Latest From The Fraudsters At NOAA

Check out the latest from the crooks at NOAA

ScreenHunter_5270 Dec. 17 21.22

Instead of talking about the return to just below the post-1979 mean, they spin an event from last summer.

But it is much worse than it seems. NOAA claims that the satellite record began in 1979, but IPCC FAR and SAR said that NOAA has satellite data back to 1973 – when extent was much lower than 1979.

ScreenHunter_5269 Dec. 17 21.19

These dishonest government agencies are a cancer on our nation.


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  1. Don says:

    Tony, is there a link for those charts? Much thanks for all your work. They speak very nastily about you on DTT dot com whenever I bring up your excellent work. Couple of real meatheads over there. Maybe Gail would like to show up at DTT and help out. How about it Gail, if you have the time.

  2. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for your direct way of confronting government fraudsters.

    The fraud will end when the peoples’ representatives in formerly national governments are able to answer direct questions, like “Why Did Our Government Deceive Us?”

    Click to access WHY.pdf

    I suspect they cannot answer because a newly created international form of government – the United Nations was established on 24 Oct 1945 – made the decision to deceive the public in order to save the world from nuclear annihilation.

  3. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    It’s even worse than caner at least when you have it you know you have it. Withe NASA and NOAA how many really even know what is being done with the data they collect to make it seem to be something that it isn’t?

    • omanuel says:

      Government-funded scientists deceived the public for sixty-nine years (2014 – 1945 = 69 yrs) about astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear, particle, planetary, solar and theoretical physics.

      The arrogance of success blinded them into believing they could also deceive the public about weather and climate.

  4. Chewer says:

    They’re getting cornered and it hurts 😉

    The Global Climate Status Report (GCSR)
    Summary Climate Assessment
    December 10, 2014
    Summary Climate Assessment
    After a thorough review of the selected climate status parameters up through December 10, 2014,
    the current summary climate assessment and prediction for the Earth’s climate future are as

    1. Current Climate Status.

    a. Overall Climate Status. The Earth is presently in a sustained phase of GLOBAL
    COOLING though moderated by recently past peak of solar heating during solar cycle #24.
    Though there is new evidence of a reduction in this rate during the 2013-2014 period, the rate of
    temperature decline on a 100 year trend line is the steepest seen during that time frame going
    back to 1914. We conclude that the past period of global warming, as a natural phase of climate
    variation caused by the Sun, has ended, and a new cold climate epoch has begun.

    b. Two Hundred Year Solar Cycle Continues to Dominate Global Climate. The most
    recent multi-centennial climate epoch which began around 1830, has begun to reverse direction
    from a global temperature standpoint. The past period of generally increasing warmth for the
    Earth, which was caused by the Sun’s natural and regular cycles of activity, reached an average
    peak of warming between 2007 and 2008 as measured by global atmospheric temperatures in the
    lower troposphere. This change was observed in oceanic temperatures as early as 2003. Acting
    primarily under the influence of a repeating 206 year solar cycle, a new “solar hibernation” has
    begun, and is marked by a significant decline in the Sun’s energy output. Starting with solar
    cycle #24, this energy reduction has initiated an expected reversal from the past warm era to a
    new cold era.
    c. Near Term Trends. Major features of the Earth’s current climate status include the
    following sustained trends:
    (1) There has been no effective growth in global temperature for eighteen (18) years.
    Temperatures in the lower troposphere have temporarily stabilized from a previously declining
    short term trend because of 2013-2014 warming. This trend is expected to revert to COOLING in
    the next year or two.
    (2) Integrated Global Atmospheric and Oceanic Temperatures have stabilized in part
    because of the heating from the peak of solar cycle #24.
    (3) Substantial flux among climate parameters is evident in the ongoing destabilization in
    climate trends during the transition from the past period of global warming to the new cold
    (4) Polar regions have now displayed a consistent trend of colder temperatures and growth
    in sea ice.

    2. Climate Prediction for the Next Thirty Years.

    Based on the SSRC’s Relational Cycle Theory (RC Theory) using natural cycles as a means for
    climate prediction and in view of the trends demonstrated by the twenty four global climate
    parameters, the following climate prediction is believed to be the most accurate available for the
    period of 2015 to 2044:
    a. Highly variable and extreme weather events are expected during the transition from the past
    warm period to one of rapid global cooling.
    b. This next climate change to a long and deep cold era is expected to last for at least the next
    thirty to forty years.
    c. The extent and depth of the cold weather produced in this new climate era is estimated to be
    the worst in over two hundred years producing a global temperature reduction of 1.0 to 1.5
    degrees centigrade.

