Shocking Glacial Retreat In 1922

In 1922, the poles and glaciers were rapidly melting – and people were happy about it.

The ice fringes of both poles are retreating. Even during the comparatively short space of time that the Antarctic has been visited by man the, ice has retired some 40 miles. So let us cheer up.

ScreenHunter_5263 Dec. 17 08.44

07 Oct 1922 – The Mail – p7

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6 Responses to Shocking Glacial Retreat In 1922

  1. Steve Case says:

    Yes, and people were happy about it. That the reverse of that is true today, is testament to the power pf propaganda.

  2. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    Glaciation has two states.

    Expanding, which is really really bad for humanity or receding, which allows humanity to prosper

  3. nielszoo says:

    That just proves that getting rid of an industry will fix the problem. It is obvious to anyone who knows that steam melts glaciers and has access to a suite of sophisticated computer models of the 1920’s with steam as a control input (they didn’t know how evil CO2 was back then.) Once government ran the Stanley Motor Carriage Company out of business in 1924 all those glaciers came back so there is a direct correlation between the number of steam powered cars on the road and the size of those glaciers… it works in the model so reality will follow.

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