Bourke Has Gotten Much Cooler

Like the US, the frequency of 100 degree days in Bourke, NSW has plummeted.

In 1900, almost one day out of four was over 100 degrees at Bourke.

ScreenHunter_6176 Jan. 18 15.28ScreenHunter_6178 Jan. 18 15.39

Annual temperatures in Bourke peaked in 1878

ScreenHunter_6175 Jan. 18 14.48

ScreenHunter_6181 Jan. 18 15.46

The BOM hides all pre-1910 temperatures, because it doesn’t fit their politically mandated global warming agenda.

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4 Responses to Bourke Has Gotten Much Cooler

  1. Dave N says:

    Anomaly graph looks pretty flat even without prior to 1910. The BOM’s latest scam is to include from around 1953 only; it turns most stations into a warming trend.

    Then Mann has the gall to dismiss satellite trends because they’re from 1979 only, after splicing thermometers onto unreliable tree proxies. Ah, the irony.

  2. Phil Jones says:

    Great Find!!

    What a SCaM…. This Fraud would end in Jail Time were it Wall St…

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