    3. Likely Future Climate Scenarios.

    The SSRC believes existing climate change indicators support the assessment that a new
    potentially dangerous cold climate age has begun. It should be emphasized that unless a
    significant unexpected and rapid change in the present declining solar activity trend occurs, there
    are only two climate scenarios that appear likely at this time over the next forty years. Each
    scenario results in a new cold climate era:

    a. Scenario 1. A solar hibernation similar to the Dalton Minimum (1793-1830). This would
    result in routine establishment of new 200 year cold weather records.

    b. Scenario 2. A solar hibernation similar to the one during the Maunder Minimum (1615-
    1745). A climate period like this would see 400 year temperature records and widespread climate
    and weather extremes.

    c. Human Impacts. A review of the history from these periods shows they were marked by
    significant increases in cold weather deaths, starvation through global crop losses, livestock
    losses, and loss of life through concurrent civil unrest, warfare and disease. Record cold effects
    of the current hibernation are already being felt and instances of crop damage may occur at any
    time. During that past Dalton era the crop damage was so severe that one US historian has called
    the period mankind’s “…greatest subsistence crisis.” Both scenarios for the Earth’s climate
    future are likely to result in substantial, global, social disruption and loss of life. The difference
    will be one of degree.

    d. Increased Geophysical Activity. Further, the SSRC and other researchers have determined
    that there exists a strong correlation between solar hibernations and the largest recorded
    earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Large volcanic eruptions (Volcanic Explosive Index of 6+)
    may exacerbate the ongoing transition to a new cold climate epoch through augmented aerosol
    and dust shielding and reflection of incoming solar radiation. This correlation was examined in
    detail in a scientific paper in edition 2-3014 of the GCSR, dated June 10, 2014.

    4. New Climate Predictions (from SSRC Press Release 4-2014).

    a. The Earth is about to begin a steep drop in global temperatures. The analysis of the level and
    variability of sunspots in the current solar cycle 24, including the warming of atmospheric
    temperatures between 2013 and 2014 indicates that the Earth is following a climate change
    path similar to solar cycle 5, during the last 206 year solar cycle driven solar hibernation.

    b. Average global atmospheric and oceanic temperatures will drop significantly beginning
    between 2015 and 2016.

    c. The predicted temperature decline will continue for the next fifteen years and likely will be
    the steepest ever recorded in human history discounting past short term volcanic events.

    d. Global average temperatures during the 2030’s will reach a level of 1-1.5°C lower than the
    peak year of 1998.

    The Space and Science Research Corporation grants unrestricted use of this Summary
    Climate Assessment for reproduction or transmission to others either in total or any portion

    Please feel free to pass this on to others you believe may be interested in the Global Climate Status Report.

    Thank You,
    John L. Casey
    Space and Science Research Corporation
    Editor, Global Climate Status Report

  5. Gail Combs says:

    The 88 year period and the 200 year period are known:
    NASA Finds Sun-Climate Connection in Old Nile Records

    ….Alexander Ruzmaikin and Joan Feynman of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., together with Dr. Yuk Yung of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif., have analyzed Egyptian records of annual Nile water levels collected between 622 and 1470 A.D. at Rawdah Island in Cairo. These records were then compared to another well-documented human record from the same time period: observations of the number of auroras reported per decade in the Northern Hemisphere…..

    Alexander Ruzmaikin and Joan Feynman of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., together with Dr. Yuk Yung of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif., have analyzed Egyptian records of annual Nile water levels collected between 622 and 1470 A.D. at Rawdah Island in Cairo. These records were then compared to another well-documented human record from the same time period: observations of the number of auroras reported per decade in the Northern Hemisphere…..

