Hiding The Data At NCDC

It would be difficult to overstate how perverse the science is at NCDC.

They release graphs of tampered data and make bold declarations of hottest year ever, without releasing graphs of the actual thermometer data, and without releasing graphs of more accurate satellite data. They also fail to mention that more than 30% of their surface data is fabricated, and that it is heavily contaminated by UHI.

Mind-boggling malfeasance.

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19 Responses to Hiding The Data At NCDC

  1. They know which side their bread is buttered.

    • omanuel says:

      Yup, every government agency and government contractor has learned over the past seventy years (2015 – 1945 = 70 yrs), since Stalin won WWII, they will get no government funds if they tell the public that our fate is controlled by a Higher Power than the government bureaucrats distributing public funds to greedy propaganda artists.

  2. AndyG55 says:

    Hi Steven, I’m still trying to find someone who can explain how USHCN and USCRN , which I thought were very different networks, match so well ? (ClimDiv is exactly the same as well????)

    It just doesn’t make sense unless they are adjusting one to match the other.


    • Why wouldn’t they do the same adjustments?

    • DHF says:

      Agree – it is totally impossible. Don´t they have any scientific integrity left?

      Why not ask?: cmb.contact@noaa.gov

      It there are any decent humans left at National Climatic Data Center they would provide you with a proper answer. Don´t let the anticipation of not getting a proper answer stop you from asking. Their reply, or lack of reply, will be very interesting no matter what it is. I will wait with bated breath.

    • KTM says:

      I noticed that almost ALL the USCRN data shows an anomaly above zero, which made me wonder what “baseline” they were using to determine the anomaly. Clearly it wasn’t just the first year or two or three.

      It turns out that they base the USCRN baseline on the USHCN data.


      “Data exist for nClimDiv from 1895 to present, so a normal is simply the 30-year average of the gridded data. USCRN observations since commissioning to the present (4-9 years) were used to find relationships to nearby COOP stations and estimate normals at the USCRN sites using the normals at the surrounding COOP sites derived from full 1981-2010 records (Sun and Peterson, 2005).”

      If you look at that publication, they used 24 surrounding COOP stations to determine the “normal” temperature baseline. It seems like someone should pick individual USCRN stations and compare their absolute temperatures plots to the unadjusted absolute temperature record of the 24 closest USHCN stations, just to see what pops out.

  3. au1corsair says:

    Just blame Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, the man credited with inventing the movable-type printing press, which made books available to the masses. First, this kicked the Roman Catholic Church’s monopoly on religious dogma in the tail–because with cheap Bibles everywhere, any literate person could know the Gospel. Second, this drove mass education–all those books to read! Fast forward six centuries. A literate and educated society can easily discover fraud when the high priests falsify religious dogma. Science isn’t a religion, doesn’t have dogma, doesn’t deal with the supernatural–and educated people know that. Eventually those who were merely indoctrinated instead of educated will catch on–that they’ve been cheated.

    If not for Gutenberg and his infernal machine (or someone else who made an endless stream of printed matter possible and cheap) The People wouldn’t have the tools to figure out the Big Lie.

    Thank you, Tony. You are “part of the problem.”

    • Robert B says:

      Gutenberg’s first book was a short version of the Vulgate Bible. The man to become Pope Pius II wrote about it “”All that has been written to me about that marvelous man seen at Frankfurt is true. I have not seen complete Bibles but only a number of quires of various books of the Bible. The script was very neat and legible, not at all difficult to follow—your grace would be able to read it without effort, and indeed without glasses.”

      Pity. All this literature and it means nothing to you.

    • Robert B says:

      I should add that the first printed bible still cost 3 years of a clerk’s wages. Cost hid it from the public. Anyone who was literate (very small percentage) would have been allowed to read a copy kept by a monastery.

