Pattern Matching Quiz


ScreenHunter_5984 Jan. 12 07.21


ScreenHunter_5983 Jan. 12 07.20


ScreenHunter_5982 Jan. 12 07.20

ScreenHunter_5985 Jan. 12 07.23

It is tricky, but even a climate scientist might be able to figure this one out.

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16 Responses to Pattern Matching Quiz

  1. 1957chev says:

    I hope Mr. Manning is at least getting paid to throw the games, by the opposing team…..LOL!
    Could his own team not pay him, to stay home, on game day?

  2. Dave N says:

    I think they’re being renamed the “Denver Bronchokes”

  3. stewart pid says:

    Hmm …. the Patriots won 35-31, after trailing 14-0, 28-14, and 31-28 … perhaps the problem lies with the Denver defense and not Manning?? Or is the porous defense Manning’s fault also?

  4. Edmonton Al says:

    The trainer forgot to put the strap around the bronco’s groin area. They were too complacent.

  5. philjourdan says:

    As I told James, Peyton can smell that second ring (his brother has 2), but he will never see it. Last year was his year. And he blew it.

  6. Jody Wilson says:

    I think it’s the temperature issue, as some have speculated before. I’m a Broncos fan, and I’ve watched all the big games, and he simply doesn’t throw as well in cold temperatures. Consider the one season when Manning won the Super Bowl with the Colts (2006-2007): The first playoff game was in a dome. The second was at Baltimore, temperature 54 degrees, and the Colts only managed 5 field goals to win 15-6. The AFC championship game was back in a dome, and then the Super Bowl was in Balmy Miami. There it is.

  7. SMS says:

    I’ve been a Bronco fan for 50 years and I think highly of Peyton Manning. Compared to the bulk of the players we see today, he is a gentleman and someone to use as a role model. As for the losses; for those who have forgotten; Elway had a monkey on his back for many years after losing several superbowls. How many superbowls did Marino win? Or Tarkenton or ….. whatever. But I also admire Andrew Luck and believe he is someone who can inspire with his playing ability and demeanor off the field and I wish him and his team all the “luck” in the world as they try to get two more wins this year.

    • Thomas Englert says:

      I have been a Broncos fan for three years. Placing the blame on Manning is too simplistic.

      Maybe poor offensive line play and insufficient pass protection had something to do with it, or maybe dropping well thrown passes with no defensive pressure could be a factor. Denver special team play was lackluster at best (-1 yd on one punt return).

      On the other hand, Denver defense had no sacks on Luck, and the two interceptions had little impact on the results, amounting to the equivalent of punts. Manning had no interceptions. Luck and the Colts receivers had a great game, Luck’s passes were crisp and on target. The eight Colt players with receptions made outstanding catches and held on despite being drilled by the Denver defense. Andrew Luck had excellent mobility, and had a nice 20 yd rushing gain for a first down.

      This was an impressive team win for the Colts and they look like a playoff team at the top of their game. On any given Sunday, as the saying goes. I would still bet on the Broncos if the game was played again in the same location with the same personnel.

      I will be backing Indianapolis 100% in the rest of the games, they look almost unbeatable right now as this playoff game shows– plus, I live in Indiana!

    • philjourdan says:

      You have been my nemesis for 50 years? That is how long I have been a Raiders fan.

      I do not like Elway. Never have. But I do like Peyton and respect him. I just do not think he will get another shot at a ring. His year was last year and it is passed.

  8. annieoakley says:

    Football is a team sport. One man cannot take the blame for the game. Peyton is one of the best players ever but the broken neck has to weigh on his decisions. I still think the Broncos coaching staff never gave Tim Tebow a real chance. He was young and strong but they wanted instant success and dumped Tim for Peyton.

  9. Robert B says:

    Three of the Broncos’ better seasons in a row! Do a linear regression from 2005 and they’re only a few years away from doing better than just winning the Super Bowl – The Super Bowl, World Series, Premier League and America’s Cup in the same year by 2020.

  10. au1corsair says:

    If it weren’t for betting (including advertisement space) there’d be little need for cheating–if it is cheating. And it has been going on a long time!
    There’s a lot of money involved. Even more bruised egos and hurt feelings. If someone can come up with substantial proof of cheating, think of the scandal!

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