700 km Of Excess Ice In Antarctica Cooling The Planet

It is midsummer in Antarctica, and there is as much as 700 km of excess ice surrounding the continent.  This has a large cooling effect on the planet by reflecting sunlight back into space. The excess ice is shown in green.

ScreenHunter_5756 Jan. 03 20.46

Experts claim that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is being melted by warm water, even though there are hundreds of kilometers of excess sea ice in that region – indicating abnormally cold water. Sea ice has a lower melting point than glacial ice, further compounding the ridiculous nature of the WAIS melting propaganda.

Also note that the excess ice is located at the exact places where Hansen predicted peak sea ice loss.

ScreenHunter_5758 Jan. 03 20.58

Everything that is going on in Antarctica is the exact opposite of both what experts predicted, and what they claim is happening. Climate experts have degenerated to nearly 100% lies, 100% of the time.

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36 Responses to 700 km Of Excess Ice In Antarctica Cooling The Planet

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Steve, Jack Dale is busy saying you are lying on your last Arctic Sea Ice post.

    I love the way the high power trolls are now coming out of the woodwork to comment on old dead threads. – Thank you Media Matters.

    • Gail Combs says:

      And while Dale is nitpicking over 10% vs 15% sea Ice coverage, there is snow in Israel and Palestine and a blizzard is hitting Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Libya.

      So the Mediterranean is getting hit yet again by cold and snow. “Sky News” is reporting on its website that the storm is expected to continue in Lebanon until the eighth of January, accompanied by a continued decline in temperatures in the Palestinian territory.

      Here in the states there is a prediction of cold freezing temperatures as far south as Florida and blizzard warnings have been issued for northern North Dakota and Minnesota.

      Gore Bull Warbling Strikes again.

      • Tel says:

        It’s been a hot day somewhere in Australia, so you can be sure they will report that instead.

        It takes all the running you can do just to catch up with the goal posts.

        • A C Osborn says:

          You are correct, the UK MSM & the BBC have reported none of the Euarasian freezing Cold weather, they briefly mention the USA and are instead focused on some annual Bush Fires in Australia. Proclaiming the worst for that area in 30 Years. Adding of course the temperature is 40 C.
          Of course they don’t realise the “30Years” part says it all, a fairly regular occurence and this one is worse than the average, but not unprecedented.

        • Dave N says:

          Sadly, the moronic Greens (and others) are linking the bushfires here in Adelaide with “climate change”. Apparently, we’ve never had fires before, and before “climate change”, no-one ever lit one (or more) deliberately.

        • kneel63 says:

          “Sadly, the moronic Greens (and others) are linking the bushfires here in Adelaide with “climate change”.”

          Yet RFS members who advocate fuel reduction burns in line with pre-european settlement practices of Aboriginals, are shouted down by rabid greenies. Worst fires EVA? Only because of your yuppy, city-dweller, do-gooders insistance that no management at all is the best way to “conserve”.

    • … the high power trolls are now coming out of the woodwork to comment on old dead threads.

      I noticed the same pattern. Pretty transparent. They hope to either slow down Goddard by keeping him busy on old threads or “win” the argument there by default if he stops responding.

      I’m not sure I’d call them high power but some are quite dedicated …


  2. gregole says:

    Excess Antarctic Ice? There shouldn’t be any excess ice. It needs to be gone or going, going, gone – wake up it’s 2015! Shouldn’t the warm-o-pocalypse be upon us by now? Shouldn’t we be feeling the pain of an over-heated world instead of freezing our tushes off?

    All that excess Man-Made CO2 should have gone super-exponential by now; the Man-Made CO2 choking the atmosphere; the Man-Made CO2 wrecking the climate; fragile ecosystems under constant threat from Man-Made CO2 caused catastrophic warming; weather weirding, climate-disruption, Man-Made Warming, melting ice, scarce resources, mass extinctions…

    What? None of that is happening?

    No. None of it. Not even close. All the dark predictions, all the warnings, all the alarm just myth. Mythic thinking. False predictions. False alarms. Faulty reasoning or no reasoning at all… Mythological thinking; or possibly, no thinking at all.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    “Climate experts have degenerated to nearly 100% lies, 100% of the time.”

    In which case they have a perfect correlation with the truth.

    Just like Mann’s use of Tiljander.

  4. anthonyvioli says:

    I can’t believe RSS…December figure essentially unchanged.

    Not quite following the script of the warmest year ever.

  5. AZ1971 says:

    Heat is supposed to follow the second law of thermodynamics as well, which means if we’re putting all this “missing” heat into the oceans, it’s doing a bang-up job of not cycling towards the poles. Could it instead be emitted as long-wave infrared radiation away from the planet itself, as evidenced by the decline in lower troposphere temperature readings over the past few decades?

  6. Gail Combs says:

    Here is an interesting study.

