It Is So Hard To Maintain A Fake Narrative These Days

The criminals who run the press corpse and government are having a tough time with their propaganda these days. No one believes their fake Ferguson narrative, their fake global warming narrative, their fake Obama narrative, and now their fake UVA rape narrative.

It was so much easier when they could just lie about things and people believed them.

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30 Responses to It Is So Hard To Maintain A Fake Narrative These Days

  1. Andrew Cone says:

    What difference does anything “Real Science” has to say when the “UN Messenger of Peace” has something to say?

  2. rah says:

    And yet they continue to jump from one “crisis” to another to try to deflect from the actual abysmal state of things and it isn’t working any more even on some of the dullest tools in the shed. Nobody believes the magician and his plants the audience have all been identified.

  3. Andyj says:

    Dunno. Unless the Gubmint fanboiz on Youtube etc. are paid trolls.

  4. philjourdan says:

    UVA, Duke Lacrosse, Lena Dunham, …

    The numbers are growing. I am beginning to doubt any “lurid” rape claims. Seems some are just interested in the 15 minutes of fame, they do not care who is damaged in the process.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Rape is actually quite prevalent especially on college campuses. The students usually handle it themselves.

      One of my caving buddies was in on one bust where a bunch of high school students were hitting the local college’s lovers lane, raping the gal and beating the crap out of the guy. The last time they picked the wrong couple. The guy was the starting quarterback. Your really really do not want to P.O. a big ten college foot ball team.

      My caving buddy, being a shrimp got to play the part of the gal in the baited trap. (He tutored a lot of the players.) The put another quarter back as his “boyfriend” and then stuffed the back seat with full backs. Across the parking lot was a couple vans full of the rest of the team who rode to the ‘rescue’ when the lights were flashed.

      The cops showed up to pick up the pieces after a liesurely interval and the high school kids were very very glad to see the cops. {:>D

  5. Eric Barnes says:

    The UVA rape thing is unbelievable. People so unbalanced running multi billion dollar institutions.
    The UVA President should be fired.

  6. omanuel says:

    Yes, the curtain on the Wizard of Oz is revealing the criminals that run the world government :

    That is real progress after almost 70 years of misplaced trust !

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Any female who goes to a frat party where you KNOW there will be alcohol at the minimum and probably illegals had better be prepared for a ‘wild time’ I was a very sheltered gal of 17 when I went away to college in the 1960s and I certainly knew better than to go to a frat party.

    A girl going to one of those parties, especially going alone without a boy friend needs her head examined.

    You are not going to get rid of the situation either. You are going to have gangs of young guys off home restrictions for the first time and you are going to have idiotic behavior as they cut loose.

    On the other hand the school in not stomping on the guys when the problem was reported was way out of line. The school and the campus police have to walk a fine line and they had better be good at it. UVA was not if what is said is true.

    Just a short note on Females and Freedom. Thanks to woman’s lib females have a lot more freedom now compared to when I was growing up. Therefore we as females have two choices. We either stay under our parents guardianship until married or we are free single adults with all the risks and decisions that entails.

    Just as Tony avoids gangs of teens/young men. Women with any sense avoid situations that will put them in danger. Take a self-defense course, Don’t shop after dark if you can avoid it. If you have to go with friends…

    A female going to a party with strangers and alcohol is a really really stupid move. Ma Nature has a tendency to punish stupid behavior. If you are really stupid and unlucky she hands you a Darwin Award.

    • KTM says:

      If someone is plastered drunk or stoned out of their mind, they have voluntarily placed themselves into a risky situation. They’ve put down their defenses. That doesn’t justify someone taking advantage, but it seems to me that some would rather shame abusers after the fact than implore women to take reasonable precautions so they never become victims in the first place.

      I’d rather have my daughters safe than have to go through something like that and deal with all the consequences, including emotional feelings of shame, remorse, mistrust, etc. Telling a victim that their abuser is 100% responsible for their decisions (which is still true) is small consolation if the situation was avoidable.

