Climate Genius #2 For The Day

It is always fascinating conversing about climate

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62 Responses to Climate Genius #2 For The Day

  1. Tom In Indy says:

    4 statements of “fact”, although one is based on make-believe data.

  2. Ron C. says:

    Yes, US is not the world. And look, there’s no warming in the tropics or the Southern Hemisphere:

  3. Tom In Indy says:

    You could also say that since 2000, there are 7 hotter years and 7 colder years. (If I am looking at RSS correctly.)

    At what point do “facts” stop reflecting reality and become fantasy?

    • Ron C. says:

      I seem to remember Moses came to the same analysis in Egypt (by way of a dream).
      So RSS is confirmed. (insert happy face)

  4. Justa Joe says:

    How I hate that libtard passive aggressive “USA is not the world” schtick

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Hey Tony, your opening statement said specifically “in the US”, to which David Appelby responds that it has been the hottest year on record. Apparently Mr. Appleby is the one who does not know the difference between the US and the world. I give him a failing grade for reading comprehension.

    • Billy Liar says:

      I’d give him a passing grade for being a tw*t.

    • Fallon says:

      One would THINK that a feller who referred to himself as David Appleby Esq. [aka “Lawyer/Counselor/Officer of the Court/learned-one], would understand the grammatical relationships of referents

      He seemed to miss on that jump..

  6. hell_is_like_newark says:

    Half the battle now is just refuting the made-up data from the government. I am sure there are more than one climate guy on the wrong end of the government position that feels a bit like Galileo did. The big difference it is only his career that gets murdered.

  7. emsnews says:

    They make things up and then the US media bellows these lies to the rest of us.

    But most people realize it is COLD and has been for quite a while. No one thinks this was the hottest year ever.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I ask everyone how they like their global warming. and usually get a grumble. So far I have run into only one person who actually believes the crap.

  8. Sparks says:

    So is the Tornado season in the US a global event now? they really don’t see it do they!

    • emsnews says:

      Tornadoes are nearly unheard of on most of the planet outside of the US. Also, the worst glaciation during all the Ice Ages was North America, not Siberia and certainly not Africa.

      • nielszoo says:

        I hate it but here’s the line from Wikipedia:

        Strong and destructive tornadoes form most frequently in the United States, Bangladesh, and Eastern India, but they can occur almost anywhere under the right conditions. Tornadoes also appear regularly in neighboring southern Canada during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer season, and somewhat regularly in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

        • emsnews says:

          The tornadoes in Europe, etc. are usually less than a F2. In the US, it is up to F5 and far far more frequently.

      • Sparks says:

        Regional Tornadoes are still seasonal tho. if earths axial tilt remained in winter equinox how many Tornadoes would there be in the northern hemisphere, more or less?

      • emsnews, you are right Tornadoes is a USA term probably coming from the Spanish language (I understand there are many Latinos in the southern part of USA). In Australia for large systems they are called cyclones and are given names (such as Tracey which flattened Darwin on Christmas 1974 or Lucy a couple of years ago which did huge damage along the Queensland coast over a front of close to 500km- much bigger than any or your Tornadoes). For small systems they are called whirlwinds or willi willis while out in the ocean they are called water spouts. In the Phillipines and Taiwan they talk about Typhoons. I think China uses a similar term to Typhoon (meaning big wind). These can have a small front destroying a small island of a few kms across or have a large front destroying regions.
        Normally the wider the front the lower the strength category but cyclone Lucy was an exception – a category 3 with wind speeds between 180 and 210 km/hr over a large front.
        (Cyclone Tracey was a category 4 with peak winds over 240 k/hr)

      • Stephen Richards says:

        the UK has more tonados/km²/yr than the US.

  9. Yeah but [insert strawman here]…

  10. Frank K. says:

    Note that the claim for the “warmest year” is entirely based on sea surface temperatures. And of course we know the global sea surface temperatures with extreme precision and accuracy all the way back to 1880. Err…right???

  11. edk says:

    I like data from blue hills observatory in Boston, pure readings not changed. Over 120 years pretty

  12. edk says: it is only Boston but why would Boston not warm

    • Sparks says:

      Regional temperature variations follow how the planetary orbits interact over time and Solar Cycle activity, they do this very well even with UHI and “data tampering”, looking at one half of a sine wave in the data like that and attributing a cause to it is dumb, where as astronomers and physicists have been plotting these sign-waves for centuries and understand they go up and down due these major factors.. If you expect a natural sine-wave in nature to suddenly change into a type of “hockystick” or an incline without no decline.. put your own money where your mouth is. simples..

  13. Stephen Richards says:

    Is Appleby the asshole Appel ? That would explain the stupidity, lack of reading ability and the religious ferver.

    • Ben Vorlich says:

      Hasn’t he lost the discussion in two ways.

