Who Can Doubt That Al Gore Has No Idea What He Is Talking About?

Fraudster Al Gore is promoting this greeting card, claiming the MWP didn’t exist.


Eighty years ago, the New York Times knew that the MWP was “much warmer”

ScreenHunter_5829 Jan. 06 09.12

Thirty-five years ago, there was “no question” the MWP and LIA were real.


The IPCC knew they were real in 1990

ScreenHunter_5444 Dec. 21 20.25

Every public school child in the world has been forced to listen to this fraudster’s propaganda, over and over again.


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22 Responses to Who Can Doubt That Al Gore Has No Idea What He Is Talking About?

  1. gator69 says:

    “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.”

  2. emsnews says:

    I still remember 50 years ago as all the information about the Medieval Warm Period was being assembled and processed.

    We were amazed at the fact it was much warmer back then but we also knew instinctively that the Greenland Viking towns did vanish under ice for 400 years and it had to be warmer back then!

    So all the evidence came flowing in out of that realization showing clearly that it was much warmer from 1100 to 1350. Now, the vandals who are global warming fanatics have destroyed everything. Very disgusting.

    By the way, the picture of a knight used on that stupid card is a knight from during the Little Ice Age, that is, it is a German woodcut print from 1580, roughly.

  3. Luckily for the children in the UK, their Justice Department has banned the showing of Gore’s science mockumentary in schools

  4. It just needs a picture of a squirrel & something about Yakub creating a race of White Devils 6600 years ago to be factually accurate.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    <i."Who can Doubt that Al Gore has no idea what he is talking about?"

    U.S. Senators!
    In ex-Senator Wirth’s interview in which he confesses to the tricks he and Hansen played on our elected Congress Critters he tells this jaw-dropper.

    …Well, I think the president depended upon Al Gore to give him the information on this, make recommendations to him, and nobody knew this issue better than Gore did. Gore was the greatest scholar I’ve ever seen on the subject. He was remarkable. I remember once flying over the Amazon with Al Gore — this is 1988 or 1989 — and he had a seminar on that airplane in which he was giving us a detailed description of how air currents and humidity coming off of the rain forest and the climate issues coming in from the Pacific influenced what was going on in the Sahara. Everybody was sitting there with their mouths open in extraordinary wonder at how much this guy knew. …

    If Wirth was telling the truth we have a real problem because the inmates really are running the asylum. Either that or Wirth is a practiced liar and we still have a major problem.

  6. hell_is_like_newark says:

    They changed their position. It used to be that the MWP only affected Europe. Now it seems to me that they claim it never existed.

  7. rah says:

    Well Gore must have passed through my area. NWS forecast 4-7″ for my county and I have about 6″ of global warming laying about. Nice light powder and my neighbor and I had his drive and walks, my drive and walks, and the widow lady to the south drive and walks in about 2 hours.
    It’s light powder because it’s cold. low of 6 deg. F last night. High of 17 forecast for today. Then ole man winter is going to open the deep freeze door. Low for Wed. night is forecast to be -11.

  8. Pathway says:

    Follow the money and you will find Algore sitting on a big pile of it.

    • Gail Combs says:

      What is interesting is the Gorical grabbed his money and RAN leaving ‘Green Energy’ well behind.

      Of interest is CALIFORNIA: Senate leader plans bill to force state pension funds to divest from coal. Of course the next step is to make sure the money is invested in ‘Green Energy’ Who do we see waiting in the background? Obama’s good buddy Warren Buffet.

      Buffett’s big solar bets
      Among many of Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s titles is the third largest owner of solar assets in the country, behind only possible buyout target Next Era Energy Inc (NYSE: NEE ) and
      First Solar Inc (NASDAQ: FSLR ) .

      This is a result of three major solar investments totaling $6.02 billion. The first was the 550 MW Topaz solar farm in Tempe, Ariz., the largest solar project in the world at the time, which Buffett bought from its builder First Solar in 2011 for $2 billion. The project ultimately cost $2.4 billion and required Berkshire to issue $1.1 billion in bonds due 2039.

      The second project, the 579-MW Antelope Valley project, is currently the largest solar project in the world, built by SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR ) , and bought by
      Berkshire Hathaway Energy for $2 billion in January of 2013. To complete the project, Berkshire Hathaway Inc issued $700 million in bonds. The power generated will be enough to power 400,000 California homes and is under a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Edison International (NYSE: EIX ) for “well-above-market prices.”

      If the state can force the pensions to sell they can also force them to buy, just as they can force California residences to buy Buffett’s Solar Energy for “well-above-market prices.” ….

  9. RMB says:

    You cannot add to the heat put by the sun in the ocean. Heat from the air we breathe is blocked by surface tension. Try firing a heat gun at the surface of water. You’ll get the picture. AGW is pure fraud.

  10. Anything is possible says:

    More evidence (as if we need it) that Gore is once again lying through his teeth :


  11. philjourdan says:

    His fortune depends upon continuing the lie.

  12. omanuel says:

    It’s time to call a spade a shovel.

    The fact is that Al Gore and the US National Academy of Sciences deceive the American people to gain benefits from the delusional one-world government Joseph Stalin helped establish on 24 OCT 1945 to save himself and the world from nuclear annihilation!

    Here is information hidden from the public for seventy years (2015 – 1945 = 70 yrs):

    “Solar energy,” Advances in Astronomy (submitted 1 Sept 2014) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10640850/Solar_Energy.pdf

    • omanuel says:

      What should we do now?

      Forgive them for being human and work to quickly restore integrity to government science and constitutional limits on governments.

      • Gail Combs says:


        They killed people to the tune of 3,000 a year in the UK alone. They stole from people. They frightened children and worse they tried to steal a bright future from our kids and grandkids and reduce them to serfs if not slaves.

        If they get away with this they are free to fire up the next scam. Heck the Green Energy Troll is already working on it!

        SO TRIALS!

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