      • Gail Combs says:


        As a pedestrian you have the right of way but you are still dead if you are stupid enough to step out in front of a semi doing 65 mph.

        ‘Equal Rights’ doesn’t mean you should disengage your brain.

        My old University has 39,000 students enrolled. What are the chances of some of those male students having a few screws loose especially when you combine teenage testosterone poisoning and alcohol?

        Rape is a heck of a lot more common than most guys realize. Without much thinking I can name a half dozen female friends who were raped. Two were raped by their fathers. So if you do have daughters try to drum safety into their heads and do see to it they get a self defense course.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      We never had those problems at our fraternity parties. As with anywhere else, there was the typical college “hookup” culture. But there were no assaults, no illicit drugs, no taking advantage of singled-out girls. I know, because I was part of security at our parties, and being one who couldn’t care less if I drank, I always volunteered to DD. I would make several cross-town trips nightly to ensure far-beyond-sober girls made it home safely.

      But then, our fraternity was different, our Greek culture was different – heck, our entire school was different. There was a reason that girls came to the other side of town, to our small, private school for parties, instead of staying on their own campus on their side of town.

      But at a large school like UVa? A little wisdom and situational awareness go a long way.

      As for the alleged rape incident: it probably would have taken all of five minutes to determine if the fraternity in question even had a party on the night that the accuser claimed the rape happened. The school didn’t make that effort, and neither did the magazine.

      If only UVa had raised the flag so quickly and publicly concerning Jesse Matthew. I wonder how many young women would still be alive today?

  8. KTM says:

    If you read the actual Rolling Stone “apology” they state that they met with “Campus Rape Activists”, who were very convincing in their support for the accuser. No wonder the media’s credibility is in tatters.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Rape is a very messy area. Unfortunately it is very easy for opportunists to cry rape. Not only does this hurt those they accuse it does long term damage for those who genuinely have been raped. The “She was asking for it”*** is bad enough as it is without false claims muddying the water.

      You could say it is similar to the reputation shredding that is happening thanks to the Climastrologists and other less than honest Psuedoscientists.

      *** I agree that in a perfect world women should not have to think defensively and “She was asking for it” is no excuse for the abuser. Unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world and the sooner females figure that out the better off and safer they are.

  9. annieoakley says:

    It seems to me that alcohol is a lot of the problem. Drinking and getting stinking drunk is expected by everyone including professors and the admin. I have heard stories of girls throwing up on themselves and just being unable to function. Maybe it has always been this way but I don’t remember being out of control encouraged behavior or ‘funny’.

    • Gail Combs says:

      The drinking age was 21 in the state where I went to school. That meant NO ALCOHOL unless you were a grad student. It made it easy for the campus cops or town cops to shut down a rowdy frat party. It also meant the Frat Houses were careful not to let anyone get stinking drunk at a party end up in jail and risk having the entire house shut down as a result.

      (I still wouldn’t go near a Frat house party.)

  10. KTM says:

    I was stuck in an auto repair shop for several hours and they had daytime TV on. Dr. Phil was up first, and the topic was how the prosecutors bungled the Trayvon Martin case. They went on and on about how society is racist because they see a black teenager wearing a hoodie and immediately suspect them of being a criminal or a threat.

    The next show was Katie Couric, and the topic was self defense for women. They asked the audience to raise their hand if they ever saw a man somewhere like a street or a parking garage and felt threatened. The entire audience raised their hand, and then they launched into self defense stuff.

    The dichotomy between what type of prejudices are still allowed and promoted in society and which are not was pretty striking. The media narrative appears to be that it is perfectly justified to be scared of any random male, as long as they aren’t black or wearing a hoodie.

    • Good point. These people are moving backwards.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Anyone who is alone and encounters a gang of teens or young men loitering and possibly looking for trouble is justified in felling threatened. Even a single person can be threatening. Most people are pretty good at picking up on nonverbal clues and as rah said “While only making up a total of 13% of the US population over 46% of all murders in the US are black on black. About 90% of those murders involve black men age 19 to 39 as the victim. In fact the leading cause of death in the US for a black male 30 years old or younger is Homicide.” So the body language of young black males is going to be aggressive.

