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Broncos To The Left Of Me, Barca To The Right ……

Two brilliant assists by Messi. Broncos suck.

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Diet Plan Update

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This Is What Hell Looks Like

This tweet appears to be satire, but isn’t.

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The Glass Isn’t 100% Full, It Is 100% Empty

This tweet is a classic example of the mental disorder of progressives. Both traffic deaths and gun deaths are declining, and The Economist finds a way to turn it into a negative You would think that writers at The Economist would … Continue reading

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It’s All My Fault

I went to the wrong pub last night. Last time I watched the Ravens there, this happened.

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What Is The Difference between Climate Activists And Terrorists?

Climate activists believe that schoolchildren should be murdered by their teachers, to protect them from global warming

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Global Warming Continues

Except for three hours last Monday, I have been in continuous sub-freezing weather since December 27 in Colorado, New Mexico and Maryland. Including -24F in Fort Collins on New Year’s Eve.

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