I’m Dreaming Of An Hawaiian White Christmas

The ice-free Arctic is now bringing heavy snow to the tropics.

ScreenHunter_648 Dec. 23 21.53

White Christmas in Hawaii? Snow falls on Big Island peaks, Blizzard Warning issued – The Washington Post

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18 Responses to I’m Dreaming Of An Hawaiian White Christmas

  1. I was on the top of Maui when it was snowing, 10,000 feet elevation, and you could easily see the snow covered peaks on the Big Island (Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea) 40 miles away.

  2. ntesdorf says:

    This picture looks just like it fell out of the ‘Greenland WebCam File’ Warmistas on Hawaii must be beside themselves with rage and fury.

  3. Anything is possible says:

    That sucks. How the heck can Obama be expected to play golf in a blizzard?

  4. Password protected says:

    Hardly unusual, but certainly speaks to the fact that weather is fickle.
    How is Kilimanjaro snow pack doing?

  5. Llanero says:

    Children just aren’t going to know what coconuts are.

  6. phthisis1942 says:

    The NOAA Wx facility on the north slope of Mauna Loa is at 11,000 ft, not the summit.

  7. You would almost start thinking that Gore is visiting Obama over there.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Not to mention Himalayan Griffon vultures have been rescued

      …Tapan Kumar Dey, conservator (Wildlife) of the forest department, said the vultures had flown from Nepal, Bhutan and Himachal of India.

      “They came here to save themselves from the severe cold in those places but lost their energy for flying miles and fell on the ground,” he told this correspondent. The “weak and hungry” vultures were caught by the locals on Sunday and Monday, he said….

      Warmist Year EVAHhhh? Try telling that to India where people are dying from the record cold and 50 trains, 16 flights have been delayed due to the cold wave. Try telling that to Japan where buildings have collapsed and people have died from wave after wave of snow storms this winter and the record Japanese snowfalls last winter. South Korea has also been hit with heavy snow and buildings collapsing not to mention the roof collapses in Buffalo New York.

      Turkey, where there has already has roads closed due to heavy snowfalls is set to be hit by heavy snowfall.

      Heck even Norway has been forced to remove excessive snow from ski slopes

      From Google Translate:

      …during the last two days, we’ve got more snow than we’ve had the last two years together….

      Late Saturday night he worked together with trail crew in Breimsbygda Ski Centre Utvikfjellet feverishly to remove snow during the ski lifts.

      – We have the greatest challenges… for security reasons-must be two feet clearance to tilbringarane. So we need shoveling away large amounts of snow….

      – We have received about 1.5 meters of snow in a short period of time. And the messages until Christmas is that it will come much more….

      – Yes, this had I never seem that I would experience…..

      I really think it will take a mile high glacier sitting on top of Chicago to get the warmists… No, No they will just blame it on ‘Climate Change’ from Global Warming caused by manmade CO2 and the dumb as turnips Sheeple will believe them.

      (Note that all the snow and deaths in Japan are not even on the first page of google….)

  8. omnologos says:

    If it’s hot where you live, it must be cold somewhere else.

  9. Kenneth Simmons says:

    Why sir, that’s an outrage! We should be getting that snow in the Eastern US.

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