      First Steve clearly says in the US

      Second, and more importantly, a warming world was supposed to produce more Hurricanes, Typhoons and tornadoes along with rain, drought and floods. Of theses Hurricanes, Typhoons and tornadoes have reduced and the rest stayed pretty much at historical levels.

    • nielszoo says:

      1st thing I thought of as well… it’s in line with his usual schtick and obfuscation.

    • Gail Combs says:

      No, MONEY. Appell is a paid writer

      Scientific American: Stories by David Appell

  14. Chip Bennett says:

    Fascinating, yes.

    But played out ad nauseum, that’s why I don’t engage such people. They refuse to debate logically.

  15. Robert Austin says:

    Not the hottest in either satellite record. And why in the tortuously adjusted surface temperature records does the heat usually arise where there are no thermometers?

  16. Ron C. says:

    As yes, the adjustments continue:

  17. Fraud is not science. See Lysenko, Darwin, Lamarck, Houston Chamberlain, Haeckel, Piltdown Man, the Hockey Schtick, Martians, Solarians, Venusians….all consensus science at one point and hammered into the brains of the peasantry as facts by absolutist powers.

  18. exmaschine says:

    LMAO! This dolt is a piece of work eh?
    he say’s “one of the hottest” (CLEARLY referring to the U.S., then refers to the ‘globe’ like a blithering idiot) IDK how you deal with these fucking morons…

  19. MrX says:

    This could also be titled “Alarmist moves goalpost. In other news, fire is hot, water is wet.”


  20. Tel says:

    Not the hottest in Australia either.

    Tricky things those global averages, always hiding in the last place you look. Never let anyone tell you that climatologists pay close attention to thermometers.

  21. Andy DC says:

    I guess the -60F readings in Siberia don’t count as the world either.

  22. RCM says:

    Let me explain his thinking by rephrasing a tweet I saw at from someone disappointed that the UVA gang rape story is collapsing:

    I can’t state this more emphatically: If Jackie’s story is partially or wholly untrue, it doesn’t validate the reasons for disbelieving her.
    12:44 PM – 5 Dec 2014

    Or in this case:
    I can’t state this more emphatically: If Jackie’s story Climate Changeis partially or wholly untrue, it doesn’t validate the reasons for disbelieving her in it .

    In short: facts have little impact on someone who wants something to be true.

  23. Arguing with Warmists is like trying to nail jelly to the wall!

    • mjc says:

      It’s easy to nail jelly to a wall…all you have to do is FREEZE it first (liquid nitrogen works quite nicely for that).

      • Gail Combs says:

        Can we try the liquid nitrogen on the Warmists? It is even better than tar and feathers!

        • Gail Combs says:

          Tar and feathers is the wrong thing to use because it would make the Warmists even warmer. So lets use Liquid N2 to cool the m off.

  24. sabretoothed says:

    But if USA is hot, then USA is earth 😉

  25. emsnews says:

    Nope, wrong. If SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA is hot then the entire earth is roaring hot, too. And droughts don’t end when it rains a lot, either.

  26. nickreality65 says:

    So the USA is not the globe. How is it then that Mauna Loa Observatory is the galactic center of the universe for earth’s average atmospheric CO2 concentration? Even though the readings are compromised by adjacent volcanic activity. Even though readings at NASA’s tall towers cast some uncertainty on that average. Even though IPCC AR5 TS.6 admits uncertainty about CO2 values over land. Hmmm. MLO must have a good press agent.

    • Peter Yates says:

      Quote: “Even though the readings are compromised by adjacent volcanic activity.”

      According to information supplied by the observatory that statement isn’t correct. ….
      “Every continuous atmospheric trace gas and aerosol measurement made at MLO can be monitored for a Mauna Loa volcanic emissions component.”

      Q: Why is Mauna Loa Observatory such an ideal place to sample the atmosphere?
      A: The observatory is located on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, away from major air pollution sources. MLO also protrudes through the strong marine temperature inversion layer present in the region. This inversion layer acts like a lid and keeps the lower local pollutants below the observatory.
      Q: Does Kilauea volcano affect the measurements?
      A: As mentioned above, the inversion layer [usually] keeps the vog below the observatory.

  27. Justa Joe says:

    Being lemmings warmtards have certain rote responses that they’ve been trained to reply with if a given keyword comes up. If the term USA comes up they reflexively respond with “USA is not the world” no matter the context. Your warmtards love to uncork this cliche because of its latent implication of American xenophobia or ignorance so in their “minds” it’s a two-fer..

  28. anthonyvioli says:

    Good luck with dealing with that nut job Steve, if in fact it is him.

    And also, we need to have a concerted push to stop using anomalies, and just using straight out temps.

    That will stop these criminals changing the baseline every few months.

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