Global Climate Flees To Alaska

The Washington Post reports :

The coldest it has been on this day in Anchorage, Alaska, since 1954 is 20 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. The coldest it has been on New Year’s Eve in that same time period is even colder: -25. But this year, the lows are expected to be 33 and 27 degrees respectively — meaning that 2014 will be the first year on record that the temperature didn’t drop below zero.

It is ….. the sort of thing that we should expect to see more of.

Anchorage, Alaska never saw a day below zero in 2014 – The Washington Post

The US recorded the most nights below zero since 1989, but Anchorage now represents the global climate.

ScreenHunter_5698 Jan. 01 11.50

The weather pattern was almost identical in 1977, and was blamed on global cooling.


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31 Responses to Global Climate Flees To Alaska

  1. Gail Combs says:

    HMMMmmm, some one forgot to do his homework. That is a sure sign of the newest return to the glacial state. Alaska was Ice free during the Wisconsin Ice Age.


  2. Climatism says:

    The blatant abuse of one meteorlogical data point to prove that we (humans) are evil, is evil.

    • The area within the Arctic Circle is 8 million sq miles, roughly the size of USA and Canada together. It’s about 4% of Earth’s surface but they say it represents the whole world.

      But if you say anything about USA temps they call it local.

  3. Hugh K says:

    In short…the sex poodle didn’t visit Anchorage in 2014.

  4. rah says:

    Oh BTW if you happen to go up there Anchorage has a BW Wings with another planned. My son went up there as part of a management team to open up their first store there a couple years back. It started setting new sales records for the franchise right off the bat. Young healthy men stationed in a place with somewhat limited entertainment and culinary options can consume mass quantities. He was up there for a month and Loved but his time to see the sights was of course quit limited.

  5. emsnews says:

    Siberia wasn’t covered by glaciers, either.

    This is why one has to look at the Hudson Bay/Great Lakes complex to see if it is cooling towards another Ice Age, not Africa, Australia or Alaska.

    • Gail Combs says:

      This map isn’t not as dramatic however it does show Eurasia during most extreme part of full glacial conditions (17,000-15,000 14C y.a.).

      This is a colored map of the same thing.

      A large area of extreme desert conditions existed across central Asia (dark red), surrounded by semi-desert (light red), under conditions much colder than the present-day. In the north, Siberia was colder and much more arid, with steppe-tundra (pink) and polar desert (grey). Ice masses (light grey) were present in north-western Siberia. In China, colder more arid conditions caused a retreat of forests, with grasslands (yellow) and open woodlands (medium green) in southern China and Japan. Forest steppe (violet) and conifer forest (blue green) may have predominated elsewhere. In south Asia, rainforest (darkest green) retreated and was replaced by grasslands (yellow) and monsoon forests and woodlands (lime-green). Scrub and open woodland (lighest green) probably existed in presently moist forest climates of Bangladesh and SW China.

  6. Andy DC says:

    Anchorage represents the world climate, but the US does not. Every idiot knows that!

    • gator69 says:

      Except when it doesn’t. See your local grantologist for details.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Only areas suffering from warmer temperatures** are showing the climate. Cold areas are Cherry picked Denialist propaganda.

        ** Adusted as needed.

    • Winnipeg Boy says:

      Can I be the first?
      2015 – Warmest year ever!
      Off to sell some Condos in Antarctica. Also have a bridge for sale…

  7. Don says:

    As usual.

    • Cold somewhere, that’s weather.

    • Warm somewhere, that’s climate change.

  8. De Paus says:

    The frozen, icy hellscape that rang in 2014 across the eastern United States returned for an encore in the west during the year’s waning hours. Temperatures fell as low as -48°F in Wyoming this morning as a brutal cold snap brings strong winds, heavy snow, and even record high air pressure to areas west of the Plains. At noon Central Time (11:00 AM Mountain), temperatures across a huge chunk of the country continued to hover in the teens or single digits, with much of the Intermountain West still solidly below zero. Wind chill values approached -50°F in many spots before sunrise this morning. This was the coldest December morning in the United States since December 23, 1998, according to Ryan Maue on Twitter.

  9. snedly arkus says:

    Nice cherry pick. On a calendar year basis this is a record. On an actual basis the record is 683 days starting Jan 18, 2000 to Nov 30, 2001. The winter temps in Anchorage are only a degree or two less than Madison Wisconsin. Juneau Alaska in winter is warmer than Madison.

  10. ralphcramdo says:

    And I was there, in Polk county, in 1977. I woke up to about an inch of snow on my car, even though I live in Hillsborough county it snowed here too.

  11. Sharpshooter says:

    On the other hand, just east of Phoenix, we came within one degree of our record low this morning. Lot’s of snow on the Superstition Mountains and Four Peaks.

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