    So what causes these cyclical links between solar variability and the Nile? The authors suggest that variations in the sun’s ultraviolet energy cause adjustments in a climate pattern called the Northern Annular Mode, which affects climate in the atmosphere of the Northern Hemisphere during the winter. At sea level, this mode becomes the North Atlantic Oscillation, a large-scale seesaw in atmospheric mass that affects how air circulates over the Atlantic Ocean. During periods of high solar activity, the North Atlantic Oscillation’s influence extends to the Indian Ocean. These adjustments may affect the distribution of air temperatures, which subsequently influence air circulation and rainfall at the Nile River’s sources in eastern equatorial Africa. When solar activity is high, conditions are drier, and when it is low, conditions are wetter.

    Study findings were recently published in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

    The American Geophysical Union scrubbed their copy of Feynman’s paper from their website.

    The paper: Is solar variability reflected in the Nile River?

    Another paper: Extreme Nile floods and famines in Medieval Egypt (AD 930–1500) and their climatic implications
    Fekri A. Hassan
    Institute of Archaeology, University College London, 31-34 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PY, London, UK


    Nile gauge records of variations in Nile floods from the 9th century to the 15th century AD reveal pronounced episodes of low Nile and high Nile flood discharge. Historical data reveal that this period was also characterized by the worst known famines on record. Exploratory comparisons of variations in Nile flood discharge with high-resolution data on sea surface temperature of the North Atlantic climate from three case studies suggest that rainfall at the source of the Nile was influenced by the North Atlantic Oscillation. However, there are apparently flip-flop reversals from periods when variations in Nile flood discharge are positively related to North Atlantic warming to periods where the opposite takes place. The key transitions occur at∼AD 900, 1010, 1070, 1180, 1350 and 1400. The putative flip-flop junctures, which require further confirmation, appear to be quite rapid and some seem to have had dramatic effects on Nile flood discharge, especially if they recurred at short intervals, characteristic of the period from the 9th to the 14th century, coincident with the so-called Medieval Warm Period. The transition from one state to the other was characterized by incidents of low, high or a succession of both low and high extreme floods. The cluster of extreme floods was detrimental causing famines and economic disasters that are unmatched over the last 2000 years.

  6. Gail Combs says:

    Japan is getting plastered again.
    Hokkaido already has 2 feet of snow on the ground with a total of four feet expected by noon tommorow.

    On December fourth the city of Nayoro was buried in 70 cm (27 inches) of snow, 40 cm (16 inches) in Otaru. 86 centimeters in Kamikawa….

    By December 7, Six people were dead, over a hundred vehicles trapped in snow, 20,000 homes were without electricity. and 1,200 people cut off by fallen trees and such. 116 cm (4 feet) of snow had fallen in the Sukayu area of Aomori Prefecture, 97 cm in the village of Okura in Yamagata Prefecture and 90 cm in the village of Shirakawa in Gifu Prefecture, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

    By December 9th the death toll had risen to eight people.

    …. The Japan Meteorological Agency said the heavy snow was caused by cold air of minus 30 C or lower that swept in about 5,000 meters above the archipelago. The cold air could move southward more easily than usual because the prevailing westerlies meandered in that direction.

    Cold air has not moved south around this time of year in recent years. According to the Japan Weather Association, it is the first time in eight years such cold air has hovered over the archipelago in early December.

    On December 15th Japan was again hit with snow.

    Mountainous regions in Niigata and Nagano Prefectures have had snowfall of up to one meter in 24 hours. Snow has also covered some plains on the Pacific Coast in central Japan.

    Tokyo registered its first snow of the season when sleet fell on Sunday evening. It is the second-earliest snowfall in the capital in a decade, 20 days earlier than the average year and six days earlier than last year.

    The cold mass will bring more snow to some parts of western Japan through Monday morning and to northern Japan, mostly in mountainous regions, until around noon as it gradually moves east.

    As that report said, Japan got more than its fair share of snow last winter too. Some how I think the Japanese have had enough ‘Global Warming’ and it is not even winter yet.

  7. Eliza says:

    Above: “They speak very nastily about you on DTT dot com whenever I bring up your excellent work. ” Great its working SG keep it up. The only site REALLY hurting the AGW institutions severely

  8. Mark says:

    I didn’t bother to read the article, the leading photo was enough amusement for me:

  9. Re Fraud: fraud is telling lies to make money. And yes I agree, these government agencies & academics do tell lies and they clearly make money from it.

    But what I find astonishing, is that they just don’t seem to understand that this is a criminal offence. They seem to believe they are above the law and that somehow the law only applies to people outside government & academia. It doesn’t.

