US Drought At Historically Low Levels

Contrary to the lies of climate experts, US drought is near historically low levels. The animation below flashes between December 2014 and December 1963


By the end of the month, the drought in the west will be further reduced.

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8 Responses to US Drought At Historically Low Levels

  1. nielszoo says:

    I still love that Central Florida is listed as “mid range.” Another “anecdotal” proof is that I usually have to put water in my pool every month or so to make up for evaporation losses. Less in the summers due to our almost daily T-storms, but I still have to keep the level up. It was the previous winter when I did it the last time. Maybe March? No where in my area has been dry since May. The pigs are happy as all the muck in the back of their paddock has stayed wet providing them with their version of sunscreen and insect repellent far later in the year than normal.

    I’m really surprised the Gulf of Mexico isn’t tagged as just “very moist.”

  2. mkelly says:

    But if it does not happen in Cali it does not count.

  3. DavidS says:

    As long as there is one place anywhere with drought or floods, they will inundate the media with that, claim it is unprecedented and ignore everything else. When there is nothing of that kind, they will focus on something else. It has always been that way (with other kinds of news as well).

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Speaking of drought the Banksters are taking advantage of the drought in Australia to foreclose on farmers who have never missed a payment.

    …and politicians

    … not one single newspaper or politician in this land has exposed the fact that the worst form of terrorism that is happening right now is going on inside the very heartland of our own nation as banks and foreign mining companies are deliberately and cruelly forcing our own Australian farmers off the land.

    ….What we saw in the main hall of the Winton Shire Council on Friday simply defied all description: a room filled with hundreds of broken and battered refuges from our own country. It was a scene more tragic and traumatic than a dozen desperate funerals all laced onto the one stage.

    There is little doubt that this is a natural disaster of incredible magnitude – and yet nobody – neither state nor the federal government – is willing to declare it as such.

    …..The suicide rate has now reached such epic proportions right across the inland: not just the farmer who takes the walk “ up the paddock” and does away with himself but also their children and their wives. Once again, it has barely been covered by the media,

    ….And yet not one of us knew it was this bad, this much of a national tragedy. The truth is that these days, the Australian media basically doesn’t give a damn. They have been muzzled and shut down by governments and foreign mining companies to the extent that they are no longer willing to write the real story. So the responsibility is now left to people like us, to social media – and you, the Australian people.

    ….And so the banks have been free to play their games and completely terrorise these people at their leisure. The drought has devalued the land and the banks have seen their opportunity to strike. It was exactly the excuse that they needed to clean up and make a fortune, because once the rains come – as they always do – this land will be worth four to ten times the price….

  5. mjc says:

    I have caught major discrepancies between the ‘official’ rain gauge and actual rainfall way too many times to count…like the road closest to the gauge being closed because it had water across it, while the gauge was saying only 1/10 of an inch had fallen. Tipping bucket gauges, the ones being used here, are notorious for under-reporting heavy, rapid downpours…the most frequent kind we had this year.

    No, my part of WV is not ‘mid-range’…it should be some shade of green, indicating something above…and by my measurements, it should be the very dark green.

  6. Dave1billion says:

    I had to laugh at the “Extreme Drought” rating. The 1963 numbers show my part of Louisiana running a rainfall deficit of 3-4 inches.

    We average 60 inches of rainfall a year here, so being down 3-4 inches in December isn’t a big deal.

    Another reason why the dramatic but oversimplified images we’re shown by the NOAA should always be taken with a grain of salt.

  7. Eric Simpson says:

    Big Bear Lake is filling back up.

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