  4. gator69 says:

    “Fraud is the homage that force pays to reason.”
    -Charles Curtis

    • Gail Combs says:

      That would not be so bad until you consider
      NOVEMBER 2014
      Buffalo NY – 30 major roof collapses, 100 minor collapses (SEVEN FEET of snow in one storm) as much as is normal for an entire winter
      Ice on the Mississippi River in Iowa (Nov 20)
      Iran – Snow and blizzards began in early November and still continue
      One meter of snow in eastern Turkey (Jerusalem and Damascus are getting snowstorms too as well as Northern Africa,)

      Japan’s NHK news network reported that, as of the 18th of December, Niigata Prefecture Tsunan had snow height of 207 cm (6 ft – 8 inches), Nagano Nozawaonsen had 183 cm (6 ft) of snow, Gunma Minakami had 171 cm (5′-7″) of snow, etc. These snowfall levels are far greater than in previous years.

      This is at the same time that the India Snowfall Crisis in early December continues “The heavy snowfall has caught everyone by surprise.”

      Record snowfall (almost 7 ft) in northern Iran, 40 to 50 homes have been crushed by heavy snow. (February 2014)


      And just now in the sun drenched Mediterranean:
      Greek islands buried under 6½ ft (2 m) of snow – Video The island of Tinos is at 37.6° N the same latitude as San Francisco, CA.


      It is not the cold it is heavy snowfalls in winter that do not melt during summer that creates glaciers.

      “Due to the unprecedented quantity of snow that fell between December of last year and March of this year, almost 300 “snow patches” remain in Highland mountains despite the warm weather the region has enjoyed this summer.
      On some of these snow patches (snowfields), researchers have come across compacted, dense, ice hard snow called neve, which is considered the first stage in the formation of glaciers.

      So far, 265 “snow patches” have been reported, with more expected to be found….”

      August 6, 2012; Endless Winter for Alaska’s Mountains This Year

      …..The combination of heavy snowfall and a cool spring caused the lingering snow, said United States Department of Agriculture Snow Survey Supervisor Rick McClure. He said that it’s unusual to see snow still remaining in some of the mountains that surround Anchorage.

      “Most of the time snow melts in the mountains, unless it’s a glacier or snowfield,” McClure said. “We’ve had snow in 4,000-feet elevations that usually melts by early June stay until that time in July. It’s very rare to see snow in the mountains that close to the solstice.”….

      H/T to IceAgeNowInfo for aggregating cold weather events from around the world.

      • Eric Simpson says:

        And just now in the sun drenched Mediterranean:
        Greek islands buried under 6½ ft (2 m) of snow – Video The island of Tinos is at 37.6° N the same latitude as San Francisco, CA.

        What a laugh it will be when SF itself gets buried under 6 feet of snow.
        I can see the response of the climate loons: “this is because of climate change, cut CO2 emissions to the bone, now!”

  5. emsnews says:

    What they did was not show the data about this legendary ‘warmest year EVAH’…they did show some maps showing the ‘warm stuff’ and 90% of it was over the Pacific Ocean.

    This, of course, was deliberate fraud since the global warming fanatics didn’t explain that oceans cool slower than land masses and if we have cold land masses, this eventually will also happen to the oceans.

    Instead, they want us to make it colder! This is criminal. And I do not enjoy below zero weather week after week which is what is going on now.

  6. omanuel says:

    NCDC is competing against other labs, like Sandia, and government agencies for government funds to spread the “truth” [See Stalin’s old dictionary].

    In 1945, mainstream astronomers and astrophysicists all believed the Sun’s interior is mostly iron (Fe).

    But Stalin’s troops captured Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea in AUG 1945, captured the crew of an American B29 bomber and held them for negotiations in AUG-SEPT 1945. Those negotiations apparently led to formation of the UN in OCT 1945.

    In 1946, astronomers, astrophysicists all agreed the interior of the Sun is mostly hydrogen (H) and H-fusion heats the Sun – the foundation of the Standard Solar Model.

    In 2015, Sandia labs just reported a major error in values used for opacity of iron (Fe) and falsely claimed (after seventy years of SSM), that the iron Sun provides evidence in support of the Standard Solar Model.

    I will try to find and post a link to the story that puts Sandia ahead of NCDC in competition for “research” funds.

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