    Personally, when the temperatures drop sufficient to show this whole scam was bogus, I will be taking action to recover the £1000s money our family will have paid out as a result of this fraudulent advice from various government agencies and academics.

    They will then claim the law doesn’t apply to them, that they were and are above the law. But they will find they are not. And with so many people globally who have lost out, it will bankrupt almost every academic who ever offered any advice and their universities and e.g. the US taxpayer will be asked to compensate other countries for the advice they got from NOAA.

    If you thought the climate wars were acrimonious – just imagine what the compensation wars will look like!

    • Gail Combs says:

      Scottish Sceptic,

      I wish you were correct but at least in the USA you will get nowhere. Look at the clear case of criminal activity by Peter Gleick In 2012 Gleick Confessed to Obtaining Heartland Documents Under False Pretenses and “….risk a wire-fraud conviction, the destruction of your career, and a serious PR blow to your movement by impersonating a Heartland board member in order to obtain confidential documents….”

      What was the result? The prosecutor refused to prosecute Gleick, but the AGU quickly removed him as their Chair of the Ethics Task Force. Yet During the Convention the next year Gleick was not only present but was HONORED by being allowed to give a presentation.

      And the AGU’s work on ethics??? Steve McIntyre, on
      Jan 5, 2013 tells us in his post entitled AGU Honors Gleick

      …Opposite the well-publicized session with Mann’s lawyer was a little publicized workshop of the AGU Ethics Task Force….

      The session was led by Linda Gunderson, Gleick’s successor as chair of the Ethics Task Force, Linda Gundersen. Readers may recall Willis Eschenbach’s impassioned open letter to Gundersen last year. Willis was, as usual, plain spoken:

      Make no mistake. If Peter Gleick walks away from this debacle free of expulsion, sanction, or censure from the AGU, without suffering any further penalties, your reputation and the reputation of the AGU will forever join his on the cutting room floor. People are already laughing at the spectacle of the chair of a task force on scientific integrity getting caught with his entire arm in the cookie jar. You have one, and only one, chance to stop the laughter…

      You have a clear integrity case staring you in the face. If you only respond to Dr. Gleick’s reprehensible actions with vague platitudes about “the importance of …”, if the Task Force’s only contribution is mealy-mouthed mumblings about how “we deplore …” and “we are disappointed …”, I assure you that people will continue to point and laugh at that kind of spineless pretense of scientific integrity.

      Gundersen spoke about AGU’s work on ethics, but made no mention of her predecessor as Chair of the Ethics Task Force and provided no explanation of his return as an invited speaker at a Union session. I asked Gundersen whether the AGU Task Force on Ethics had considered the Gleick affair and, if so, what were its conclusions. In particular, I asked whether they had investigated the forged strategy memo which Gleick had distributed, but had not confessed to.

      Gundersen said that the Task Force had not considered the Gleick affair at all. It had done no investigation of Gleick’s conduct whatever. She said that Gleick wasn’t her responsibility and refused to be drawn into commenting on the affair in any way. She observed that the proposed Ethics Policy had not been in place at the time of the Gleick affair and that the AGU could therefore not retroactively apply the policy to Gleick, suggesting that this further demonstrated the need for an AGU ethics policy. She also observed that, in any event, the primary responsibility for enforcing ethics lay with the employing institution. (In Gleick’s case, the Pacific Institute, whose “investigation”, to my knowledge, did not include contact with Heartland Institute or any investigation of the document forgery.) [Update Jan 7- For the record, in response to Gundersen’s unsatisfactory answers to my questions, I told Gundersen that I thought that AGU’s failure to confront the problem warranted criticism and that I intended to do so as forcefully as I could.}

      While I endorse AGU’s adoption of a more formal ethics policy, I do not agree that AGU was completely naked prior to adoption of a formal code. It doesn’t require a formal code for an organization to expect its officers, committee chairs and members not to commit fraud or to forge documents, as, for example, McPhadren’s original statement which relied only on AGU’s core value of “excellence and integrity”.

      Willis had worried that the Task Force would respond to Gleick’s conduct only “with vague platitudes about ‘the importance of …’” or “mealy-mouthed mumblings about how ‘we deplore …’ and ‘we are disappointed …’. In fact, the AGU Ethics Task Force did not even do that much. They totally ignored the issue, while Gleick was welcomed back.….