      The biological imperative of young males past puberty is to stakeout their territory, grab some females and aggressively drive off other males not of the ‘pack’

      Smokey is correct “The most destructive aspect of Obama is his constant flogging of Tribalism”, and the media tossing gasoline on the flames.

      I spent yesterday afternoon at a party with about 20 kids between the ages of 3 and 6 years. About half were boys. Even at that young age the behavioral differences were striking. The boys were more active, more rough and tumble and even starting to compete for who was dominant.

      These comments at a black blog on unwed mothers was illuminating:


      The real issue isn’t that over 70 percent of black mothers “choose” to raise there children as single mothers. I say “choose” because it is a woman’s choice to allow a man who is not her husband to ejaculate inside of her without taking or using contraception. When contraception is not used with a man who is not your husband, you are either consciously or unconsciously making the decision that you are fine with being a single mother.

      Now again there is nothing wrong with being a single mother. The real issue in urban black communities is the welfare culture. I have no answer for why it is that the poorest black men father the most children. And the lowest income black women have the most children. Leading to a sky high black child poverty rate.

      In Chicago the rate of black children living in poverty is over 50 percent. Which is double the poverty rate for blacks overall. Most of these kids statistically aren’t given a chance in life. As adults, most of these children will end up in prison, murdered, infected with hiv, or poor welfare single mothers themselves.

      What we have to change is the culture of welfare in the black community. It’s perfectly fine to “choose” to be a single mother. But why is it that middle class and working class blacks aren’t fathering and mothering nearly as many children as poor black men and women are. The black community is being out bred by the lowest members of our society.

      I live in an affluent predominantly black suburban community where the median household incomes are over $100,000 a year. Property taxes and home values are high. But the schools share district boundaries with a nearby less affluent black community. And that neighborhood has by far more kids attending the school district then the community that I live in. So the area school district’s student body is made up of over 60 percent low income students. The test scores are awful and the schools are not safe schools to send your children to because the behavior of so many of the low income students at school. Fights and gang activity are common at the schools.

      [READ THAT AGAIN – “….So the area school district’s student body is made up of over 60 percent low income students. The test scores are awful and the schools are not safe schools to send your children to because the behavior of so many of the low income students at school. Fights and gang activity are common at the schools…”

      She goes on to say:

      So my point is I am percectly fine with over 70 percent of black women “choosing” to be single mothers. But why are the poorest blacks doing most of the breeding. The black men with good careers aren’t the ones fathering most of these children. And the black women with stable incomes and nice homes aren’t the mothers to most of these kids either. It’s the black men who are in and out of prison, without any means to support therechildren who most poor black women seem to be “choosing” to have children with.

      It isn’t uncommon to see a black man who doesn’t have a job and has a felony prison record. Yet he has fathered 3 or 4 children before the age of 30. I always wonder what is it that is so appealing about this kind of guy that makes so many women want to have a baby them. Why aren’t these women having babies with men who can afford to support children? Are these type of men not seen as being sexually attractive? I just don’t understand the welfare culture.

      If this woman recognizes gang activity and bad behavior why would anyone think the rest of us can’t?

      • Donna K. Becker says:

        My ex-husband used to say that the least intelligent people have the most children. I believe this is true, and that it applies to all races. Also, I don’t believe in single parenthood, with the exception of foster care, adoption, or legal guardianship, because the outcomes for the children, the parents, and society generally are poor. Spouses and children deserve legal and financial safeguards. To me, it’s an issue of practicality, not morality.

    • omanuel says:

      Yes, excellent point. Why is society so schizophrenic ?

      1. Society has lived for sixty-nine years in “A Matrix of Deceit”.

      2. In 1946, George Orwell started writing a book to warn us that escape from the matrix would be extremely difficult, if not Impossible !

      1. Jon Rappoport, Power Outside the Matrix power-outside-the-matrix-your-victory/#comment-84526

      2. George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

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