Mann Made Global Warming Is Real!

Temperatures at Melbourne were hottest ever this last year, with their thermometer located five feet away from the asphalt.

ScreenHunter_3270 Oct. 03 04.54

ScreenHunter_3266 Oct. 03 04.30

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15 Responses to Mann Made Global Warming Is Real!

  1. There is no substitute for victory. says:

    There once was a station like that in Needles, California. Needles reported some Hellishly high temps until the NWS investigated and found that the city council had built a new fire department and had asphalted the new fire department’s parking lot right up to were the interments were housed that recorded (pick one) the weather or the climate.

  2. 1950 is exactly when the scientists predicted temp would start rising due to CO2 emissions….how amazing they are.

  3. sabretoothed says:

    Lots of new buildings in that area since the 1960s, would trap the warm air in the area.

  4. Robert B says:

    Here is the annual mean for maximum temperatures for Melbourne Regional Office. Notice how nothing happens until the year 2000, otherwise its obvious that the minimums have increased due to UHI effect.

    The minimum shows warming from 1940.

    The Melbourne Observatory closed in 1944 and BOM seem to have ignored the shift to Latrobe St. which opened in 1908, so I don’t know when the data switches but the former was in a botanic garden.

  5. ren says:

    Almost 34 percent of the Great Lakes have frozen over this winter, an increase from 21 percent last year.

  6. melbounian says:

    What a joke! Melburnians knows it is wrong. Ask the clothing retailers, the outdoor cafe owners, the gardeners, the tradies and particularly the swimming pool companies and they will tell you that Melbourne being the hottest year ever is a load of bunkum. We didn’t put our winter dressing gowns away and the kids only went in the pool about three times in the past twelve months. Honestly these naïve climate boffins are right off the mark and are starting to really give everyone the creeps.

  7. My immediate response – you can’t possibly be right that this station is being used? Can you? Seriously?

    After all we sceptics have been saying they still haven’t sorted out something as simple as this?

    This is serious misconduct in public office.

  8. Rugdumph says:

    That station has finally been closed down, as of 2015/01/06. Perhaps somebody’s listening after all – hmmm, no, probably not.

  9. gator69 says:

    You could fry an egg on that station.

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