Policy Based Evidence Tampering At NASA

The White House wants global warming propaganda, and Gavin delivers! He just declared a record year by 0.02 degrees, but forgot to mention that they altered the data by seven times that much – just since 2008.

The graph below shows changes to NASA land-ocean temperature, since 2008. The years from 1910 to 1965 have been cooled, and subsequent years have been warmed. This creates a completely fake warming, and a record temperature with an error much larger than the claimed record delta.

ScreenHunter_6112 Jan. 16 22.09

2014 version : data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs_v3/Fig.A2.txt

2008 version : http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs/Fig.A2.txt

Spreadsheet  :Fig.A2.20080124.xls

This is on top of all of the other massive tampering they did in prior years.


There isn’t one shred of credibility to the claim of a record temperature.

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17 Responses to Policy Based Evidence Tampering At NASA

  1. omanuel says:

    NASA – a US agency working to support the UN’s agenda – is desperate.

  2. But it was reported on the local radio and tv stations, “warmest in records”.
    Quoting the respected NASA moniker.
    People are sheep, Jon 6 pack just listens and goes “wow, maybe it is a problem”.
    Hopefully people will use their powers of observation to eventually say wtf?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Maybe we should send Congress and Obummer to Voss Norway to enjoy the 8 feet of snow and still coming.

      (Google Translate)

      Civil Defence inserted Voss after massive snowfall

      Some buildings in Voss have collapsed under the weight and several municipal buildings are in danger of collapsing under the weight of huge amounts of snow…..

      Tror på snørekord

      …Bonde and snow plow driver Magnar reached Jordalen Voss Municipality has never experienced so much snow before. Wednesday morning at seven was 2.45 meters (8 feet) of snow in the parish, and it has only continued to snow after that.

      – I’ve talked to people who are older than me, and they have never seen so much snow before Christmas as they saw this year, says Naas.

      He has been responsible for plowing in Jordalen for years, but have never had such difficult conditions to work with before.

      – The snow is so wet and sticky, it can almost be compared with chewy cake fillings, says Naas.

      More snow in store

      Vossings can expect more snow throughout the day Wednesday. Thursday it may rain.

      – It will bygevær Voss today. It’s so cold that precipitation likely as snow, said meteorologist Trond Thorsteinsson in Forecasting in Western Norway….


      H/T IceAgeNow

    • tom b says:

      .02* warming sounds statisticly insignificant. That is if these media people understood statistics. But that doesn’t make Headlines now does it?

  3. AlaskaHound says:

    The latest Chinese study says the Sea Surface temperatures were warmer in both the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods, yet the fund raisers (NASA/NOAA/Academia/UN etc…) are hell-bent on control!

  4. Dave N says:

    The local media here (in Australia) is going ballistic over 0.02 degrees difference..

    They really have short memories of what was supposed to be “runaway” warming.. Anything above zero change is now a “disaster” and in need of “urgent” action.

    0.02? Who cares?? It’s more than zero!! We’re all gonna die!!!

    Utter, and complete, idiots

    • El Duderino says:

      Yep, just saw the Victorian Channel 9 news. No mention it being 0.02 degrees, though they showed some random saying that you can definitely tell it’s getting hotter, despite the fact that several days this week were 20 degrees cooler than the same time last year.

      Oh, look, they’re dredging it up for the weather report now, too!

  5. Willis Eschenbach says:

    Nice graphics, well presented, not oversold … well done, my friend.


  6. emsnews says:

    We can’t stop the tsunami of silliness. It is impossible. It is below zero again on my mountain, one of the coldest years I can remember.

    We do have time on our side because it is getting colder and colder as we are now in a 30+ year cold cycle.

  7. gator69 says:

    Government sponsored science.

    “The Nazi Party and its sympathizers published many books on scientific racism, seizing on the eugenic and anti-Semitic ideas with which they would later become associated, although these ideas had been in circulation since the 19th century. Books such as Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes (“Ethnology of the German People”) by Hans F. K. Günther and Rasse und Seele (“Race and Soul”) by Dr. Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss attempted to scientifically identify differences between the German, Nordic, or Aryan people and other, supposedly inferior, groups. German schools used these books as texts during the Nazi era. In the early 1930s, the Nazis used racialized scientific rhetoric based on social Darwinism[citation needed] to push its restrictive and discriminatory social policies.”


    Gee, another ‘theory’ born out of the 19th century.

    Pay for it, and they will come.

  8. Rob Dawg says:

    I bet that if we bought them a shiny new satellite for the specific purpose of uncovering a global temperature pause they would deliver.

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