Record Cold In Maryland

January 8 minimum temperatures in Maryland have been dropping since 1895, with 2013 and 2014 being the first pair of consecutive years below 0F. It also appears that today will have the coldest January 8 afternoon on record in Maryland.

ScreenHunter_5866 Jan. 08 08.55

ScreenHunter_5865 Jan. 08 08.43


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10 Responses to Record Cold In Maryland

  1. omanuel says:

    We are also seeing record cold in Cape Girardeau, MO this morning.

  2. ren says:

    The difference in pressure.

      • emsnews says:

        Note the tiny sliver of ‘warm’ on West Coast and Miami Beach. It was -16ºF here on my mountain in upstate NY last night. And in today’s news is yet another ‘Hottest Year EVAH!’ story!

        • Gail Combs says:

          The minimum here in mid North Carolina was 9 °F ( Record low was 7 °F in 1970) and Jefferson N.C. had a min of minus 1°F…. BRRRRRrrrr

          That ‘Hottest Year EVAH!’ story just might back fire. It is too darn cold and most Upstate New Yorkers are still going to remember the 20 inches above normal snowfall last winter and the storm that dumped more than 7 feet (2.13 m) of snow on the area in only three days in November.

        • nielszoo says:

          I live a little above the middle of that sliver and feeding my equines this morning it was NOT warm. I’m solidly in that green 23 miles inland from the little bump on the Central East Coast (KSC, Cape Canaveral AFS) and it was about 40°F and windy at 9am. We barely made it to 53°F today so those isobars are a bit misleading. All the airports are right on the coast and they assume that weather is the same until Orlando 50 miles inland… NOT.

        • Gail Combs says:

          It was 9F this morning and it is 19F now. My poor little doeling was shivering when I took her out mid day for a bit of exercise. Usually she spends the days outside with her mom, but I didn’t dare do that today. Now the poor thing has diarrhea, hopefully only from the temperature change and it will clear up soon.

          50F one day and 9F the next is tough on the critters. I call it pneumonia weather. Time to be extra careful in checking noses in the mornings.

  3. Sparks says:

    You see, CO2 causes weather disruption and this long term disruption of weather causes an ice age. And we don’t take kindly to your type round here!

  4. rachase says:

    May 8 minimum of -6 F set a record for the date for Winston Salem NC (north central NC, in the Piedmont area)

  5. rachase says:

    Whoops — no minus sign before the “6 F”

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