      This is the type of response I expect. NOTHING. After all we already have a One Hundred Year history of the elite getting off without even a hand slap after repeated cases of fraud.
      In a landmark Minnesota case, First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Daly (1969)

      Morgan admitted that the bank routinely created money “out of thin air” for its loans, and that this was standard banking practice. “It sounds like fraud to me,” intoned Presiding Justice Martin Mahoney amid nods from the jurors. In his court memorandum, Justice Mahoney stated:

      Plaintiff admitted that it, in combination with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, . . . did create the entire $14,000.00 in money and credit upon its own books by bookkeeping entry. That this was the consideration used to support the Note dated May 8, 1964 and the Mortgage of the same date. The money and credit first came into existence when they created it. Mr. Morgan admitted that no United States Law or Statute existed which gave him the right to do this. A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the Note.

      The court rejected the bank’s claim for foreclosure, and the defendant kept his house. To Daly, the implications were enormous. If bankers were indeed extending credit without consideration – without backing their loans with money they actually had in their vaults and were entitled to lend – a decision declaring their loans void could topple the power base of the world….

      Of course no such thing happened. The Judge “died less than six months after the trial, in a mysterious accident that appeared to involve poisoning.” (Congressman McFadden after targeting the Federal Reserve System also died of poisoning after being shot at twice.)

      …a number of defendants have attempted to avoid loan defaults using the defense Daly raised; but they have met with only limited success. As one judge said off the record:

      If I let you do that – you and everyone else – it would bring the whole system down. . . . I cannot let you go behind the bar of the bank. . . . We are not going behind that curtain!


      The Elite are truly above the law. They can get away with theft, fraud, rape, murder and nothing will be done. You only have to look at Mary Jo Kopechne’s death (July 18, 1969) at the hands of U.S. Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy. A few years ago I had the chance to talk to the first policeman on scene’s daughter. Yes Mary Jo was pregnant and yes everyone was bought off and the whole mess covered up. Kennedy continued to be elected Senator up to the time of his death August 25, 2009. So much for justice.

      Or look at the clear case of TRE@SON in which nothing has been done despite the fact our country has been enormously harmed. Clinton: Chasing the Dragon or Clinton’s China Scandals

      One of Bill Clinton’s China scandals may finally be coming to closure. In 1998, the New York Times’ Jeff Gerth broke a story about the Clinton administration’s willingness to permit two U.S. aerospace corporations to transfer sensitive missile technology to the Chinese. The CEO of one of the corporations, Loral, had pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions into the Democratic National Committee. In return, the Clinton administration waived controls on Loral’s export of these technologies to the Chinese aerospace industry….

      The repercussions of what Clinton did will be felt through out the world for generations to come. We will be darn lucky if we do not end up in war.

      • GW says:

        Goes to show you the stupidity of the Tax-a-2-shits population. Latest example, Elizabeth Warren.

      • GW says:

        It’s been said that the real reason JFK was killed was because he was also challenging the Federal Reserve System. He had the Treasury issue US Treasury Notes; in an effort to limit the Fed’s power in monetary policy ?

        • Gail Combs says:

          Kent Clizbe in his book indicated that John and Bobby had finally figured out that they were being manipulated by Bobby’s KGB handler.

          …..In a classic piece of operational tradecraft, the KGB case officer, Georgi Bolshakov, represented himself to his target, Bobby Kennedy, as a “back-channel” conduit to the Kremlin. This is a common operational ruse, useful to convince otherwise wary targets that the information they share will go straight to the highest levels.

          This ruse is also useful against targets in influential positions, for example a kid Attorney General, the most trusted advisor to his brother, the President of the U.S. Against these targets, the ruse is expanded to include a ruse within a ruse—that the target is also receiving confidential details in an “information exchange.” After accepting a “personal relationship” with the Bolshakov, Bobby Kennedy opened up to the espionage professional’s developmental operation. Kennedy invited the KGB officer to his home, and met with him dozens of times. For a developmental operation, this is a rather accelerated schedule. It seems that the KGB was ready to err on the side of aggression, due to the need to implant influence messages with the young administration. In stark contrast to the dilettante know-it-all Bobby Kennedy, Bolshakov was an expert at his profession. He had joined the Soviet intelligence system in 1943, served throughout WW2 and followed that with a three year graduate level training program in intelligence operations. He developed excellent English language skills prior to his posting to Washington.