    2012: Orbitally paced shifts in the particle size of Antarctic continental shelf sediments in response to ice dynamics during the Miocene climatic optimum

    The AND-2A drill hole (ANDRILL [Antarctic Geological Drilling Program] Southern McMurdo Sound Project), ∼10 km from the East Antarctica coastline, records nearly 6 m.y. of sedimentation across the Miocene climatic optimum at a high-latitude site. Sedimentological studies of bedforms and particle size distributions indicate that the paleoenvironment was strongly affected by waves and currents, consistent with deposition in a glacially influenced neritic environment. We document abrupt shifts in mud percent within glacial-interglacial cycles ca. 17.8 Ma and between ca. 16.7 and 15.7 Ma that we attribute to the hydrodynamic effects of wave stirring tied to episodes of ice growth and decay. Although wave climate and geodynamic forcing of the paleobathymetry simultaneously affect wave stirring on a high-latitude shelf, both are ultimately controlled by the size of the ice sheet. The mud percent record displays cyclicity at short-eccentricity time scales (94–99 k.y.) and, unexpectedly, ice retreat phases interpreted from the particle size record coincide with eccentricity minima….

    The particle size record of the AND-2A core provides unique near-field evidence for orbitally paced changes in high-latitude climate and ice volume during the Miocene climatic optimum and important insights into the mechanisms of ice sheet growth and decay in a period of global warmth.

  7. stewart pid says:

    Re: “100% lies, 100% of the time” …. I suppose the obsessive-compulsive alarmists deserve bonus points for consistency 😉

  8. Check it out Tony! says:

    I for one think that all the missing Ocean heat has been created by temperature adjustments, and some explanation was concocted to account for where all this excess heat went. Oh, new under water robots just discovered that the Southern Ice sheet is 4-10 times thicker than was previously believed.

  9. Cornelius says:

    Square kilometers perhaps? I sound like your physics professor. “Minus one on your homework, Heller ! km^2 !”

    • km is a one dimensional unit. People should know better than to come here and post stupid comments.

      • Cornelius says:

        As you can see, there are multiple comments posted which demonstrate confusion over the meaning of your headline. Etudiant speculated km^2 and km^3, and Wright thought km^3. In my follow-up comment from last night, I went with max radial km. Polar ice is consistently measured in area, thus the root of confusion. Nothing wrong with another angle on the picture; just throws some of us off when our minds are conditioned otherwise. All people are looking for is clarification, and I don’t see a single reader who posted the correct answer (assuming radial km is the one).

        My professor comment was a bit on the silly side, but certainly was not stupid. Sometimes emotions get the better of us, especially if we feel we are being attacked. This was not my intention.

        Since you’re formerly of Intel, Steve, here’s an AR for you: please clarify “700 km” in the context of your headline.

        • “there is as much as 700 km of excess ice surrounding the continent”

          i.e. the ice extends as much as 700 km past the median, which is necessarily at lower latitudes where the sun is higher in the sky.

      • Cornelius says:

        Heller, you’ve followed up on your AR, to your credit. I might classify you as “trending upward”, but I’m afraid you’re still not getting a raise this year. Whether in radial km, km^2, or km^3, polar ice is trending upward faster than you.

  10. etudiant says:

    Even km^2 won’t do, that is an imperceptible change against million of km^2 of ice.
    Please get the right number, probably 700,000km^2, before the ankle biters come after you again.

    • Cornelius says:

      I see your point. Based on his title, might he be saying that the excess ice extends as much as 700 km radially in places?

      BTW, I’m more of a knee biter than an ankle biter. A real Arthur Dent type.

  11. etudiant says:

    Correction, based on the Cryosphere site, the Antarctic ice is 1.7 million km^2 above the expected level at this time.

  12. It’s probably 700 cubic km

    (1.7 million km^2) x (.0004 km) = 700 km ^3

  13. Marsh says:

    There is more ICE in Antarctica today, than there was a hundred years ago ; that says it all !!

  14. au1corsair says:

    Ice? What ice? Global Warming believers don’t need no stinkin’ ice! There is no ice because all of the deniers melted it ten years ago.

    Next act, watch the Global Warming Deniers repeal the Law of Gravity. Just stay away from tall buildings–denier denial means that bodies will impact the ground and any other thing in the way of a human body at terminal velocity.

    And that’s why the ice hasn’t vanished as predicted–it’s us deniers denial of Global Warming reality!

    Denial, but not the fact that Global Warming Prophets were wrong about climate change–that’s why instead of high temperatures, we have record low temperatures. We’d all boil to death if not for the deniers–oh, wait!

    (Such is the power of faith!)

  15. johnbuna says:

    Reblogged this on John Hargrove’s Weblog and commented:
    I believe we are headed into an ice age

  16. Herve D says:

    Yah, you are all right, but Antartic ice growth does not provide sustained money funding ! Friends , ou have all to understand that these “scientific” crooks would have no longer any salary shall they recognaize that ice is growing.

  17. markstoval says:

    Hello ice fans.

    i think that all ice is “excess ice”. I think a return to a warm earth with no glaciers at all would be very, very nice. We might loose all of Florida (alas Disney World) but would gain much in Russia, Canada, and at the south pole. Santa would have to move, but he has all those elves to help pack.

    Why do so many people want all that damn ice?

  18. Brad says:

    It’s worse than we thought. You see, it’s not really growing because it’s melting from underneath and of course it’s all the Republican’s fault.


  19. Sean Cash says:

    Lets assume these fools are correct and global warming is causing all this ice, which is causing cooling..

    Doesn’t that mean its a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK LOOP… the exact opposite what they have claim..

    So either way their entire theory is BS

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