expensive, there wouldn’t be black markets for “loose-ys” and the shop keepers in the area selling cigs would NEVER have called the cops in the first place since there wouldn’t have been a market for .”loose-ys” …

        Think beyond your own first knee-jerk reactions, people.


    • philjourdan says:

      The new Jim crow areas are all north of the Mason Dixon line.

    • Dave1billion says:

      My wife and our very liberal friend were in New York City a few weeks back and our friend was smoking a cigarette in Central Park.

      A woman jogged nearby, saw her smoking, went out of her way to go over to her, and literally screamed at her about how this was illegal and she should be arrested. She had no idea that smoking in the park was prohibited.

      They tried hard not to laugh but our friend put out the cigarette. When they got back I told her that those were her people that were passing such laws. She didn’t have much of a comeback for that.

      • dmmcmah says:

        Well that’s right, “progressives” want to control every aspect of life, controlling what individuals can and cannot do. And its a never ending list. Once something is put into law, like banning smoking in public, then they move onto some new thing they want to control. They want to control how you live your life but also what kinds of economic choices you have, and this will eventually extend to what kind of house you can live in and what kind of vehicle you can drive, and how far (which is where global warming alarmism fits in). It happens at all levels of government-not just with the feds. Local ordinances put all kinds of controls on people that the “founding fathers” would have judged tyrannical. The progressive program has been in action for more than 100 years and its going to be hard if not impossible to roll back.

        • KTM says:

          The biggest problem I have is liberals that get all these laws passed, then move away from their utopian society to flyover country and start the process all over again.

          I lived in Houston for years, and my oldest child attended a magnet school for music that was really phenomenal. They had professional musicians with Masters degrees on staff teaching Kindergarteners how to play violin and cello. They had two half-hour individual lessons during school time every week and daily group lessons. By the time they were in 5th or 6th grade the students were phenomenal, and the concerts they would put on were stunning.

          We moved to Utah, and the music programs are truly pathetic. Our local school is outstanding academically, but the music program is a joke. We sent our oldest to the Utah equivalent of an Art magnet where they have a much better music program. The Houston 1st and 2nd graders put on a better concert than the Utah 7th and 8th graders.

          The difference is that in Houston we were paying property taxes of $2,000 per year just to the schools, with another $1,500 on top of that for other items. And that was on a tiny condo. In Utah we own a house worth 4-5x more than our Houston condo and pay less than $1,000 in taxes for the schools, and far less for the rest of the property taxes as well. I imagine that if we owned this same house in Houston our school taxes would have been $5,000+ per year.

          I would love to have a top notch music program here like we had in Utah, but I’m not willing to pay the $4,000 extra per year for it. I can see someone from a big city moving to Utah and saying “We must have all the perks we had before”, but it’s not fair to impose those views onto every other person in society. If they liked the perks, move back.

        • dmmcmah says:

          I don’t think there is a direct correlation between property tax levels or spending per pupil at school and outcomes. In fact there isn’t any evidence to show that higher spending on education produces much of anything. I am not sure why Houston is so much better at music.

        • Robertv says:


          “I imagine that if we owned this same house in Houston our school taxes would have been $5,000+ per year.”

          Maybe you own the house but you rent the ground it is standing on. Whenever you pay a tax it means it’s not yours.

  2. KTM says:

    I’m in favor of less global/national control and more state/local control. But it should work both ways. If states want the federal and global governments out of the business of enforcing drug laws, they should allow the states to decide how to handle abortion, marriage, immigration, alcohol, gambling, prostitution, religious expression, environmental laws, etc.

    Not that they should all be approved, but that some states could be completely hands-off and others could completely clamp down without the national government meddling with them. That and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution would go a long way toward securing freedom for ourselves and our posterity.

  3. emsnews says:

    Cigarettes don’t simply kill the smokers they kill lots of bystanders. Huge reason: these things are made to stay hot for a long, long time so you don’t have to relight these and this is why they cause so many fires which have killed a huge number of people over the last 100 years.

  4. NancyG says:

    Cigs in NY are over $11 a pack and about half of that is taxes. They were a little over $5 a pack in PA but are starting to go up there too but only to $7-ish a pack. Officials will tell you the taxes are to get people to quit but they know damned well the smokers are addicted and many will continue to buy them. Its just a tax scam like the recent Cam Scam in Nassau County, NY.

    Officials (supposedly) wanted to increase safety around schools so they implemented cameras outside schools and anyone going over 20 mph between 7 am and 6 pm got an $80 ticket. So many people complained and said it’s just another money grab that the county is doing away with the program. They admitted that now they won’t have enough funds to meet their budget, so it was a money grab after all. The downside is they’re talking about raising property taxes.

  5. NancyG says:

    Oops, forgot that I wanted to add that the Obama administration wanted to tax gasoline to raise it to $10-$15 a gallon to get people to drive less. Taxes are thought of now as a means to control people and we are powerless to stop it.

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