          The superbly successful development of the Attorney General by a man who was clearly Soviet intelligence would seem shocking by today’s counter-intelligence standards. At the time, evidently the Kennedys could do no wrong. Even today historians writing of this espionage operation give Bobby Kennedy an unwarranted benefit of the doubt.

          Andrew, discussing Bobby Kennedy’s use as an influence agent, says that Bobby seemed to be, “forgetting that he was dealing with an experienced intelligence professional who had been instructed to cultivate him,” And that “the president’s brother became convinced that ‘an authentic friendship grew’ between him and [the KGB officer].”

          There is absolutely no reason to give Kennedy the benefit of any doubt. He was simply an arrogant, ignorant, spoiled rich man’s son playing at international affairs. He was playing against talented, experienced, well-trained professionals. He was no match, and was out-witted, out-gunned, and out-maneuvered. The relationship seems to have terminated when the Russians manipulated the out-witted Kennedys during the Cuban missile crisis. The KGB case officer, after influencing the Kennedy administration’s view for several months, provided a disinformation payload to young Bobby, who swallowed it, hook, line and sinker….

          The fact is, though, that the Bobby Kennedy operation happened, and has been known for some time. Exact details remain sketchy due to most KGB documentation, as discussed earlier, being under the control of the KGB, while the Kennedy side of the story is controlled by the PC hagiographers who seem to believe that the Kennedys truly were the America’s Camelot. Exposure of truths that tarnish the haloes of the Kennedy brothers is not encouraged by the PC keepers of the legend.

          However, the relationship between Bobby and Bolshakov is known. Bolshakov’s true status is known. We know what KGB officers do. We know how they operate. We know their operational goals. We know what Bolshakov told Bobby. We know the story that Bobby believed—he had a “back channel” to the Kremlin to avoid diplomatic sclerosis. We know that Bobby eventually realized he’d been used. And we know that none of the American players ever admitted the whole truth.

          Bobby told the Russian ambassador that if it became publicly known that he had accepted a deal with the Russians to remove U.S. missiles from Turkey in exchange for the Russians removing their missiles from Cuba it “could cause irreparable harm to my political career in the future.”
          From the book Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

          The Cuban Missile Crisis was in October 1962. John’s assassination was November 22, 1963. And Bobby, June 6, 1968 when he made a bid for president.

          How connected the Banksters and the Communists were at the time I do not know. But the Banksters certainly financed the Communist Revolution in Russia and the privately held company Cargill was busy supplying Russia with American grain throughout the cold war and during the US grain embargo.

        • _Jim says:

          One wonders, Gail, how much more ‘fabricated’ and ‘spun’ material you so effortlessly post is 100% absolutely untrue?

          Fact checking – What’s that? Never mind the ‘facts’, eh Gail, when you have *important* points to make?

      • _Jim says:

        re: Gail Combs says December 18, 2014 at 2:28 pm

        First off, GREAT job of coat-racking and attempting to solve ALL mankind’s ills in one post Gail; that was hair-on-fire posting at its finest.

        Secondly, the case First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Daly (1969) is a fave among conspiracy theorists for several decades now, and very rarely are the facts of the case examined (just the same old selective edits from the CTs).

        Best to review the facts of this case vs the same old hyperbole repeated ad infinitum:

        • Gail Combs says:

          OH GOOODY! _Jim is finally back to take his usual potshots. And WOW! for once he actually provides a LINK!!!

          History in the making folks!

          BTW Ellen Brown who wrote the article I quoted above is an attorney who specialised in civil litigation in Los Angeles.

          On the other hand _Jim is the guy who has spend the last several years on WUWT defending the Federal Reserve, Fractional Reserve banking and trashing Mises.

          He also called me nuts for what I said about UN Agenda 21…. Until I rubbed his nose in direct quotes from the UN.

          And when I mention ” In group settings, the Delphi Technique is an unethical method of achieving consensus on controversial topics. “ A method that is not only mentioned by the farming community dealing with the USDA back several years ago link but is also identified by California government employee Rosa Koire at her local town meetings: Near Riot at Delphi Meeting Part I
          Turning the tables on a government indoctrination meeting. We will not be Good Germans. The result of our action was that they were unable to hold their phony ‘vote’ in a meeting room packed with shills and insiders.

