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Fixing The Past At The Ministry Of Truth

Our friends at NCDC were unhappy that the US wasn’t warming, so sometime after 1991 they simply lobbed 0.4C off of all pre-1990 US temperatures Zeke says that I can’t use absolute temperatures, to compare against NCDC’s absolute temperatures. I love … Continue reading

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Obama Always Looking For New Ways To Punish The Middle Class

Former Obama adviser calls for tax on carbon emissions | TheHill The thought of middle class people being able to pay some of their bills, is apparently unacceptable to the Obama administration.

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Who Can Doubt That Al Gore Has No Idea What He Is Talking About?

Fraudster Al Gore is promoting this greeting card, claiming the MWP didn’t exist. Eighty years ago, the New York Times knew that the MWP was “much warmer” Thirty-five years ago, there was “no question” the MWP and LIA were real. … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

Progressive newspapers like The Guardian publish pictures like this almost every week, purporting to show life-threatening pollution from electricity generation stations. Then in the same issue, they promote electric cars (powered by the station above) as clean, green saviors of … Continue reading

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Building An Army Of Complete Morons

Check out the latest stupidity from Baltimore Magazine  The Sea Also Rises – Baltimore magazine Sea level at Baltimore, like the rest of the Northeastern US appears to have been rising at a fairly steady rate for well over a … Continue reading

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Remedial Mathematics For Dimwitted Climate Experts

If you plot a linear trend on a cyclical function, you are guaranteed to make a complete jackass out of yourself. This stupidity is the standard technique of peer-reviewed climate science.

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