Gaia Weighs In About Carbon Taxes And Fracking

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11 Responses to Gaia Weighs In About Carbon Taxes And Fracking

  1. nielszoo says:

    Well it’s obvious to me that fracking causes widespread flooding and Barak the First needs to save us from it by royal edict… rightly banning it as witchcraft (but make it peer reviewed and sciency sounding in the press release.)

  2. Psalmon says:

    Notice all these stories appearing about how CA drought was “natural”, all of course all before huge rains arrive starting tomorrow. That gig is up so they are on to hyping a new crisis (not before of course claiming it was the worst in 1200 years and throwing in a bunch of undated photos of empty reservoirs of course).

    I’m betting on Greenland since it fits all the key needs: it’s remote and it’s ice gain is wildly above normal this year, so they need to preempt that like they have done in the Antarctic. Stay tuned.

  3. Gaia’s certainly a sceptic. Not sure it’s a “she”, more a farting belching sweating old man with things living all over him.

  4. jbenton2013 says:

    The Met Office’s Peter Stott is a serial liar. He has consistently refused to supply data to back up his claims made to various news outlets in the UK that the January flooding was caused by global warming. It’s long past time Julia Slingo was removed from her post as Met Office chief.

  5. DakotaKid says:

    the wet weather in western North Dakota has sent the price of Durham Wheat upward, as the wet weather made the wheat white, rather than the amber needed for Pasta.

  6. baconman says:

    There’s actually quite a bit of fracking in that extreme drought area of CA by the arrow. Been going on for over 40 years now.

  7. Streetcred says:

    Don’t they get it, GAIA is punishing them for lying about CAGW. Talk about Stockholm Effect!

    • Gail Combs says:

      Seems GAIA is really really angry about the climate clowns in Lima.

      China – Continuous snowstorms starting Nov. 30 across China’s northeast have caused the collapse of thousands of square meters of greenhouses in Heilongjiang Province. A blizzard lasting more than 60 hours hit on Thursday the 4th. The snow has exceeded one meter (39 inches) in Cheilongkziangk province in northeast China, as the area was hit by the most severe snowstorm in years. Temperatures reached as low as minus 20 Celsius (-4 F).

      Russia – Very heavy snowfall and blizzards in South Ural region on November 10 and 11 followed by Minus 32 degrees in Tomsk and heavy snowfall Nov 23

      Japan – Heavy Snowfall Dec. 4 The city of Nayoro was buried in 70 cm (27 inches) of snow, while 46 cm (18 inches) fell in Horokanai and 40 cm (16 inches) in Otaru.

      Iran – Snow and ice storm traps 2,000 people around November 5 followed by snow in 16 provinces by the end of the month.

      Serbia – Ice storm and deep snow – 48 hours without electricity, water and heating
      A different resident, Milan, says that the transmission lines that have fallen were wrapped in ice 4-centimeters thick. Workers cut branches that have fallen around power lines, and it goes very slowly. More bizarre is that no one has physically visited the power plant, but they are controlled by a computer in Belgrade…. People began mentally to shoot, really are very bad. They are very angry, enraged, angry … Everybody is extremely difficult, residents are outraged, helpless!

      Romania – More than 1,000 people stuck in snow Dec 2 and 100,000 Czech travelers are stranded due to freezing arctic weather. In Budapest, Hungary entire trees toppled under ice up to 4 inches (10 cm) thick, threatening entire forests and leaving 40,000 homes powerless. (Not a peep about this in the US MSM though)

      Austria ice storm – So bad that authorities use tanks to move supplies
      Entire towns cut off by thousands of fallen trees and ice-covered roads – More than 60 major roads are closed. by the 4th 0f Dec 2014 – Conditions worsened in the on-going ice storm in Lower Austria and Burgenland on Thursday. Large areas of the eastern part of Austria have been brought to a standstill, with fire services calling in the military….
      PHOTOS of the Europe’s wide spread Deep Freeze

      We are all aware the USA has been getting hit with nasty winter weather. Here are a few more recent highlights.
      As of the beginning of December Chicago had the Coldest Year in 110 Years and Michigan ski area opens with record snow. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan shatters 125-year-old November snowfall record.

      The west coast of the USA has not been spared either.
      Eight-and-half inches of snow fell at Juneau International Airport on Sunday Nov. 30, breaking the previous record of 6.3 inches set back in 1946. A record low temperature of 24 degrees was set at Seattle Washington WFO sunday Nov 30. This obliterated the old record of 32 set in 1991. A record low temperature of 19 degrees was set at Quillayute WA Airport today. This breaks the old record of 23 set in 1976. A record low temperature of 18 degrees was set at Bellingham WA Airport today. This ties the old record of 18 set in 1952.

      Nor has that bastille of Political Correctness Quebec been spared.
      Winter storm warning in effect Tuesday 09 December 2014… A major low pressure system is tracking up the east American seaboard today. A total of 20 to 30 centimetres (7.9″ to 11.8″) of snow with gusts between 70 and 80 km/h (43.5 to 49.7 mph) are expected. The combination of heavy snow and winds will significantly reduce visibilities during several hours. Snow could become mixed with ice pellets…

      If Piers Corbyn is correct, the UK is going to get slammed too.
      “The massive storm now heading for Britain and Ireland 9/10th bringing blizzard conditions for most parts and damaging gales or storms in all parts is essentially our top active period 5-8th extended a day or two. This will then develop to set up the more Northerly VERY SEVERE SNOW AND BLIZZARD BLAST WITH EXTREME COLD AND GALES from Friday 12th to Tue 16th . This was always forecast by WeatherAction (from 100 days ahead with detail 27 days ahead). “This will probably be the most extreme 5 days of snow blizzards and gales in Britain and Ireland for 100 years…

      These news stories were gleaned from Ice Age Now Info. where you can find the direct links.

      • Gail Combs says:

        I mentioned this to my Husband and he was very surprised that south central Japan just got plastered. Tokushima (lat. 34.0° N) is mild semi-tropical sort of like South Carolina (lat. 34.0° N) but not as hot.
        120 households in Tokushima still cut off by snow

        Japan is in really bad shape. 8 people were confirmed dead as of two days ago but they still have not finished digging out with more snow forecast.

        Average Temperatures in Tokushima, Japan

        The mean annual temperature in Tokushima, Japan is very mild at 15.9 degrees Celsius (60.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
        Mean monthly temperatures have a variation of 21.8 °C (39.2°F) which is a below moderate range.
        The variation/ range of diurnal average temperatures is 7.6 °C (13.7 °F).
        August is the warmest month (hot) with an average temperature of 27.2 degrees Celsius (80.96 degrees Fahrenheit).
        January is the coldest month (cool) having a mean temperature of 5.4 degrees Celsius (41.72 degrees Fahrenheit).

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