          We get from Trojan Horse _Jim:

          ..So, in closing, I would contend there is nothing ‘nefarious’ going on in these cases, in these public-meet events, except, perhaps one’s perception of same

          Way to go _Jim I bet your masters were real proud of that lie.


          The Delphi Technique: WHAT IT IS AND WHY YOU SHOULD CARE

          “The goal of the Delphi technique is to lead a targeted group of people to a predetermined outcome, while giving the illusion of taking public input and under the pretext of being accountable to the public.”

          The Rand Corporation in the early 1960s developed the Delphi technique for the purpose of maneuvering segments of the public into accepting predetermined government policies. In the 1970s and ’80s, it was used to convince land owners of the merits of accepting general plan maps. It now is being employed by the City of Santa Rosa and local groups working with the City in order to engineer “citizen consent.”

          So _Jim, When are you going to change your name to TROJAN HORSE _JIM?

      • _Jim says:

        Re: The NON-landmark Minnesota case, First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Daly (1969) also known as the Credit River Case, the following is condensed from a statement at the Minnesota State Law Library web site:

        1) The Credit River decision was not legal precedent as it was undertaken by a justice of the peace (and out of his Subject-matter jurisdiction).

        2) The case was eventually overruled by other court decisions.

        3) The defendant, Jerome Daly, was a longtime tax protester and attorney who was later disbarred by a decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

        Of course, facts don’t matter so much to Gail on some issues as others, as long as the cite she is quoting supports whatever thesis she is ‘on’ about at that moment.


        • Gail Combs says:

          Two Justices were disqualified by affidavit of prejudice: the first by the mortgagee, the second by the bank. A third justice refused to have anything to do with the case. So it went to trial by jury before Martin V. Mahoney

        • Gail Combs says:

          Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals
          RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

          RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

          Notice how _Jim completely ignores the critical point. The money lent by banks is printed out of nothing and therefore the contract is null and void because there is no consideration.

          Instead _Jim attacks me and attacks Daley and attacks Justice Martin V. Mahoney.

          Of note:

          There was no mistrial

          The appeal by the bank was turned down

          A friend used the same point. NO CONSIDERATION to win in his suit against Manufacturers Hanover Trust a few years ago.

      • emsnews says:

        And Ronnie Reagan, the week he left office, ran off to Japan to collect a multi-million dollar bribe in the form of an addled speech which the Japanese didn’t bother to even try to understand.

        They did get their one-way trade for it! They were happy.

  10. philjourdan says:

    Tony, the world did not exist prior to 1979 – that is the new meme.

  11. GW says:

    “These dishonest government agencies are a cancer on our nation.”

    Jeb Bush is metastasizing as we speak.

  12. Andy DC says:

    If the Republicans do nothing else with their huge majorities in Congress, they should defund these agencies that are nothing but propaganda tools for the highly political “climate change” lobby.

    • cdquarles says:

      Fat chance. The Ds are hard core Marxists. The R establishment is soft core Marxist. The transformation of America began, in earnest, in the 1890s. By the 30s, it was essentially complete, with the short and only partially effective efforts of Harding/Coolidge and Reagan. Everything since then has been gilding the lily.

      Old ways die hard and old times are not so easily forgotten, so the perps took the Long March path. Over a century it has been going on. From Dewey and the Roosevelts to the Bushes and O. there is a common thread.

      @ slimething,

      Heh, doesn’t she know that the banks were nationalized in 1913?

      • Gail Combs says:

        And I thought I was a cynic.

        Unfortunately I have to agree with you. The plans to wipe out the USA and install a world wide system of serfdom ruled by the elite were made long long ago.

        A good history:

        More here: Revolution from Above By Kerry Bolton

        The big problem has always been getting rid of those pesky things called the Constitution and individual freedom while hiding the true nature of the take over.

        You have to admire what they have done. Convincing a lot of people they DESERVE to be POOR while turning a blind eye to the fact the ones telling them they should be poor are billionaires….

    • philjourdan says:

      “If the Republicans do nothing “

      It is not a question of If as long as Boehner is in charge.

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