US Drought At Historically Low Levels

The animation compares current drought vs. 60 years ago and 80 years ago.PMDI_12_1934_1954_2014


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3 Responses to US Drought At Historically Low Levels

  1. Andy DC says:

    It is interesting that in California, there is only moderate drought and extreme drought, nothing in between. Another thing, most of the US drought is in areas that are very dry to begin with.

    You never hear any good news from the LSM or alamist “scientists”, only the bad. This might be the most benign stretch of US weather in history.

    Meanwhile, -67 F in Siberia, massive snows in Japan. If it is -63 instead, we would all die!

  2. Psalmon says:

    Obviously Nevada is misnamed.

  3. emsnews says:

    Yes, the ‘experts’ claim if it is -62 rather than -68, we have severe warming! It is insane. The only place to see if there is ‘global warming’ is the equator. If it gets progressively hotter…and NOT because of cutting down the rain forests!…then we might have ‘global warming’. You don’t go to the extreme cold poles to see this.

    The poles vary a lot over the eons. While the equator doesn’t. Again: the cutting of rain forests does impact the equatorial belt’s climate. Which is very much man-made. Of course, denying the people there access to fossil fuels means more forest cutting!

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